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South Pacific

Post Last Modified - February 15, 2023 ¦ Planning A South Pacific Tropical Fiji Island Holiday Discover the magical beauty of the 🏝 South Pacific by embarking on incredible - 🏝 Fiji Island Holidays. Bula! With its swaying 🌴 coconut trees, white sandy beaches, deep blue crystal clear oceans, this is really is a true tropical paradise!  Our family had the pleasure of visiting Fiji, a number of years ago and can't wait to return! 😎 Fiji is without a doubt, heaven on earth! The islands are spectacular, the people warm and friendly and

Post Last Modified - January 26, 2023 ¦ A Review Of Our Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise From Sydney Australia On our first visit to Australia a few seasons ago, we included an amazing 🛳 Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise in our travel plans. This particular cruise departed from the beautiful Sydney harbor. The cruise we chose, made stops at some stunning tropical destinations in the 🏝 South Pacific. Our 11 night cruise was in the month of February and we were on board Royal Caribbean’s “🛳 Rhapsody of the Seas.” This

Post Last Modified - January 10, 2023 ¦ Exploring Beautiful French Polynesia Islands Vacations A few seasons ago, my wife and I enjoyed a fabulous 🛳 South Pacific Cruise departing from Sydney, Australia. For a lover of beautiful tropical islands, this cruise was spectacular. This was just a taste of the beautiful South Pacific, and we look forward to discovering 🏝 French Polynesian Islands Vacations. Below, is a simple introduction by my guest author and guide to the many great things to see and do while on vacation in this stunning

Post Last Modified - November 10, 2022 ¦ Historic Million Dollar Point In Luganville - Vanuatu As a WWII history buff, one of the most memorable stops on our incredible 🛳 South Pacific Cruise a few seasons ago, was a visit to - 💰 Million Dollar Point In Luganville. Situated on one of the pristine 🏝 Nation Islands of Vanuatu. Getting To Luganville - Vanuatu The distance from Sydney - Australia to Luganville - Vanuatu, is about 2600 kilometers to the north east. It was the third ⚓ Port of Call, while

Post Last Modified - October 06, 2022 ¦ A Tiny WWII Museum in Port Vila Vanuatu On our amazing 🛳 South Pacific Cruise vacation that departed from Sydney, Australia a few seasons ago, we made a small visit to a tiny {WWII Museum} located in 🏝 Port Vila - Vanuatu.  For me, it was one of the highlights of our day spent in Port Vila, for a number of reasons. This tiny, but very personal roadside museum on the island, was started many years ago by a lovely elderly gentleman

Post Last Modified - September 29, 2022 ¦ Our Photos Of Beautiful Mystery Island In Vanuatu 🏝 Mystery Island certainly lived up to my expectations on our South Pacific 🛳 Cruise Holiday a few seasons ago. It was literally - a piece of paradise tucked away in the middle of nowhere! Below, are a few of my favorite 📸 images taken during our brief stay on this Magical Island in the beautiful Vanuatu archipelago. General Information & Location Outrigger Mystery Island Vanuatu consists of about eighty 🌋 volcanic chains of islands, and

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