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Mystery Island Vanuatu {Travel Photographs}

Mystery Island Cannibal Soup Pot

Photos Of Beautiful Mystery Island Vanuatu
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Our Photos Of Beautiful Mystery Island In Vanuatu

Our amazing South Pacific 🛳 Cruise Holiday we took a few seasons ago, certainly lived up to our expectations,
and one of the beautiful small islands we visited was …

🌺 Mystery Island Vanuatu 🌺

It was literally “a piece of paradise” tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

Below, are a few of my favorite 📸 travel photos I took, during our brief stay on this
{Magical Island} in the beautiful Vanuatu archipelago.

General Information & Location

Outrigger Mystery Island

Outrigger Mystery Island

Vanuatu consists of about eighty 🌋 volcanic chains of islands,
and Mystery Island is located furthest to the south of its chain.
It is approximately 1500 miles to the east of Australia, or a full two day sail in our case.

The official name for the 🏝 island is Inyeug and is completely uninhabited.
Locals arrive over from the larger island directly across named – Aneityum.

❓ Why is it named Mystery Island you ask? ❓

Well, local folklore believes the island becomes haunted after dark by 👻 ghosts!

Mystery Island Vanuatu – An Allied Airstrip In WWII

Mystery Island Flights

Mystery Island Flights

During the Second World War, the United States built a large military complex in and around Luganville, Vanuatu.
Mystery Island was also used an allied 🛫 airstrip during this period and conflict in the Pacific.

A perfect hidden location, the island was a very important military base for American bombers.
They would leave here and head to the Solomon Islands to attack the Japanese.

The grassy airstrip is still in use today, as you can see in the photo below.
Small commuter 🛬 flights arrive often, for both locals and tourists.

Mystery Island Vanuatu – A Small Piece of Paradise

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Mystery Island

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Mystery Island

With the island being completely uninhabited and only about one and a half kilometers in length,
this really is a diamond in the rough as far as tiny south pacific islands are concerned.

It is hard to find a better place to enjoy the sparkling crystal clears waters of the south pacific.
For; swimming, snorkeling or just grabbing a piece of the powder white sand 🏖 beach to relax
and reflect!

Cruise Ships Arriving Regularly To Mystery Island

Rhapsody of the Seas Mystery Island 

Rhapsody of the Seas Mystery Island

If you want to experience the island when arriving via 🚢 cruise ship like us,
then the best bet is to get off the ship as quickly as you can.

Try to be on the very first tender to shore!
This way you can enjoy an hour or so of complete solitude, before the rest of the passengers disembark.

It’s still possible however, to find a reasonably quiet place,
to enjoy the few hours on shore in peace.

Locals Arrive From The Neighboring Island

Nasitpu String Band Vanuatu

Nasitpu String Band Vanuatu

The above 📸 photo was the {Nasitpu String Band}, who arrived to entertain us during our stay. 
A group of local men between the ages of 50 to 65 years of age, strumming their guitars and singing – “Sweet Island Melodies.”

They were great! 🙂

Tour Signs Mystery Island Vanuatu

Tour Signs Mystery Island Vanuatu

Loved this display of signs for tourists arriving to see, also for those visitors traveling
on their own and stopping off on the island. 

A host of 🤿 snorkeling tours taking you beyond the shores, and out to the nearby coral reefs.

Mystery Island Cannibal Soup Pot

Mystery Island Cannibal Soup Pot

A 📸 Kodak Moment location for arriving visitors! 

The islands once known for the local tribes people practicing cannibalism, now makes for interesting displays of humor for people arriving on the island.

Local Outrigger Mystery Island

Local Outrigger Mystery Island

I captured the 📸 photo above, of a young local arriving from the neighboring island.
Offering rides to the cruise ship passengers and other visitors. 
As your ship ⚓ anchors, you can see the locals arriving from the island,
located directly across the way.

They come to entertain the passengers and set up stands offering a variety of;
🍺 drinks, snacks and souvenirs for sale.
This is a very important source of income for the locals in this region.

Local Villagers Mystery Island

Local Villagers Mystery Island

The people are warm and inviting throughout the islands in the South Pacific.
They seem to have a sense of inner peace and calm among them.
One that we can only envy, coming from modern civilization!

Snorkeling Among The Reefs

Snorkeling Mystery Island

Snorkeling Mystery Island

If you enjoy the water and snorkeling, then I strongly recommend bringing your own set of 🤿 snorkel equipment on your cruise holiday.

Each and every island you visit has wonderful coral reefs for you to explore life beneath the sea,
and Mystery Island is no exception.

Tropical Fish Vanuatu

Tropical Fish Vanuatu

Crystal clear warm waters and surprisingly unspoiled coral reefs, teeming with 🐠 marine life!
All for you to enjoy while swimming or snorkeling your way around the island.

Underwater Coral Vanuatu

Underwater Coral Vanuatu

You will be amazed by the variety of colorful 🐟 tropical fish, while swimming
in these warm crystal clear waters of the South Pacific!

Ahhhh life is good! 🙂

Tropical Fish South Pacific

Tropical Fish South Pacific

A Beach Lovers Dream

Final Thoughts Banner

This stop was an absolutely perfect all around beach day while on our wonderful South Pacific Cruise,
we enjoyed with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
It was an amazing cruise vacation, departing and returning from Sydney, Australia.

Be sure to check out my detailed post & photos on this wonderful cruise, in the link I’ve listed below.

🗺 As well, take a look at the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Vanuatu’s exact location. 🗺


If your travel plans should ever bring you to Sydney, Australia as our did,
I definitely recommend taking one of the many scheduled cruises leaving from Sydney Harbor.

There are some amazing 🏝 Islands in the South Pacific to discover.
It was without a doubt, one of the main highlights of our Australia vacation a few seasons back,
from our home in British Columbia, Canada.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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Did You Know …

Royal Britannia Yacht

“In 1974, Queen Elizabeth While Sailing On The Royal Yacht Brittania Enroute To Australia Made A Stop At Mystery Island For An Unplanned Royal Beach Picnic In Paradise.”

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