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Finding The Best Cruise Deals {Best Picks}

Princess Cruise Ship

Finding The Best Cruise Deals

Post Last Modified – November 25, 2022 ¦

Best Picks For Finding The Best Cruise Deals

Discovering where and what to look for when searching for those; 🛳 Best Cruise Deals, really is quite easy. There are some ⚓ Outstanding Cruise Deals throughout the year, just waiting for you!

When planning any vacation, we all want to find the very best value possible, and that certainly includes 🛳 cruise holidays.

What is important to you in a cruise vacation package, is not necessarily that important to me or anyone else.

Everyone certainly has their own; wants, needs and tastes. 

First, check out this short, but informative 📹 video on selecting cruises. It gives you an idea of just why taking a ⚓ Cruise Vacation, is by far the best value for your 💵 dollar today.

Cruise.Com Cruise Deals – YouTube Video


Below, let’s have a look at a few different ways of how you can get some great deals on cruises.

There’s sure to be one just right for you!

Repositioning Cruises

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Repositioning Cruises 

Enjoy A Repositioning Cruise

Disney Cruise Ship Vancouver BC

If you’re flexible, and can escape during the off season or end of high season months, then it’s definitely worth checking out – 🚢 Repositioning Cruises.

These types of cruises are definitely one of my favorites! 🙂

Basically, a repositioning cruise leaves ⚓ one port in a particular part of the 🌎 world and travels to another ⚓ port, in another part of the 🌎 world.

That is, this type of cruise does not return to the port from which it departed. Cruise ships relocate depending on the season, or more formally known as; repositioning themselves.

Cruise lines will then offer exceptional savings, in order to fill the cabins during the voyage.

These cruises are especially ideal for us baby boomers and retirees, where taking a longer cruise is not a problem!

Of Special Note


* These types of cruises have less {⚓ Ports of Call} stops and more days at Sea. As a result, they may or may not be suitable for all family members, depending on your personal desires. 

In saying this however, the 💰 Value you receive for your vacation dollar is – Outstanding! *

All Inclusive Cruise Package Deals

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – All Inclusive Packages

Cruise Specials

There are some amazing package deals for these types of voyages.

Many deals offered may include your;

Airfare … Transfers … Hotel  … Added Cruise Incentives

and much more!

When cruise ships relocate to different areas in the world, they certainly don’t want their ships moving without any passengers on board. 

So to fill the ships up, they offer incredible incentives resulting in some of the best deals for you and your family, to be found anywhere!

If it is a weekend, 3 week, or even 3 month cruise you’re after, these types of cruises can be found most anywhere in the 🌎 world, at specific times of the year.

Early Booking Discounts

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Early Booking Discounts

Great Cruises Departing From Miami Florida

Best Cruise Deals

The picture above is leaving the Port of Miami. We are in a cruise ship looking back at another leaving as well. 

A buzz of activity in the harbor and amazing view of the city departing!

Book Early and receive some great specials and incentives.

Be sure to check out my latest post on our fabulous Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise. This cruise sailed out of; Sydney, Australia on Royal Caribbean’s ‘Rhapsody of the Seas.’

It was an amazing cruise and one that I hope to repeat soon!

These types of discounts are usually included with most of the cruise lines itineraries as well. If you book before a certain date, the cruise line will offer special discount prices for your vacation.

Often, there are some excellent Early Booking Incentives thrown in as well.

For example;

⚓   On board ship credits;
⚓   Cabin upgrades;
⚓   Deck upgrades;
⚓   Shore Excursions;
⚓   Free Cabin goodies (wine, chocolates, etc.);

and much more.

Some great added incentives to encourage people to Book Early!

Early Booking Incentives

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Early Booking Incentives

Pick Your Ship – Large or Small for Great Cruise Deals

Cruise Ships in St Maarten

Above is one of my favorite travel 📸 photos taken just before the sun was setting in beautiful St Maarten, on our outstanding 🏝 Caribbean Cruise, a few years back. 

Another very memorable and affordable family vacation!

On most of our cruises with our children, we were able to select a state room with bunk beds. This allowed our kids to either travel free or at half price. 

Where are you going to find a Value vacation like that? ❓

We also took advantage of wonderful All Inclusive Vacations at 🏨 Beach Resort Hotels over the years, that offered similar incentives.

Now these discounts may not be the best prices you can get, but by booking early you will most often get;

⚓   The cruise you want;
⚓   The cruise ship you desire;
⚓   The itinerary of choice;
⚓   The stateroom or suite of your choice.

Adding up all these extra incentives by booking early, can help save you a 💰 ton of money in the long run!  

You may be thinking if you wait, with the cruise ships being so large these days, you can get exactly what you want, when you want.

Helpful Tips Banner

Most cruises do sell out regularly because of the huge demand and popularity. Even more so now, as many people are booking their cruise vacations a year in advance!

This is especially true for seasoned cruisers, who are aware that they can receive these popular cruise bonuses and incentives by doing so.

As well and unlike in years past, cruise holidays are now a favorite among younger travelers.

Even the younger generation are recognizing the tremendous 💰 Value, this type of vacation offers for their hard earned dollar.

So, the old saying is –

” Don’t Delay … Book Today! “

Last Minute Discounts On Cruises

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Last Minute Discounts

Carnival Vista

Yes, there are great deals to be had with these types of specials. However, you should always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

For example, if your preferred cruise sells out, you’re stuck without that cruise vacation by waiting until last minute to book!

If there is space available and you would like a balcony stateroom, all that may be available at the time could be inside cabins only.

However, having said all of that, these discounts can at times provide some of the very best pricing. Again, for those who are flexible and can travel last minute and don’t mind getting a specific …

⚓   Itinerary;
⚓   Cruise Ship;
⚓   Departure Dates;
⚓   Stateroom Preference.

Then this could be a great option for you!

Gumby and Pokey

These types of cruises are ideal for the retired or for individuals who are flexible, like my friends Gumby & Pokey!

Although great deals can be gotten, I personally wouldn’t recommend this type of cruise booking, especially for families.

Last minute is exactly as it states… “Last Minute!”

When our children were much younger, it takes a great deal of planning and organization to have a successful, stress free family vacation.

I simply could not imagine booking, packing and organizing a vacation with small children, all at the last minute.

For couples and older members of the family, booking these cruises with the mind set of being flexible, can save you a great deal of money!

Group Booking Discounts

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Group Booking Discounts

Enjoy a Fabulous Cruise With Your Favorite Group

Cruise Holiday Specials

One of my favorite 📸 photos taken of a beautiful 🌅 Sunset on our Caribbean Cruise with –
🛳 Carnival Cruise Lines a few seasons ago. 🙂

If you can generate some interest in cruise planning with others, you may qualify for a group rate. 

Why not organize a school group, team sports group, church group, hobby group or anything group related for that matter.

A Group Booking is great way to get terrific cruise deals and added incentives as well.

You get the idea!  Book a large group and save!

Booking With A Cruise Vacation Specialist

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Cruise Vacation Specialists

Rhapsody of The Seas Cruise Ship

I highly recommend dealing with well known and reputable travel companies, that deal specifically with cruise vacations. Better yet, check out my post here on great reasons and the many; 👩 Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent.  

3 travel booking companies I like and have used in the past and with excellent results include;

🛳   Cruiseshipcenters 

⚓   CruiseDirect


These professionals can even add you to existing group bookings that they may be organizing. This way, your specific group is sure to receive those added bonuses and discounts.



The rates again may not be as low as for last minute cruise discounts, but you can get in early enough to ensure that you get the preferences listed above.

Group bookings generally offer some great additional on board perks as well.

From additional cruise discounts, on board credits to free bottles of wine, all making group bookings very appealing! 😉

Low Season Booking Discounts

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Low Season Booking Discounts

Fabulous Places All Over the Globe

All Inclusive Cruise Vacations

Should your holiday schedule fall into one of the low seasons for cruise vacations, you may be in luck!

In the 🏝 Caribbean for example, the so-called 🌧 Hurricane Season provides many great cruise deals for potential passengers. 

You do take a chances with weather, but keep in mind that on a cruise, should a major storm happen, Captains will divert to calmer waters.

So again, if you are not too fussy, there are some very good low season deals to be had.

Look For Value Added Pricing

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Value Added Pricing Incentives

Cruise Deals
50% Off On The 2nd Booked Passenger;
50% Deposit Reduction;
Up to $300 On Board Spending (Depending On Cruise Selected;
Free Internet at Sea.
These types of all inclusive cruise deals do not change the price of the cruise itself. They do however, give guests special additions and perks.

One such added value could be stateroom upgrades – you pay for a certain category of stateroom and the cruise line automatically bumps you up into the next category.

Another common value-added feature is an on-board credit. In this case, the cruise line adds a credit to your stateroom account that can be used while on your vacation.

Other perks can include free ship logo-wear or a nice bottle of wine in your stateroom.  So, you do not have to book a group or low season cruise to get value added cruise deals.

I receive 📧 emails continually from all the major cruise lines in my inbox. The specials and incentives offered are endless, and seem to be getting better and better all the time.

Great Travel Deals

Below, is an example of such savings and incentives recently advertised just to give you an idea of how great cruise vacations are for you and your family!

Tremendous incentives cruise lines use to attract customers to book their holidays with them.

Previous Cruisers Value Added Discounts

Finding The Best Cruise Deals – Previous Cruisers Discounts

Princess Cruise Ship

For first-time cruisers, this type of discount will be unattainable. But next cruise on the same cruise line, you may be offered many different specials that you may find attractive.

These could include; free upgrades, on-board credits as detailed above and much more!

Whether you take advantage of any of the possible cruise deals available, there is one thing that is certain and I certainly can verify.

Taking a vacation aboard one of the magnificent 🛳 cruise ships, will be an experience you will cherish for a lifetime! 😀

Final Thoughts Banner

Update November 2022
COVID-19 TRAVEL update

As this horrible pandemic is beginning to subside and international travel has once again resumed, there are some amazing cruise deals surfacing around the globe!

There are still strict covid measures and testing to adhere to, but the deals are incredible right now!

As a matter of fact, our family just booked an incredible deal on an 🏞 Alaska Cruise next summer. The deal and incentives offered by the cruise line, were just too good to pass up!

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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