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Post Last Modified - June 13, 2023 ¦ Smooth Ride Classic Hong Kong Bike Tours When we travel to new exciting destinations around the world, we’re always looking for eco-friendly small group tours, to really experience local life in the area. On my visit to Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of joining one of the {🚲 Best Hong Kong Bike Tours} in the City. The business is called

Post Last Modified - May 24, 2023 ¦ Cruise Victoria Harbour On An Authentic Chinese Junk When visiting a new destination, I’m always on the lookout for something truly unique and out of the ordinary to experience. Taking a ride on the ⛵ Dukling Hong Kong Harbour Cruise was indeed something very special, the City of 🌆 Hong Kong had to offer. The Dukling or also referred to as “🦆 The Holy Duck,” is one of the last original ⛵ Chinese Junk fishing vessels remaining in the area. With a

Post Last Modified - May 21, 2023 ¦ Le Souk Hong Kong Moroccan Restaurant Review On my wonderful visit to Hong Kong a few seasons ago, I had the pleasure of dining at - Le Souk Hong Kong Moroccan Restaurant and what a dining experience it was! Enjoying a great Moroccan style meal in Southern China was the last thing I expected when visiting this city. Le Souk Restaurant Hong Kong Central This restaurant is located in the ever popular SoHo District of Hong Kong, or more commonly referred to as

Post Last Modified - April 26, 2023 ¦ Eating Adventures Food Tours In Hong Kong One of the things we love to do when traveling to different parts of the world, is to experience the local cuisine and eat where the locals do. One of the best ways to experience this, in on a fully escorted 🍲 food tour.   On my visit to Hong Kong a few seasons ago, I had the pleasure of taking such a tour with 🥢 Eating Adventures Hong Kong Food Tours. This fully escorted 3

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