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Eating Adventures Hong Kong {Food Tours}

Eating Adventures Hong Kong
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Eating Adventures Hong Kong
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Eating Adventures Food Tours In Hong Kong

One of the things we love to do when traveling to different parts of the world, is to experience the local cuisine and eat where the locals do. One of the best ways to experience this, in on a fully escorted 🍲 food tour.  

On my visit to Hong Kong a few seasons ago, I had the pleasure of taking such a tour with 🥢 Eating Adventures Hong Kong Food Tours.

This fully escorted 3 ½ hour 🚶 walking tour, took place in the older district of Hong Kong, known as – Kowloon.

I really got a chance to eat what the locals do and walk to the many open markets, situated within this historical area of the city.

Eating Adventures – Kowloon Food Tour

Eating Adventures Food Tour Kowloon

This company offers two distinct food tours in Hong Kong. One tour takes place in Mongkok and the other on; Hong Kong Island.

Both are distinctly different and unique, because of the districts they are held in.

I chose the Kowloon district for its exciting local markets and to experience the congested, bustling part of the city. It is also where locals do most of their shopping, living and eating.

Eating Adventures Food Tours – Food Safety

Eating Adventures Walking Food Tour

As with any business operating a successful food tour, they try to ensure at their utmost, that the establishments their customers attend are;

✔ Well known & well respected in the community;

✔ Food preparation is above and beyond normal standards required.

“The health of participants is of utmost importance to us. We understand the importance of eating safe and clean food. We frequent restaurants that have high turn over and serve hot fresh food.”

Every business we attended during the tour was very clean and presentable throughout and all with very friendly staff, warmly greeting us at each door. 

Below, is a brief look at what I enjoyed on my tour and what you can expect, when taking a guided food tour with – Eating Adventures.

Eating Adventures Food Tours – Professional Guides

The Goose Time Restaurant

After meeting my friendly guide (Yan) at a previously set location in Kowloon, we wasted no time and were on our way to our first eatery.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I sampled on my food tour. 🙂

Beware sign

Make sure you attend a food tour such as this – Hungry!  As there is lots to eat and sample at each destination you visit.

Eating Adventures Food Tours – The Food


The Goose Time Hong Kong

Our first stop was to a well established restaurant in the district for more than 50 years!

You got it, their specialty is Goose!

You get to sample succulent goose with crispy skin, served with a tasty plum sauce.

Yummy! 🙂

Egg Tart

Happy Cake Shop Kowloon

After wetting your appetite, it was on to try an old British favorite, an 🥧 Egg Tart. The freshly baked and still warm tart was absolutely amazing, with melt in your mouth fine pastry!

What’s great about a walking tour in the district, is you really get a feel of how the locals live.

It allows the opportunity to see people shop in the local wet markets, and walk through the many narrow side alleys and streets along the way you wouldn’t normally know of or do on your own.

Dao Fu Fa (Sweet Tofu Dessert)

Sweet Tofu Dessert Kowloon

It was on to this very popular small diner to sample some incredible warm, silky smooth, soft tofu, in a sweet syrup.

It was absolutely delicious, and apparently well frequented by many 👩 chefs in Hong Kong as well.

You also get a chance to watch how this incredible tofu is prepared in this tiny establishment.

Snake Soup

Snake Soup Kowloon Hong Kong

Definitely something out of the ordinary and very unique to Eating Adventures Food Tours!  

This tiny but very well known eatery, specializes in preparing 🐍 snake soup only. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but the way the soup is carefully prepared, it was actually quite enjoyable. 🙂  

A first for me, and one to cross off the Foodie Bucket List!

Dim Sum

DimSum Kowloon Hong Kong

Our next stop and one of my favorites along the way, because I always look forward to freshly prepared authentic 🍣 Dim Sum.

This small but highly acclaimed restaurant, serves wonderful dishes that you pre-order right from your table. 

My guide Yan, picked just the right amount of popular dishes to sample. All her choices were excellent!

Below is a sample of a few Dim Sum dishes you can expect during your tour. 🙂

Dim Sum Selection


Dim Sum Selection Kowloon

Hong Kong Dim Sum Dish

Street Snacks

Walking Food Tour Kowloon

The food just keeps on coming!

Remember that I told you to make sure you’re hungry before starting this tour.

Next, it was on to the local market where we sampled very tasty and popular street snacks, such as 🐟 fish balls.

Very tasty and with a variety of different choices to choose from!

Matcha and Red Bean Smoothie

Eating Adventures Tour Guide

Finishing up the tour and with barely room left to eat anything, Yan walked us over to a popular Smoothie stand for a traditional 🥤 Matcha and Red Bean Smoothie.

It was very cool, smooth and the beans were very tasty.

A great way to finish this wonderful food tour experience!


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Final Thoughts Banner

Yan was extremely knowledgeable, explaining in detail all the food you sample. She explained the history of the establishments, and how the locals shop for their meals on a daily basis at the local markets.  

It was a great afternoon and taking this food tour is well worth experiencing during your stay in Hong Kong.

I have included a link to the company’s official website below for your convenience. You can access much more detailed information on their tours, on-line reservations and much more.

Eating Adventures Food Tours Brand

🐟   Hong Kong Food Tour


😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although our visit was in collaboration with Eating Adventures Food Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“Mong Kok, A Residential District In Hong Kong Has The World’s Highest Population Density – Averaging 130,000 People Per Square Kilometer.”

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