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Post Last Modified - June 26, 2023 ¦ Premier Nha Trang Mud Bath Resorts Traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, my son and I traveled by train north, to the Coastal Resort City of 🏙 Nha Trang in Vietnam. Having 📖 read about the wonderful hot springs and Nha Trang Mud Bath Resorts located in this part of Vietnam, we just had to spend an afternoon at one of these 🙏 Premier Health & Wellness Resorts. We selected the 🪔 I-Resort, located in the hillside on the outskirts of the

Post Last Modified - June 15, 2023 ¦ Review Of Our Stay At The Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa In Hoi An Experience the Beautiful 🌴 Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa in Historic Hoi An, Vietnam. Our final stop on our fantastic adventure in Southern Vietnam, brought us to the Historic City of Hoi An. For those looking for a ⭐ 5 star luxury hotel that is within close proximity to this City, then you simply must take a closer look at the

Post Last Modified - June 03, 2023 ¦ Les Rives Full Day Mekong Delta Tour One of the highlights of our journey to Vietnam a few seasons ago, was taking a full day guided tour with 🌾 Les Rives Tours from - Ho Chi Minh City. My son and I enjoyed a wonderful 🛥 boat tour, to the Cu Chi Tunnels. As well, my daughter and her boyfriend traveled to Vietnam and also enjoyed a full day tour, taking the

Post Last Modified - May 06, 2023 ¦ The Mekong Delta & Cai Be Floating Market Of the many things to see and do in and around 🏙 Ho Chi Minh City, one not to be missed is the - 🌾 Vietnam Alive Mekong Delta Full Day Tour.  We did just that and what a wonderful day it was!  Selecting a private tour to that of big 🚌 bus tours, offers a more personal experience and one suited to your individual desires. Below, are a few great reasons to choose Vietnam

Post Last Modified - March 31, 2023 ¦ Discover Paradise Resort Doc Let Beach Nha Trang Vietnam A stay at 🌴 Paradise Resort Doc Let Beach is simply a {Must Do}, for 🏖 beach lovers in search of a quiet and peaceful setting located on the southern coastal region of - Vietnam.  Situated just 25 miles to the north of the popular beach side resort City of Nha Trang, this six kilometer stretch of beach will simply take your breath away! Many consider Doc Let to be the most Spectacular

Post Last Modified - March 30, 2023 ¦ A Few Of Our Photos Of Old Town Hoi An In Vietnam Brief History Of The Ancient Town Of Hoi An Vietnam Old Town Hoi An is located down the {Thu Bon River}, about 30 kilometers to the south of the City of DaNang. Ancient Hoi An (Old Town,) dates back over 2000 years of cultural history. Having been a major port for the {Cham Kingdom}, controlling the spice trade from the - 10th to the 17th Century. The, later, becoming a major

Post Last Modified - March 23, 2023 ¦ Our Stay At The LegendSea Hotel In Nha Trang Vietnam On our second stop north from {Ho Chi Minh City} while on our amazing travels throughout Vietnam, we had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful 🏨 LegendSea Hotel in the coastal City of Nha Trang. A bustling ocean side resort city with a growing population of approximately 500,000 people, Nha Trang is a very popular tourist destination situated on the shores of the - South China Sea. This oceanfront city is well

Post Last Modified - March 20, 2023 ¦ Review Of Our Stay At The Novotel Hotel Nha Trang Vietnam On our visit to Southern Vietnam a few seasons ago, we had the pleasure of staying a few nights at the beautiful - 🏨 Novotel Hotel Nha Trang. This is a fabulous ✨ 4 star luxury hotel situated directly across the street from the city’s most beautiful stretch of beach. This hotel is a perfect choice for both business and holiday travelers when visiting this beach resort city. About The Novotel Hotel Brand Novotel

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