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Saigon Street Food Tours {City Scooter Tour}

Saigon Street Food Tours
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Saigon Street Food Tours
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Discover Saigon Street Food Tours On Scooters

Certainly one of the highlights of our visit to Ho Chi Minh City, was taking one of the highly recommended …

🍜 Saigon Street Food Tours 🍜

My son and I had an amazing time on a beautiful Saturday night,
with two excellent guides from 🛵 Saigon Adventure Scooter Tours.

A perfect way to experience the side streets and local food of Saigon!

Our Saigon Street Food Scooter Adventure

Enjoying a Selfie with Our Guides

Saigon Adventure Scooter Food Tour

If you enjoy a little adventure, learning more about the local people, customs and traditional food,
then this tour is perfect! 👍

We had a wonderful evening with our two young University Student Guides,
taking us by 🛵 scooter throughout the side streets of Saigon.
What a great time, seeing and experiencing a part of the city you would be hard pressed to find
on your own.

First, check out my very short 📹 YouTube video I put together while on our scooter adventure.
It shows just what seven million 🛵 scooters in this city, feels like to be in! 🙂

Saigon Adventure Scooter Food Tour – YouTube Video

The 📹 video shows a traffic light, which is not that common on most streets in Ho Chi Minh City.

It’s absolutely amazing to watch the thousands of scooters zigzagging their way around each other everywhere, with no traffic control and all missing one another.

👣 Footnote 👣

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Guided Saigon Street Food Tours On Scooters

Saigon Street Food Tours

With a population of about 10 million people and an estimated 7 million 🛵 scooters even I,
having ridden motorcycles for a living for 30 years, would not be comfortable riding on the streets
of Ho Chi Minh City!

Vietnamese people are born on 🛵 scooters and ride them as if they are a part of themselves. It really is remarkable to see, especially in the large cities as this!

A Saigon Street Food Tour & Sightseeing Tour Combined

Buddhist Monk Thich Quan Duc Memorial Monument

Thich Quan Duc Memorial Monument

We chose this particular business, because of the recommendation from our front desk staff at the 🏨 hotel we were staying at. 

It turned out to be a great recommendation with our guides – Ms. Thao and Mr. Hung,
who showed the two of us a great time and always acting in a professional and courteous manner.

We both felt entirely safe riding with them on these busy streets, during the whole evening!

Saigon Street Food Tours Guarantee Food – Fun – Sightseeing

Our Great Tour Guides Ms. Thao & Mr. Hung

Saigon Adventure Tour Guides

On our tour, we made several stops in different parts of the City, with our guides
pointing out areas of interest and offering insight into what they were showing us.

They made each local food stop fun and entertaining, and always made sure we had enough to eat.

From bargaining for 💐 flowers in Vietnamese, trying our hand at cooking at each stop,
to enjoying the wonderful evening sightseeing tour throughout the city.

This was an amazing adventure nighttime outing, designed for those looking to mix with the locals!

Ho Chi Minh City Flower District

Ho Chi Minh City Flower District

If you do happen to be visiting Ho Chi Minh City and looking for something completely
out of the ordinary to do, then I highly recommend this evening tour.

You will not be disappointed!

Learning to Cook in the Flower District

Saigon City Food Tour

Fun And Knowledgeable Tour Guides

Our two guides and most of the employees with this tour company, are local 🏫 University students.

Ms. Thao and Mr. Hung pointed out to us, that working as guides gives them a great opportunity to learn English, meet foreigners and earn income to support themselves and their schooling.

Flower District Ho Chi Minh City

Flower District Ho Chi Minh City

What a great business concept and perfect opportunity for these terrific guides!

My son getting in there!

Cooking Food Tour Saigon

Below, I have listed their official website for your convenience as our guides requested after our tour, and that I am more than happy to do for them.

Experiencing Traditional Food and Mixing with Locals

Local Street Food Tour Saigon

This was not a sponsored tour for us, but because we were so thrilled with this tour
and what these people are accomplishing from their business.
I was more than happy to promote their company for them here on my travel blog.

Saigon Adventure Logo

🛵 Saigon Adventure Company 🛵

Enjoying a Wonderful Evening With Our Guides!

Scooter Food Tour Ho Chi Minh City

Final Thoughts Banner

So step out of the 📦 box as we did and enjoy a night out with some great young locals.

Try some authentic Vietnamese dishes, while mixing with the locals and seeing the sites of this incredible City at night, on a 🛵 Scooter Food Tour!

As mentioned, this tour is safe and fun for all ages, including us; Baby Boomers & Retirees! 🙂

Saigon Adventure Scooter Food Tours

I’ve also listed the Official Vietnam Tourism ⛓ link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful country has to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the cities exact location. 🗺

vietnam tourism

✨ Vietnam Tourism – Timeless Charm ✨

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✨   Did You Know …

“In Vietnam, Literally Everything Is Done Or Carried On A Motorbike.”

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