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Post Last Modified - March 04, 2023 ¦ Historical Walking Food Tour In St. John’s Newfoundland - Canada If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, then you know I love taking part in {🚶 Historical Walking Food Tours}, when traveling. On our latest travels to Newfoundland, we had the pleasure of joining NL Food Tours in the 🍁 City of St. John’s, Newfoundland. An excellent walking food sampling tour in the historical district of 🍁 St. John’s. NL Food Tours St. John's 3 Hour Guided Walking Food Tour   Not

Post Last Modified - November 27, 2022 ¦ Discover Great Adventure Holidays In Canada This Season Start planning your next travel adventure holidays and get ready to - 🍁 Explore Canada! Canada is a; {4 Season Playground}, with so much to see and do in its many Provinces and Territories. Take your pick, they are all amazing! First, check out this very short 🎥 Canada Tourism Video, to get you inspired to- Travel to Canada. Canada For Glowing Hearts - YouTube Video     From the rugged west coast alongside the Pacific Ocean - 🏞

Post Last Modified - November 21, 2022 ¦   A Review Of Our Stay At The Alt Hotel On our outstanding travels across 🍁 Canada a few seasons ago, we first arrived in the - Province of Newfoundland. We enjoyed an outstanding overnight stay at the 🏨 The Alt Hotel St. John’s Newfoundland. What I really liked about our stays with 🏨 Group Germain Hotels on our travels across Canada, is that this is a unique and very successful 🍁 Canadian family-run business. The Germain family owns and operates Le Germain

Post Last Modified - November 13, 2022 ¦ The Johnson GEO CENTRE In St. John’s Newfoundland If your 🍁 Canada travel plans include the beautiful Province of Newfoundland, then you simply must make time to visit the 💎 Johnson GEO CENTRE in the City of St. John’s. This is a wonderful - Geological Interpretation Centre located on Signal Hill in St. John's. It's a 12 million dollar structure that included four years of research, planning and designing to complete. The result is an amazing Centre, with most located underground among

Post Last Modified - November 06, 2022 ¦ A Review Of The Monroe House Executive Guest Suites In St. John’s While visiting the City of St. John’s in Newfoundland - 🍁 Canada, we had the distinct pleasure of staying at the - Historic Monroe House Executive Guest Suites. Ideally situated in the heart of ⚓ St. John’s, this beautifully restored Executive Home, has you taking a step back in time. Once the home of Former Newfoundland's Prime Minister - Walter Stanley Monroe in the early 1920’s, this luxurious residence is

Post Last Modified - November 01, 2022 ¦ The Inn On Capelin Bay Bed & Breakfast In Newfoundland Perhaps one of the most memorable times of our 🍁 Cross Canada travels, was a wonderful stay at the Inn On Capelin Bay Bed & Breakfast. Situated in the Province of Newfoundland and just 1 hours drive south from the City of St. John’s, is the tiny and very picturesque - Calvert Bay. A beautiful 🛌 Bed & Breakfast on the Southern Shores of Newfoundland. Inn On Capelin Bay B&B - Location The Inn

Post Last Modified - October 25, 2022 ¦ Great Reasons To Start Planning A Holiday In Canada I've put together a few ideas for those considering a {🍂 Holiday in Canada} that I thought would be useful, should you be planning a vacation to my home and native land.  My travel blog would not be complete without writing an article on 🍁 Canada. Canada is my home and I am proud to showcase this wonderful Nation to the world! I was lucky enough to be raised in beautiful 🌷 Victoria,

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