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Johnson GEO CENTRE {St. John’s}

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Johnson GEO CENTRE St. John's Newfoundland

Post Last Modified – January 28, 2024 ¦

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The Johnson GEO CENTRE In St. John’s Newfoundland

If your 🍁 Canada travel plans include the beautiful Province of Newfoundland, then you simply must make time to visit the …

🌺Johnson GEO CENTRE🌺
in the City of St. John’s.

This is a wonderful – Geological Interpretation Centre located on Signal Hill in St. John’s.

It’s a 12 million dollar structure that included four years of; research, planning and designing to complete.

The result is an amazing Centre, with most located underground among carefully excavated glacial formations and that actually show the exposed bedrock of the hill inside the structure!

A Geological Interpretation Centre & Much More

Johnson GEO CENTRE St. John's

Besides depicting the incredible geology of {Newfoundland and Labrador} from millions of years ago, the Centre offers much more the entire family will surely enjoy.

From strolling outside along the lovely interpretive 🚶 trails surrounding the Centre, to exploring the many wonderful exhibits, including the 🛳 Complete Titanic Story.

Johnson GEO CENTRE Exterior Displays

Your underground experience will guide you through the history of this Province. From its; people, our planet, the future and even 🚀 space exploration.

It’s no wonder this is listed as one of the {Top Attractions} in Newfoundland, and one definitely not to be missed!

Johnson GEO CENTRE Gift Shop

The Centre Offers 14 unique attractions including;

GEO Gift Shop
Marconi’s Café
Solar System
Amazing Earth Theatre
Our Planet
Our Province
Our People
Our Future & Space
The Great Rock Wall
The Titanic Story
ExxonMobil Oil & Gas Gallery
Hibernia KidsPlace
Steele 2D & 3D Theatre

Johnson GEO CENTRE Theatre

Johnson GEO CENTRE Theatre

I would recommend starting your visit off by enjoying the {brief movie presentation} in the underground theatre. It’s a unique and well presented introduction to our planet, this Province and much more.

After viewing the presentation, stroll at your leisure through the many underground exhibits the Centre has to offer.

The Titanic Story

Johnson GEO CENTRE Titanic Exhibit

Be sure to enter the 🚢 Titanic Exhibit, which outlines in detail the complete story and events behind the tragic sinking of this luxury cruise liner.

Johnson GEO CENTRE Titanic Exhibits

The models, exhibits and the stories behind this most unfortunate event, will have you drifting back in time.

Johnson GEO CENTRE Titanic Displays

From here, visit and learn about {Icebergs} in the Ice Gallery. Where they originate and where they go.

Rock and Crystal Displays

Johnson GEO CENTRE Labradortie Exhibit

For rock and 💎 crystal lovers, the displays are amazing!

View beautiful Labradorite crystals and much more. At the same time, learn about the history and origin of many on display.

Planet and Space Exhibits

Johnson GEO CENTRE Planet Exhibit

View their 🌎 Planet & Space displays, as well as an informative featured; ⛽ Oil and Gas exhibit. It’s all here and underground at the – GEO CENTRE!

Johnson GEO CENTRE Rocket Exhibit
Johnson GEO CENTRE Oil Gas Gallery Exhibit

Exposed Bedrock Formations

Johnson GEO CENTRE Province Exhibit

GEO Vista Park

Begin or finish your visit by spending time walking outside, along the paths of the 🏞 GEO Vista Park.

Stroll alongside rock formations and natural plants surrounding the Centre. View structures from early settlements and enjoy incredible views of St. John’s and the Harbour, from high above on Signal Hill.

A great way to spend a day while visiting Signal Hill and St. John’s.


Final Thoughts Banner

For more detailed information on the GEO CENTRE, I have listed their official website link below for your convenience. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for exact location. 🗺

Johnson GEO CENTRE logo

💎 Johnson GEO CENTRE 💎

I’ve also included the Official Destination St. John’s Tourism website. It’s filled with excellent information for planning your stay in the city.


✈ Destination St. John’s ✈


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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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  ✨   Did You Know …

“St. John’s Newfoundland – Canada Is The Oldest Known City In North America.”

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