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Post Last Modified - November 27, 2023 ¦ One of the great things our family has enjoyed over the years is exploring and 🏕 camping in some of North America's beautiful 🏞 Provincial, State and National Parks. There are some outstanding parks just waiting for you and your family to experience. One of these is 🏞 Yosemite National Park, located in the State of California. Below, my guest collaborating author, helps you find some excellent

Post Last Modified - June 10, 2023 ¦ The Audio Tour Of Alcatraz Island Prison - San Francisco Taking a tour of Alcatraz Island Prison definitely should be included in your travel plans, when visiting beautiful 🌉 San Francisco, California.   If you're looking for some popular San Francisco Attractions, then a {Tour of Alcatraz Island} should certainly be at the top of your To Do 📝 list. This mysterious and world renowned historical landmark looming in the San Francisco Bay, is definitely a major attraction in the city! Alcatraz Islands history takes you back in time, when

Post Last Modified - May 22, 2023 ¦ An Old Alcatraz Picture - Step Back In Time As I was writing about our tour of ⛓ Alcatraz Prison and posting our 📸 photos, I came across one of a favorite Old Alcatraz Prison Picture I had taken several years ago. I took this photo back in the 1970's when some of the original buildings were still intact. On our last tour, we were surprised to see the buildings now gone! :cry: The lower buildings below the water tower were known

Post Last Modified - May 06, 2023 ¦ Enjoy Beautiful San Diego - California I'm all for 🥾 eco-friendly 🌳 green travel these days and it's so great to see this form of travel becoming much more popular as of late. So when I was approached by a fellow blogger who wished to submit a guest post on {Traveling Green In San Diego}, I was all for it! Considering planning a trip to one of ☀ Sunny California’s big cities? Well, you’ve got three great options: Los Angeles, 🌉 San Francisco,

Post Last Modified - April 05, 2023 ¦ Randolph Collier Rest Area Off Interstate 5 in California State Situated approximately 10 miles south of the {Oregon State} border, and just off 🛣 Interstate 5, is the 🚗 Randolph Collier Rest Area. This is perhaps one of the prettiest roadside rest stops we have ever come across, in all our 🚌 road travels in the United States. So much so, it was definitely worth taking a few 📸 pictures of and posting this article to share with you.  The Randolph

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