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Traveling Green In San Diego {Helpful Tips}

Traveling Green In San Diego

Traveling Green In San Diego
Post Last Modified – May 20, 2024 ¦

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Enjoy Beautiful San Diego – California

I’m all for 🥾 eco-friendly 🌳 green travel these days and it’s so great to see this form of travel becoming much more popular as of late. So when I was approached by a fellow blogger who wished to collaborate on an article about …

🌿 Traveling Green In San Diego 🌿

I was all for it!

Considering planning a trip to one of ☀ Sunny California’s big cities?

Well, you’ve got three great options: Los Angeles, 🌉 San Francisco, or San Diego. Despite its diverse culture, 🌴 Los Angeles is extremely busy.
🌉 San Francisco is beautiful, but one of the most costly large cities in the entire country to live and visit.

However, 🛥 San Diego has a little bit of everything for you!

Getting Around While Traveling Green In San Diego

San Diego Trolley

San Diego is a big city and getting around can be costly, both to your wallet and to the environment. Luckily, there are some great and affordable options available to you for getting around.

America’s Finest City has an efficient 🚆 public transportation system to maneuver around the city, and with relative ease.
It’s also very easy to schedule one of California’s clean ride 🚕 cabs.

Despite activities in the city being quite spread out, San Diego has efficient; trains, trolleys and buses that will take you anywhere from; La Jolla to Coronado Beach.
So sit back, remember to pack your 😎 sunglasses and enjoy the views, as I map out some of the best ways to vacation green!

Visiting San Diego Parks

Balboa Park San Diego

Did you know San Diego has; 340 🏞 park and recreational areas that span over 40,000 acres of land, both developed and undeveloped?

Although impossible to visit them all on a single trip, there are roughly a dozen parks that stand out above the rest.
All are accessible via 🚌 public transportation, or even a good ole fashioned 🚶 walk!

Traveling Green In San Diego

Balboa Park is called the nation’s largest urban and cultural park in the United States. Balboa has; 16 🏛 museums alone!

A 💐 botanical garden, a natural history museum and a museum of 🎭 art, just to name a few. As well, Balboa is located right next to the world renowned 🦒 San Diego Zoo.
Routinely awarded one of the best zoos, not only in the United States – but in the entire world! 🗺

Balboa Park can be accessed either by the Blue or Orange Line via the 🚋 trolley, as long as you get off at City College Station.

Because the park is so large, you can also ride the park tram from spot-to-spot, if you’re feeling exhausted from all of the walking.

The Gaslamp District And Petco Park

Gaslamp District San Diego

The ⛽ Gaslamp District and Petco Park are just a few miles away from Balboa, yet they offer a completely new experience.

Either hop on the trolley or take a short stroll to Gaslamp, one of the city’s most established cultural hotspots, ripe with local 🍲 cuisine and 🍹 drinking spots.

At night, let the romantic spectacle of the 🕯 gas lamps take your breath away with you and your partner.
As well if in season, you can pop over to Petco Park and catch a; ⚾ San Diego Padres Major League Baseball game.

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego California

Old Town is one of the closest spots to the ✈ San Diego Airport, so it could be first or last on your list of spots to hit.
Old Town is centrally located in relation to many of the busy spots in town, and is a 15 minute ride from; Balboa and Gaslamp District.

For the full experience, I recommend the; Old Town 🛤 Trolley Tour, which gives tourists an immersive experience to all of San Diego’s cultural spots.

It’s a great green option to see the town from the people who know it best!

What is especially great about this tour, is that you can hop off the trolley and spend however much time as you like at your chosen location.
You can then grab another trolley at your leisure.

Enjoying The Beaches Of San Diego

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach San Diego

🏖 Coronado Beach is known for its sparkling sand and postcard views. Voted by {Travel Channel} and Dr. Beach as – America’s Finest Beach.

Coronado can be accessed either by; ferry, bus, or rideshare.
Once you arrive, you can wander about on rented 🚴 bikes or even skateboards to get the local experience.

Make sure to stop by the famous; 🏰 Hotel del Coronado along Ocean Boulevard.
With beautiful architecture, fun shops and delicious food, it’s a great way to spend a long afternoon. For those of a legal drinking age, there’s a fun beachside 🍹 Tiki bar attached to the hotel.

La Jolla

La Jolla Beach San Diego

La Jolla is located slightly north of the city, but this jewel features seven miles of a less busy, but equally breathtaking beach experience compared to Coronado.

You can either soak up the sun on the sand for the day, visit Scripps Park to see the seals and sea lions, or catch a round of 🏌 golf at nearby world-famous Torrey Pines Golf Course.

To get to La Jolla, catch the 🚍 Green Line bus to Old Town, and enjoy the 20 minute ride on the; Route 30 express line.

La Jolla also has 🚴 biking and 🚣 kayaking tours.
Or if you want to get particularly adventurous, you can take 🤿 diving or snorkeling classes at; La Jolla Underwater Park.

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Final Thoughts Banner

You could visit San Diego 100 times and still not take in everything the city has to offer.
Enjoy the many attractions this beautiful city has to offer, without breaking the bank or compromising your desire to be eco-friendly.

If you have additional questions regarding the 🚉 metro-transit system, you can visit their site for more details.
If you are traveling with kids or children ages five and under, travel on all transit stops are free, with the purchase of an adult 🎟 ticket.

Many of 🚍 San Diego’s bus and 🚈 AMTRAK run late into the night, so you don’t have to call it a day at sundown.

Enjoy your trip!

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Author Bio:

Originally from New Jersey, Derek has been living in San Diego for the past 8 years. When he’s not enjoying one of the many aforementioned beaches, he can be found exploring the rest of the county.

Like picking apples in Julian, or exploring the 🏜 Desert of Anza Borrego.

I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for San Diego’s exact location. 🗺

I’ve also listed the Official San Diego Tourism Authority link below, to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful city has to offer.

🌴 San Diego Tourism 🌴

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✨   Did You Know …

“Almonds Are The State Of California’s Top Export Product – Considered The World’s Almond Capital.”

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