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Planning Tropical Fiji Island Holidays

Fiji Island Vacations

 Fiji Island Holidays

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Planning A South Pacific Tropical Fiji Island Holiday

Discover the magical beauty of the 🏝 South Pacific by embarking on incredible – 🏝 Fiji Island Holidays.


With its swaying 🌴 coconut trees, white sandy beaches, deep blue crystal clear oceans, this is really is a true tropical paradise! 

Our family had the pleasure of visiting Fiji, a number of years ago and can’t wait to return! 😎

Fiji is without a doubt, heaven on earth!

The islands are spectacular, the people warm and friendly and the food is delicious! 🙂  Check out this short 📹 video and discover the beauty of – 🌺 Fiji.

Fiji Tourism – YouTube Video


A Brief History Of The Fiji Islands

Navosa Fiji

Photo by Stephen Paris from Pexels

Once infamously known as the “Cannibal Isles,”  Fiji is now the lively junction of the beautiful South Pacific.

Today, over 100 of the 322 islands are now populated with a rich assortment of; Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians, Chinese, East Indians and Europeans alike.

Each group of people having a unique mixture of cuisine and culture of their own, making Fiji a surprising delight and your Fiji Island Holidays memorable! 

The 🌅 Fiji islands consist of over 300, with most being uninhabited still to this day.

The main island of – Viti Levu is where most major ✈ airlines come and go and where you can either choose to stay, or go on to any one of the surrounding inhabited islands.

It’s amazing to discover some of Fiji’s smaller islands, as we did on our vacation. Here, you really get the feeling of being cast away on 🏝 Gilligan’s Island!

Fiji Islands

Fiji island holidays offer resorts and hotels of all – ⭐ Star Ratings, a great mixture of local food, nightlife for all ages, historical sites and more. 

As well, enjoy outdoors sports glaore, to please most enthusiasts.

A sample of the many outdoor activities include …

Hiking … Kayaking … Camping … Surfing … Snorkeling … Scuba Diving … Golfing

Pick Your Tropical Fiji Island Holidays Hideaway


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Fiji makes for an unforgettable holiday experience and as mentioned, offers a variety of accommodations to suit most everyone’s budget. 

Choose from a host of modest to luxury resorts ranging from thatched roof bures, to full service luxury 🏨 resort hotels. You can now enjoy your holiday any way you choose.

You can even book those favorite 🍹 All Inclusive Vacations in Fiji as well.

Family holidays to romantic escapes for couples, this tropical meca is sure to please most everyone.

Where Are The Fiji Islands?

Fiji Islands Map

Fiji is situated approximately 1300 miles northwest of New Zealand and directly to the west of Australia.

It’s easily accessible from either of these islands or from the west coast of North America.

✈ Air Pacific is Fiji’s International Airline, offering numerous weekly flights from the west coast of North America (Vancouver or Los Angeles), normally with their code share airlines.

Air Pacific Fiji

Air Pacific and Fiji Airways has been awarded the 🏆 Best Airline in the South Pacific for 3 consecutive years running. So feel confident in booking your flights with either, or with their share partners.

You can visit their website directly at;

✈   Air Pacific

Most Popular Fiji Island Holidays Destinations

Fiji Island Resorts

There are 2 main large islands of Fiji named …

Viti Levu … Vanua Levu

On the island of Viti Levu you will find the capital City of Suva where the majority of people reside.  There are 2 international airports on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.

One is located in the town of Nadi  and where our Fiji island holidays began and where we stayed prior to departing for home.  The second airport is near Suva situated on the southeast side of the island.

There are many hotels located in Nadi close to the airport for ease of inter- island hopping or other travel plans you so choose.

Fiji Island Holidays Include Denarau Island

Denarau Island Fiji

Denarau Island Fiji

The choice is yours on which island you choose, it’s just a matter of personal taste, budget and interest in what you are really seeking when escaping to Fiji.

All the islands are unique and without boundaries, offering some of the most beautiful tropical islands found anywhere on earth.  🙂

For those seeking resort luxury, then Denarau Island is just for you! 

This island is home to many of the world’s best known hotels.  Many visitors choose to use this island as a starting base for visiting outer islands on their vacation.

Denarau is just a short boat ride to many of the other surrounding inhabited islands favored among tourists.

Denarau Island Sheraton Fiji

Sheraton Fiji Resort

Here, you will find such resorts as;

Sheraton Fiji Resort .. Westin Denarau .. Fiji Beach Resort .. The Radisson Resort

There are many more beautiful major hotel chain luxury resorts to choose from on Denarau Island.

Bula – A Word That Will Stay With You Forever

Fijian Ladies

I truly love the South Pacific not only for its beauty, but for the people who make these islands shine. Fijians are so warm and friendly, no matter where you travel to! 

Everywhere you turn, you hear the words ….


This is the Fijian word for hello

English is spoken everywhere, but after a short while on the islands, you will soon find yourself saying {Bula,} to most everyone you meet! 😎

Fiji Island Holidays & The World Famous Blue Lagoon Cruise

Fiji Blue Lagoon Cruises

Perhaps you may be thinking of taking a 🛳 cruise vacation or something similar to Fiji. Or perhaps, as part of your vacation experience while visiting the Islands. 

Well you certainly have that option as well!

⚓ Princess Cruise Line for one, offers wonderful 🌅 South Pacific cruises to Fiji departing from Sydney Australia.

As well, check out a post of mine on our fabulous 🛳 Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise we took a few seasons ago!

I have included a handy link to the cruise lines – Fiji and South Pacific itinerary, to give you a look at what they have to offer.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Logo

🚢   Princess Exotics 

Without a doubt, the highlight of our holiday was our – 4 day/3 night all inclusive islands cruise with ⛴ Blue Lagoon cruises.  A wonderful island adventure aboard their comfortable and luxurious mini–cruisers.

You can cruise to unspoiled 🏝 tropical islands and ⚓ anchor in sheltered lagoons, where larger cruise ships can’t reach.  All, making for a truly unique island cruise adventure!

So you get to see and experience more of Fiji and the beautiful Yasawa Islands.

Yasawa Islands Fiji

The ships are much smaller than that of your typical major cruise ship, with fewer than 100 passengers, adding to the more personalized touch you will experience from crew and fellow passengers alike.

Choose from 3, 4 or 7 day cruises, all excellent adventures. Speaking from first hand experience, a Blue Lagoon Cruise is one not to be missed while on your Fiji Island holidays!


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For more detailed information, be sure to visit their website at;

🚢   Blue Lagoon Cruises 

Fiji Island Holidays and The Weather

Holiday to Fiji

Fiji has a perfect warm tropical climate excellent for those beach holidays we all yearn for.

People flock to and holiday to Fiji, because of its undisputed reputation as being one of the most sought after 🏖 tropical beach destinations in the world.

The wet season is normally from {November to April}, with brief 🌦 heavy showers.

The ideal month’s for visiting Fijian islands is late {March to early December}.

Currency Needed For Your Fiji Island Holidays

F‍iji Currency

F‍iji Currency

The Fijian dollar  is the form of currency in Fiji.  It’s always good to have a few options for retrieving your money. For example, take a debit card, credit card, some traveler’s checks and /or perhaps a small amount of foreign currency.

The best currencies to carry are …

  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • United States

These forms of currency can be exchanged at all banks. 

Have a look at a currency exchange services to help you save money.  🏧 ATM bank machines are now common, as in most places of the world these days as well.

A Wonderful Tropical Islands Vacation Destination

Fiji Island Vacations

Final Thoughts Banner

I’ve given you just a taste of what to expect when choosing the Fiji Islands as a tropical vacation destination. The islands of the South Pacific are truly paradise!



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I highly recommend checking out Fiji, for your next tropical vacation getaway. If you are like me and long for warm tropical weather, crystal clear ocean waters, white sand beaches and friendly people, then Fiji is definitely the place for you!

I have included a few more very helpful websites below, to assist your holiday planning to the Islands of Fiji.

🌴   Fijime  

🌴   Travelonline 

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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