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Post Last Modified - May 30, 2023 ¦ Things To Prepare For Traveling Abroad International Travel is in full swing and many people are Traveling Abroad for the First Time. In fact, my wife and I will be embarking on our “Trip of a Lifetime” abroad to 🦒 Africa in 2023. While preparing our 📝 checklist for this trip, I would put together a few things to consider, for those traveling abroad for the first time. First Time International Travel - Checklist Passports Tips For Traveling Abroad #1 This, without a doubt, is the

Post Last Modified - May 29, 2023 ¦ A Full Day Bohol Countryside Tour With Valeroso Ralle On Tour On our wonderful vacation to the Philippines a few seasons ago, we spent a few nights on the 🏝 Island of Bohol, located just a short fast ⛴ ferry ride from - Cebu. One of the major highlights of this island is taking the fabulous {Chocolate Hills Tour}, and the ⚓ Loboc River Cruise. Experiencing the {Full Day Bohol Countryside Tour}, is simply a Must Do! We enjoyed this

Post Last Modified - May 28, 2023 ¦ A Look At My Incredible Travel Experience To India I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed family travel as well as solo travel for many years, taking me to various destinations around the 🌎 world. Nothing compares to that of 🛕 My India Travel Experience. Yet, I have never been so inspired and so overwhelmed at the same time, than my Travel Experience To 🐫 India. My Seven Weeks of Travel Throughout India Was … Incredible! Below, is a detailed look at my time spent

Post Last Modified - May 27, 2023 ¦ A Review Of Our Visit To The Bangkok Grand Palace Traveling to Thailand for the first time a few seasons ago from our home in 🍁 Canada, our first stop was in the - City of Bangkok. With just a couple of days in the city before heading on to the 🏝 Island of Koh Samui, we wanted to see as much as we could. We definitely did not want to miss a visit to ✴ The Grand Palace and Royal Residence. It

Post Last Modified - May 27, 2023 ¦ Our Stay At The Park Royal Ixtapa All Inclusive Beach Resort My wife and I had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful 🏨 Park Royal Ixtapa Resort, on our vacation a few seasons ago in this beautiful part of Mexico. A first class {all–inclusive resort hotel}, located directly on Ixtapa’s main 🏖 Playa el Palmar beach. An outstanding all – inclusive beach resort! My Review Of The Park Royal Ixtapa Beach Resort Front Desk Staff My family and I have stayed at many all–inclusive

Post Last Modified - May 26, 2023 ¦ Our Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour Taking a camping journey down the 🏜 Baja California in Mexico is something I had wanted to do for many years. My wife and I finally made this happen a couple of seasons ago, by joining a 🚌 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour. This was our first major driving trip with our recreational vehicle into Mexico, and we definitely wanted to have the company and experience of well-seasoned travelers who have made this journey. We

Post Last Modified - May 26, 2023 ¦ Experience A Walking Food Tour In Cebu City One of the things my wife and I absolutely love to do when traveling, is to take part in a local 🚶 walking food tour. On our visit to Cebu City in the Philippines a few seasons ago, we did just that, by booking a 🍲 Street Food Tour With Backstreet Academy in Cebu. This is an authentic walking food tour with a local guide, who was born and raised in Cebu City. Reasons To

Post Last Modified - May 26, 2023 ¦ A Travel Guide To Chaweng Beach - Koh Samui Thailand Chaweng Beach and its main town center in 🏝 Koh Samui - Thailand is without a doubt, the most popular area among tourists visiting the 🏝 Island.  The town and beach are situated on the north east side of the island, with the vast majority of the population living in and around the town of Chaweng. This is a beautiful 7 kilometer stretch of 🏖 sandy beach, accompanied by hotels, bars and

Post Last Modified - May 24, 2023 ¦ Images Of Beautiful Byron Bay Australia Having spent our first 2 days after arriving in Sydney, Australia from our home in British Columbia 🍁 Canada, it was time start beginning our travels to the eastern part of this vast Country. Our first stop on our Australian adventure was the famous resort town of Byron Bay, situated on the eastern shores of the Pacific. Byron Bay is a picturesque seaside town approximately 770 kilometers north of Sydney, and just 165 kilometers south of

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