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Baja Mexico RV Caravans {Baja Amigos}

Baja Mexico Caravans

 Baja Mexico RV Caravans
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Discover Baja Mexico RV Caravans with Baja Amigos

For many years, I had always wanted to travel down the 🏜 Baja California Peninsula.  Well, it finally happened a few seasons ago. My wife and I signed up to tour with Baja Amigos

🚌 Baja Mexico RV Caravans. 🚌

We chose 🌵 Baja Amigos, because they specialize in smaller groups of 🚌 Recreational Vehicle travelers only. They can offer a more personal and much more relaxed group caravan journey, then that of the much larger tour groups with other businesses.

RV Caravans to Mexico

Sandy Beach Puerto Penasco Mexico

Over the years, we’ve traveled to many of the more popular tourist destinations in 🌵 Mexico, for our family vacations.

We’ve enjoyed our vacations to; Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Ixtapa/Zihuatenajo and one of my most favorite destinations; 🌅 Akumal!

We have always enjoyed our camping adventures down south from Canada, especially our annual trek to the …

🏁 NASCAR Races in Phoenix 🏁

in the State of Arizona.

A few seasons ago, my wife and I decided to venture further south in our RV for the very first time, crossing into Mexico. We crossed at …

🛃 Lukeville, Arizona Border Crossing, 🛃

making our way to the north tip of the Sea of Cortez. We headed to the small 🦐 fishing community known as; Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point).

We had a fantastic 2 week stay at a lovely beachfront full facility RV Park. We had a wonderful time exploring the area and meeting some amazing people along the way. Our stay only further wet my appetite, for the desire to travel down the 🏜 Baja.

Baja Mexico RV Caravans with Baja Amigos

Baja Amigos Tours at Tropic Cancer Monument

Baja Amigos Tours at Tropic Cancer Monument

After searching the internet and getting on a few of my favorite 🚍 Recreational Vehicle travel forums, it didn’t take long for us to decide on choosing 🌵 Baja Amigos.

We selected this family owned small business, with a very experienced husband and wife team, to lead us down the Baja for the first time, on their fully guided tour. 

For many years now and for most all of our travels, I’ve been the one to organize and plan our travel itinerary. I thoroughly enjoy this because of my love for travel. But on this trip, I decided to let a professional do the driving so to speak, so I don’t have to do anything, but follow the leader! 😎

RV Travel Baja Mexico

Ok, I have to drive to get there, but what a nice change it was going to be, to not have to search for; ⛽ gas stations, 🏕 campgrounds, arrange 🐳 tours and everything else that goes along with 🚌 travel vacations.

Sure it may cost a little bit more, but for the first trip down the Baja, it is was a nice change and hey, we’re worth it!

Enjoying Sunset on the Beach in Baja Mexico!

Baja Peninsula Beach Sunset

Baja Amigos offer full 28 and 38 day itineraries to choose from that take you down the Baja Peninsula. In this guided tours, you will find a number of added features and personal touches, you won’t find with the other larger companies.

 “We offer personal guided RV tours to the Mexican Baja that are Safe, Affordable, Enjoyable and Unforgettable!”

What I really liked was that their professional {Wagon Masters}, are also your Tour Guides. Your experienced guides will stay and camp with you the entire trip!

From what I’ve learned, this isn’t the case with some of the other less expensive companies offering Baja Mexico RV Caravans. 🤔

Your hosts at Baja Amigos believe in smaller and more intimate guided tours, rather than the larger typical – 30 to 40 person group tours.

Your Hosts at Baja Amigos Caravan Tours

Baja Amigos Tour Hosts & Owners

Baja Amigos Tour Hosts

Tour hosts and the owners of Baja Amigos {Dan and Lisa Goy,} have been traveling down the Baja and throughout Mexico in their RV for well over 30 years. In 2009 and after years of preparation and experience traveling throughout Mexico, Baja Amigos was born. They have been operating their business very successfully ever since.

“We knew smaller was better at the outset, less stress on those leading, more intimate for those on tour.”

Since the very beginning, Dan & Lisa have always wanted their customers to truly experience the – Real Baja and the Mexican culture as well. In addition to the much smaller intimate caravan tours they offer, this is what really sold us on making the decision to take a guided tour with them.



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As Dan and Lisa move on, their business approach has remained virtually unchanged. Their focus is to promote the Baja and the country first, with their business and tours following. Their continued passion and wanting to share their love for Mexico, I believe is the reason for their amazing success.

This is very rare in the business world! 🌎

Baja Amigos Affliates

Baja Amigos Affliates

Baja Amigos have established themselves as a solid and reputable business over the years and are widely recognized with many major affiliates, in this sector of the travel industry.

Their fully escorted 🚍 Baja Mexico RV Caravans, are among the best and the most 🏆 highly rated you will find.

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The Baja Peninsula

Baja California Map

The Baja California Peninsula extends from the City of Tijuana, Mexico from the north, to Cabo San Lucas at its most southern point. It borders the 🌞 State of California and stretches approximately 747 miles, or just over 1200 kilometers.

The Peninsula is actually divided into; 2 Mexican states; Baja California on the north and Baja California Sur on the south. It is one of the longest peninsulas in the world and offers a fascinating mixture of cultures.

The geography of the Baja ranges from 🌅 pristine beaches to 🌲 forests and 🏜 dry deserts.

RV Caravans to Mexico

We selected their early spring {28 day caravan tour} with Dan & Lisa leading the way. 

Below, is a detailed list of what they include in their complete guided tour, down the Baja Peninsula. This is a very full travel itinerary, complete with some excellent; tours, attractions, dining and much more!

Pool at Los Cerritos RV Park Mexico

Baja Mexico RV Caravans 28 Day Tour Includes:

  • ❇ Mexican Camping Fees (Estimated Value: $650);
  • ❇ On-Tour Excursions (Estimated Value: $1000 per couple);
  • ❇ No need to insure and tow a vehicle! (Estimated Value: $200);
  • ❇ Tourist Visa (FMM) for each participant (Estimated Value: $50 per Couple);
  • ❇ 14 guests max on all tours: We believe smaller is better! (It’s all about YOU!);
  • ❇ Trip Preparation Guide & Checklist provided prior to rendezvous (A must!);
  • ❇ The Baja Mexico Road Map (Estimated Value: $15);
  • ❇ Mike & Terri Church’s “Camping Mexico’s Baja” – 5th Edition (Estimated Value: $20);
  • ❇ Baja Amigos Tour Itinerary, Information & Log Book (Estimated Value: $100);
  • ❇ Access to watercraft on the beach (Estimated Value: $25 per hour);
  • ❇ Seasoned Experienced Wagon Masters/Tour Guides with caravan at all times (Priceless);
  • ❇ Pre-travel daily briefings (Keeps everyone informed on what to expect!);

Whale Watching at Guerrero Negro Mexico

  • ❇ Flexibility to Drop Off and Pick Up later, No Charge (Estimated Value $250);
  • ❇ Learn about Mexican History & Culture (Muy Importante);
  • ❇ Rendezvous Reception (Estimated Value: $50 per Couple);
  • ❇ A Hosted Dinner at popular local eatery in Pescadero (Estimated Value: $30 per couple);
  • ❇ Hosted Fiesta Dinner Night: Loreto (Estimated Value: $100 per Couple);
  • ❇ Hosted Wine Tour & Tasting: Valle de Guadalupe (Estimated Value: $50 per Couple);
  • ❇ Playa Medano Margarita Happy Hour (Estimated Value: $25 per Couple);
  • ❇ Vicente Guerrero “VIVA Mexico” Farewell Dinner (Estimated Value: $60 per Couple);
  • ❇ Pets are welcome (They can join Lulu on your Mexican Baja adventure);
  • ❇ Two-way radios for the duration of the trip (Estimated Value: $200);
  • ❇ All Estimated Values in USD Funds.

Beach Shopping at Playa Santispac

Beach Shopping at Playa Santispac

Baja Mexico RV Caravans Tour Excursions Include:

  • ❇ La Bufadora (Blow Hole) & Vendor Gauntlet in Punta Banda;
  • ❇ Visit Historic San Ignacio, Mission San Ignacio, Cave Painting Museum;
  • ❇ Historic Loreto including “Our Lady of Loreto Mission”;
  • ❇ 32km drive to “San Javier Mission” and Stunning Overlook;
  • ❇ Loreto Fiesta Night Dinner;
  • ❇ Village of Bahia de los Angeles;
  • ❇ “Museo De Naturaleza Y Cultura” Bahia de los Angeles;
  • ❇ Diaz Family Onyx Chapel;
  • ❇ Guillermos Place & Lucy’s Art Gallery;
  • ❇ Explore Cabo San Lucas Historic Downtown & Artesano’s;
  • ❇ Cabo San Lucas Blown Glass Factory;
  • ❇ Swim & Snorkel at Beautiful “Playa Santa Maria”;

Baja Amigos Logo

  • ❇ Enjoy a Hosted Happy Hour” on Famous “El Medano” beach;
  • ❇ Historic San Jose del Cabo, including Mission and Art District;
  • ❇ Todos Santos including Legendary “Hotel California”;
  • ❇ Travel to the Beautiful and Picturesque La Paz Malecon;
  • ❇ Visit to unique Ibarra’s Pottery Studio;
  • ❇ A Hosted Pescadero Dinner at popular local eatery;
  • ❇ Visit to Downtown La Paz and Madero Mercado;
  • ❇ Dinner option at Mexican Restaurant in La Paz;
  • ❇ Legendary Mulege including Museum (former Prison) & Loma Linda Hotel;
  • ❇ Mission Santa Rosalia, Historic Mulege Lighthouse;
  • ❇ Wine Tour & Tasting in the Valley of Guadalupe.

Baja Amigos Tours Excursion Van

Baja Amigos Tours Excursion Van

Added Bonus:
Bonus Clipart

“We utilize a 14 passenger van for included optional hosted on-tour excursions which are specifically designed to let everyone in the caravan relax and enjoy what Baja has to offer once we reach our destination.”

Great Travel Deals

As you can see, this really is a complete tour package. So when you add everything up and for the length of the trip, you really are getting your 💵 money’s worth and more. We did the math and unless you’re traveling solo on your own, this is a real bargain!

Tecate Mexico Border Crossing

Tecate Border Crossing

We crossed at the; 🛂 Tecate Border Crossing, located just to the east of San Diego, California. This was a new border crossing into Mexico for us, and one I had been looking forward to experiencing.

Tecate, Mexico is known for the 🍺 Tecate Brewery (my favorite Mexican beer) and the very well-known; Rancho La Puerta Spa.

Final Thoughts Banner

If you have been thinking of traveling and 🏕 camping down the Baja like I had for many years, then I highly suggest checking out 🌵 Baja Amigos.

Their limited spaces do fill quickly, as you can well imagine. Be sure to contact {Dan & Lisa} at Baja Amigos and why not join them on one of their upcoming tours.

For more detailed information on; tours, travel dates and prices on their Baja Mexico RV Caravans, be sure to visit their official website I’ve listed below for your convenience.

baja amigos logo

🌵Baja Amigos 🌵 

As well, check out the 🏜 Official Discover Baja California website below, to find out much more on what this part of Mexico has to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the Baja’s exact location. 🗺

Baja California Logo

🏜 Discover Baja California 🏜 

Update Banner


Be sure to check out all my posts and 📸 photos of our outstanding 28 day tour in the ✔ links I’ve listed below. I’ve made the posts week by week, offering a detailed look of our outstanding journey and what you can expect when joining one of their tours.

We look forward to joining 🌵 Baja Amigos once again in the very near future!

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