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Lukeville Border Crossing Tips {Arizona}

Lukeville Arizona Border Crossing
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Lukeville Border

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Lukeville Border Crossing Tips – Crossing Into Mexico

I thought I would pass on a few …

🛂 Lukeville Border Crossing Tips, 🛂

from what we experienced at this 🌵 Arizona/Mexico Border a few seasons ago. After enjoying a beautiful and peaceful evening at …
🏜 Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, 🏜

situated just minutes from the 🚨 Arizona/Mexican border, it was then time to venture south into Mexico. For those following along on our …
🍁 Canada to Mexico RV Holidays 🍁
this was our fifth stop on our 1800 mile venture south in our 🚌 Recreational Vehicle.

Making frequent stops in; Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Mexico!

I am putting these posts together along with our personal 📸 photos and videos for your enjoyment. I hope to offer some helpful travel tips and suggestions, that may come in handy for you on your travels across the border.

Heading To The Mexican Lukeville Border Crossing

Canada Mexico Flags

Leaving …

🌵 Twin Peaks Campground at Organ Pipe National Monument 🌵

which is situated right inside the {National Park}, we are just five miles north of the Lukeville, Arizona border crossing, located off of 🛣 Highway 85.

It’s before 9 am on a weekday and we are off to the border!

We are both excited and a little nervous at the same time, as this is our first crossing into Mexico in our 🚌 Recreational Vehicle.  We have traveled by ✈ air to Mexico a number of times over the years for vacations, but this is a totally different experience for us!

After 📖 reading helpful reviews on some excellent {Recreational Vehicle and Camping} websites such as; RV.Net Forums and viewing a number of helpful YouTube videos, we are optimistic that the crossing will go quickly and smoothly.

Lukeville Border Crossing Tips – Video

Check out this short video that I found on YouTube. It’s an older video of another persons experience crossing at this border, and showing how easy it was at that time.

Crossing The Lukeville Border – YouTube Video

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A Friendly And Quiet Border Crossing

As we arrive at the border, we are pleasantly surprised that there is no line up whatsoever, with just one 🚍 motor home in front of us.

Much like entering Mexico by air, when you reach 🛂 customs you have a 🚥 Red Light / Green Light 🚥 approach, and we were able to breeze right thru without stopping!

Do keep in mind though, that this is after clearing the {🛂 Customs Gate} at the main entrance.

Our border guard was extremely pleasant and surprised that we had driven all the way from 🍁 British Columbia, Canada.

The motor home in front did get the 🍁 red light by the {Agriculture Inspectors}. I am sure because they were bored and we were the only ones there at the time! 🙂

Lukeville Arizona Border Crossing

Puerto Penasco Is A Mexico Free Zone

The great thing about traveling only as far as 🎣 Puerto Penasco, is that it is considered by Mexican Authorities as a Free Zone.

Of Special Note


This is Not a 24 hour Border Crossing! 🛂

The border between Lukeville, Arizona and Sonoyta on the Mexican side, is only open from {6 in the morning until midnight MST}.

Mexican Auto Insurance Is Mandatory

Mexico Auto Insurance Business

If you are 🚗 driving into Mexico, then you must purchase Mexican 📜 insurance prior to crossing.

You can be 👮 arrested if you are involved in a collision, and cannot produce valid insurance. So be prepared and protect you and your family, and get your insurance.

Never assume that … “It won’t happen to me!”

When you least expect something to happen, that’s exactly when it does!

There are numerous places prior to reaching the borders, or right at the border for that matter. Again, after reading peoples comments on the website forums, we chose a reputable agency in a very small town, located just before the border called 🏜 Ajo, Arizona.

Staff at the office we selected were very friendly and experienced to deal with, and we were on our way in no time at all.

Traveling With A Have A Pet? ❓

No Problem With The Necessary Documents

pet dog clipart

We were concerned at first about bringing our 🐕 dog with us, but that soon diminished upon arrival to Rocky Point. We saw that most other campers in the campground had their pets along with them as well!

Many did say that there are more strict rules in force, regarding bringing across pet food into Mexico. I guess because we were not stopped by the {Agricultural Inspectors} at the border, we didn’t encounter and problems.

I have listed a few helpful websites below, that do outline guidelines that may or may not be enforced, should you be stopped.

Make sure as well, that you do have your 🗒 rabies vaccination certificates. It is also advisable to have your pet’s veterinarian fill out an 🩺 updated certificate of health as well.

This is a very simple form that can be quickly signed and easily carried with you, when crossing to and from the borders.I have included two helpful government agency websites, to assist in making the proper preparations for crossing international borders with 🐱 pets.

They even include the necessary form required, that can be printed and taken to your local veterinarian for your convenience.

One is for 🍁 Canada and the other website is for the 🦅 United States;

🐶    Canadian International Pet Regulations

🐶   United States International Pet Regulations

👣 Footnote 👣

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Entering Sonoyta Mexico After Lukeville Border Crossing

Sonoyta Mexico Welcome Sign

As you clear the border into 🌵 Mexico, you will be in the border town of Sonoyta.

With a population of approximately 15,000 people, it is a busy place and one that is not always recommended to 🛑 stop at, when enroute to Puerto Penasco, in your 🚌 Recreational Vehicle or 🚗 Passenger Car if possible.

As with most typical Mexican border towns, it is busy with transients from other parts, who are waiting to cross into the United States illegally.

As well and although rare, we have heard rumors of motor vehicle collisions and other scams set up in parking lots, at 🛑 stop signs and other places, in order for locals to make some quick 💵 cash.

We found no problems, as we continued straight thru the town center without stopping.

spanish speed limit sign

You must pay attention to the changing ‘Speed Limit Signs’ in town, as they are strictly enforced by the local 🚓 police.

We were warned of this when reading the forums, as it’s just another way for the local authorities to benefit from tourists traveling thru. As long as you take your time and pay attention to your driving, you won’t have any problems.

Once you reach the end of town, the 65 mile drive on the highway is a breeze!

I was amazed at the excellent condition of the 🛣 highway from; Sonoyta to Puerto Penasco.
You may encounter a couple of 🚔 check stops on the highway, both on the U.S. side and the Mexican side, but officials are friendly and you are on your way quickly.

Puerto Penasco Mexico

The 🚔 check stops are basically set up for monitoring those crossing illegally thru the borders.  After a short drive, you then make your way into Puerto Penasco, or as most Americans refer to this town as; ‘Rocky Point.

Final Thoughts Banner

Be sure to check out my posts below for 📸 photos and so much more, on our superb stay at this tiny fishing village and beach resort town located on the northern tip of the Sea of Cortez.

Update Banner


I hope these {Lukeville Border Crossing Tips} will make your crossing just a little bit easier. It has been a few years now since our crossing.

If you’ve traveled across recently and have some extra tips to offer, please do {Contact Me} and I will be sure to add any updated information or tips to this post for other to see.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“The Border Between Mexico & The United States Is The Second Largest Border In The World.”

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