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Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant {Review}

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant
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Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant – Quito Ecuador

On our visit to the City of Quito in Ecuador, we had the pleasure of working with Quito Turismo {Tourism} and visiting some wonderful places. One of which included a visit to …

🌺 Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant 🌺

A superb restaurant serving original recipes of Ecuadorian food with a special twist.

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant – Location

Achiote is located in the trendy {La Mariscal District} of the city, and is presently rated
on Tripadvisor as; #17 of 1,307 Restaurants in Quito, Ecuador and for very good reason.

La Mariscal is known to be one of Quito’s more affluent districts in the city.

Here you will find international brand hotels, offices, restaurants, entertainment and more. The Plaza Foch is a very popular area with a central plaza surrounded by; cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant Dining Room

The Achiote Restaurant is just a couple of minutes walk from the Plaza, yet situated in a quiet residential street setting.

Family Owned & Operated

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant Chefs

This is a family owned and operated business and after dining here, it was easy to tell why they are and have been so successful over the years.

Achiote’s menu is varied and takes an original approach to Ecuadorian cuisine. They offer a touch of Latin, Fusion, Ecuadorian dishes, are vegetarian friendly, with vegan and gluten free options.

On our visit, we were delighted to meet the owners/chefs of Achiote, who presented us with a superb {5 Course Tasting Menu}. What a wonderful way to experience Ecuadorian Cuisine at its finest!

Achiote Restaurant Quito Ecuador

Below is a look at what we enjoyed for dinner on our visit and what you can expect when ordering this delightful tasting menu.

Aperitivo {Appetiser}

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant Appetizer

{Green plantain dumpling filled with tender cheese and quinoa cover}

Sabores de la Sierra {Flavors of the Mountains}

Mild Andean lamb stew

{Mild Andean lamb stew cooked over fire}

Sabores del noroccidente {Flavors of the Northwest}

Heart of palm

{Heart of palm macerated in chimichurri and grilled over charcoal}

Sabores de la costa {Flavors of the Coast}

Shrimp in coconut sauce

{Shrimp in coconut sauce}

Postre {Dessert}

Sweet plantain cake

{Sweet plantain cake with a delicious combination of cinnamon, raisins, tender cheese with ice cream and strawberry}

Opciones de bebidas suave {Beverage Options}

{Fruit juice, Sparkling or Still Water, Tea}

Each and every dish served was absolutely delicious. We could not have asked for a better sampling of true Ecuadorian Cuisine.

It should be noted that we did request small servings. Because of our very busy schedule with our tour guide and the itinerary Quito Turismo had put together for us, we had a very late lunch.

Final Thoughts Banner

Our dinner was excellent, with all dishes beautifully prepared and presented. The restaurant has a lovely interior, with large surrounding view windows.

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant Group Table

There’s a number of areas in the restaurant to enjoy your meal, together with a nice cozy bar/lounge area, where you can sit by the fireplace.

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant Lounge

Whether dining solo, as a couple or large group, this restaurant can accommodate all.

For more information and reservations, I have included a link to the official website for your convenience.

Achiote Ecuador Cuisine Restaurant Logo
🍃 Achiote Restaurant 🍃

Below, I’ve also included the Official Quito Turismo {Tourism} website link for your convenience.
It’s filled with everything you need, for planning your stay in and around the City of Quito.

Quito Turismo Logo

🌹 Quito Turismo 🌹

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“Quito’s capital city is constantly on alert for volcanic activity.”

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