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Book Reviews
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Book Reviews
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Book Reviews & Recommendations – Outstanding Authors

Because I have always enjoyed reading a good 📖 book, a few seasons ago I added a …

📚 Book Reviews & Recommendations 📚

category here on my blog.

I’ve had a great time interacting with author’s online and having their publications 📮 sent to me to read and review. It’s been outstanding so far and the 📘 books I’ve read are terrific!

Below is a list of publications I’ve enjoyed reading so far, with ⛓ links to my full review on each.

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As well, my review will include; the author’s bio and information where you can purchase their books online, safely and securely. I hope you support these wonderful independent authors and enjoy reading their books as much as I have.

Book Reviews – Recommended Readings

Boomers In Mexico {Travel Book}

Boomers In Mexico

📚   Boomers In Mexico – The Fun Side Of The Wall

Greece The Dance of The Seas {Travel Book}

Greece - The Dance of The Seas Publication

📚    Greece The Dance of The Seas

The Freedom Project – Travel {Travel Book}

The Freedom Project - Travel

📚    The Freedom Project – Travel

Camel Spit & Cork Trees – {Travel Book}

Camel Spit & Cork Trees

📚    Camel Spit & Cork Trees

She Seduced Me – A Love Affair With Rome {Travel Book}

She Seduced Me – A Love Affair with Rome

📚   She Seduced Me – A Love Affair With Rome

The Banana Road – It’s Tenerife But Not As You Know It {Travel Book}

The Banana Road Cover

📚    The Banana Road

The Optimal Dose {Health & Wellness Book}

The Optimal Dose Book Cover

📚    The Optimal Dose

Kilimanjaro Millennial Style | The Mountain We Climbed {Travel Book}

Kilimanjaro Millennial Style

📚    Kilimanjaro Millennial Style

Walking In Circles {Travel Book}

Walking In Circles Book Cover

📚    Walking In Circles

Cruising Past Seventy {Travel Book}

Cruising Past 70 Book Cover

📚    Cruising Past Seventy

Looking For Normal {Lifestyle}

Looking For Normal

📚   Looking For Normal

Murder Times Six {Lifestyle – Non Fiction}

Murder Times Six

📚   Murder Times Six

2 Very Rare Bears {Children’s Travel Book}

2 Very Rare Bears Book Cover

📚   2 Very Rare Bears

Chasing Lions {Travel Book}

Chasing Lions Book Cover

📚    Chasing Lions

The Saviour Fish {Travel Book}

The Saviour Fish Book Cover

📚    The Saviour Fish

Bridgepotting {Travel Book}

📚    Bridgespotting

Adventure In Zanskar {Travel Book}

Adventure In Zanskar

📚    Adventure In Zanskar

The True {Time Travel-Fiction}


📚    The True

A Monkey In Central Kingdom {Travel}

A Monkey In Central Kingdom

📚    A Monkey In Central Kingdom

Everything About The French – Afraid To Ask {Travel}

Everything About The French Book Cover

📚    Everything About The French – Afraid To Ask

Bridgespotting Part 2 {Travel}

Bridgespotting Part 2 Cover

📚    Bridgespotting Part 2

Our Italian Journey {Travel}

Our Italian Journey

📚    Our Italian Journey

Stories From Puglia{Travel}

Stories From Puglia

📚    Two Californians In Southern Italy

Wanderlust {Travel}

Wanderlust Book Cover

📚    Wanderlust {Extraordinary People – Quirky Places – Curious Cuisine}

A Chick In The Cockpit {Travel}

A Chick In The Cockpit

📚    A Chick In The Cockpit – My Life Up In The Air

Escape Clauses {Travel}

Escape Clauses Bob Payne

📚    Escape Clauses – Getting Away With A Travel Writing Life

😎 Safe Travels and Happy Reading!

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