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Cruising Past Seventy {Book Review}

Cruising Past Seventy Author
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Cruising Past Seventy By Carolina Esguerra Colborn

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger and avid reader, I’ve added a 📚 book reviews segment to my blog. My most recent read is the featured author’s latest publication called …

🚌 Cruising Past Seventy. 🚌

First off, if you’re not quite familiar with the term {Baby Boomers}, then be sure to check out my introduction here at …

🎱 Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage. 🎱

It gives a fun detailed description of just who we – Millions of Boomers Around the World are. 🙂

I discovered Carolina’s latest book release about her vast travel memoirs into her 70’s, and was delighted to have the opportunity to read and to offer a personal review of her latest publication.

About The Author Of Cruising Past Seventy – Carolina Esguerra Colborn

Lake Louise Alberta Canada

Carolina was born and raised in the Philippines and having had a distinguished business related career in her home country, before immigrating to the United States.

She has numerous accolades including; Managing Director of SAP Philippines, Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and many more high level positions throughout her career.

She holds a; BS in Math, along with an MBA & DPA abd credentials from the – 🏫 University of the Philippines.

Arctic Circle Sign

Upon retirement, she migrated to the United States where she now makes her home with her husband. Now an American Citizen, Carolina did not stop pursuing her interests. She has taught as an adjunct professor in; Business, at Colleges and Universities in Washington State, USA.

Her love for travel, led her and her husband on an epic; 8 year journey throughout North America, in their 🚍 Recreational Vehicle. Having traveled extensively over the years, visiting 48 countries around the world, this is when she began writing her travel memoirs. She is also a regular contributor to a popular online travel magazine.

She published her first travel book; 📘 Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream in 2015.

Carolina Cruising To An American Dream

Her first book focuses on their; 8 year Recreational Vehicle Camping Odyssey, and Carolina proudly becoming an American Citizen.

Cruising Past Seventy – Review

Cruising Past 70 Book Cover

Think you’ve reached an age, where you have assumed that you may be beyond your years to enjoy travel? ❓

Well think again! 😎

You’re never too old to travel and Carolina is living proof of that. If you are a healthy individual, that has always had a desire to travel, there’s all kinds of suitable options available to you these days.

Grand Canyon Arizona

From comfortable 🚌 recreational vehicle camping travel, 🛳 cruise vacations, ✈ escorted tours, to all-inclusive package holidays and so much more.

It’s your choice and just waiting for you to discover!

Travel has become so easy these days, it doesn’t matter what age you are.

I know, I plan on traveling for as long as my health will allow me to. My parents enjoyed traveling with my family, well into their late 80’s, over the years. They never turned down the opportunity to travel with us, to various places around the world.

This publication includes a compilation of some of her most popular travel blog posts, 📝 she has written over the years.

Cruising Past 70

Join Carolina and her husband, as they explore North America and beyond. She offers solid {travel tips and recommendations} for travelers, on the many exciting places they have personally explored.

She explains in detail, how the {overall experience of travel}, can be ever so life changing and rewarding. From handling difficult situations, to embracing those 📸 picture perfect moments filled with memories, that will last a lifetime.

Cruising Past Seventy is not only about – Outer Journeys, but it’s also about – Inner Ones.

The main theme of this publication focuses on their own lessons learned, from their travels. As well as insights gained and changes they’ve made for travel, as one gets older.

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Gr8 Travel Tips Author

A wonderful read, offering inspiration for people of all ages. To not just dream about wanting to travel somewhere or see something, but actually making those dreams come true!

One of my all time favorite travel quotes is;

“Don’t Think About What They Say … Go See!”

Carolina and her husband did go see, and so can you!

Below, I’ve included a link to the author’s official website for more detailed information about her blog, this publication and others. As well, her site will direct you to safe and secure book purchase links via; Amazon and others, for your convenience.

Cruising Past Seventy

📖 Carolina: Cruising Past 70 📖

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although this publication was provided in collaboration with its author, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal experience only.

📸 Personal photographs shown here, have been supplied by the author with his express permission to post here in this article. 📸

✨   Did You Know …

“The Philippines Produces And Exports More Coconuts Than Any Other Country In The World.”

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