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Greece – The Dance of The Seas { Book Review }

Greece - The Dance of The Seas
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Greece - The Dance of The Seas
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A Book Review Of Greece – The Dance of The Seas

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger, I was invited by the Author of …

🌺 Greece-The Dance of The Seas 🌺

Barbara Athanassiadis, to read and review her latest 📖 publication.

Visiting 🏛 Greece has always been on the top of my; “Must Travel To Next”
list, for many years now. I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to read her book. What a great opportunity to learn more about the more popular islands within its territory.

Barbara’s book reveals her personal experiences and adventures throughout the 🏝 Greek Islands, both in the past and present day, as a true – Native of Greece.

First, check out this excellent brief 2 minute; Greece Tourism 📹 Video, introducing you to this beautiful country and its people. Don’t forget to turn your 🔊 speakers on! 

Oh My Greece | Unlock the Feeling YouTube Video


Greece – A Brief Introduction

Map of Greece

Greece has the longest coastline and also is the southernmost country in Europe. There are 🏝 2,000 islands encompassing Greece, with only 168 of which are known to be inhabited. The country is divided into three geographical regions consisting of; the mainland, its islands and Peloponnese, or the peninsula situated south of the mainland.

The country is surrounded to the east by the Aegean Sea, to the west by the Ionian Sea and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea.

Corfu Town Greece Architecture

Corfu Town - Greek Architecture

The City of Athens is the {Capital of Greece} and is the oldest still inhabited city in all of Europe, at over 3,000 years. It is most notably known around the world for; Acropolis Hill and the Citadel, Parthenon Temple and the Acropolis Museum.

This just to name a few, among the numerous other historical sites and monuments scattered about the region.

Elounda Bay in Crete

Greece is best known for its ancient history, delicious food, beautiful islands and of course, its 🏖 pristine beaches.

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About The Author Of Greece – The Dance of The Seas

Barbara Athanassiadis - Travel Writer

Author - Barbara Athanassiadis

Barbara Athanassiadis was born in Athens and attended school at the American College of Greece, graduating in Business Administration. She also studied French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Barbara has a passion for 19th Century French art criticism, as well as actively engaging in the study of Italian Renaissance Art. For 25 years, she lived in both Rome and Athens, traveling extensively during that time throughout Italy.

As a result, she published a 📚 trilogy of books highlighting the; Art, Culture and idiosyncrasies of her adopted country of Italy. Her books have been translated in both English and Italian and introduced mainly through private, cultural appearances and lectures.

Her knowledge of history both in Greece & Italy is extensive, as I discovered in reading her book!

Greece – The Dance of The Seas – Introduction

Sunset in Santorini

Sunset in Santorini

This enchanting read will have you visiting some of Greece’s more beautiful and picturesque Islands, both back in her younger years and most recent visits.

Barbara recollects and invites you into her childhood memories, recalling her travels and adventures she enjoyed with her family over the years. At the same time, revisiting these islands as an adult and detailing how they have dramatically changed in time.

Corfu Island and Epirus Mountains

Corfu Island and Epirus Mountains

As you learn about the islands of; Corfu, Hydra, Delos, Paros, Crete, Santorini and many more, Barbara will take you on an historical journey into each of these islands incredible storied past.

Her attention to detail, will have you envisioning and longing to visit these picturesque islands of Greece.

Island of Castellorizo Greece

Island of Castellorizo Greece

“My last book, GREECE, The Dance of the Seas, which belongs to the travel literature genre, is my journey to the islands of Greece.

Artist friends as well as poets, architects and cosmopolitan collectors, have enthralled me with their stories of the islands where I invite my readers to reach a more subtle approach to the Greek heritage. – Barbara Athanassiadis ”

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Greece – The Dance of The Seas -Recommendations

Port of Kastellorizo Greece

Port of Kastellorizo Greece

If you are a history buff and love to travel, this book is a must read. Particularly so, if you have aspirations of visiting Greece at some point, as I am.

It will have you yearning to visit each and every one of the islands mentioned, making it very hard to decide on which ones to actually visit!

The Poseidonion Hotel Spetses

The Poseidonion Hotel - Spetses

Final Thoughts Banner

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and many times because of her writing ability, felt as if I was traveling with her on some of her adventures.

With great attention and detail to each island’s very interesting historical past, along with her past and present travel experiences and memories, Greece – The Dance of The Seas, is definitely a publication definitely worthy of the author’s claim.

Below, I have listed the link to her 📘 Official website page for your convenience. Here you will find access and information on all of the author’s previous publications, videos, links for purchasing and more.

The Art of Travel Logo

📖 BarbaraAthanassiadis – Author 📖

I’ve also listed the 🌺 Official Greece Tourism link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this amazing country has to offer. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for exact location. 🗺

Greece Tourism Logo

🌅 Visit Greece – Tourism 🌅

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signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy of Greece – The Dance of The Seas was provided by and in collaboration with author Barbara Athanassiadis, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal experience only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
Photographs shown in this post were provided by the books author, with exclusive rights to publish.
✨   Did You Know …

“Greece Is One Of The Sunniest Countries On Earth With Over 250 Sunny Days A Year On Average.”

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