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Benefits Of River Cruising {Top 10 Reasons}

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Benefits of River Cruising
Post Last Modified – April 08, 2024 ¦

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Experience The Benefits Of River Cruising

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I certainly have noticed and especially the last few seasons, the increased popularity in River Cruising vacations. We’ve had a number of family members who have taken river cruise holidays in Europe most recently. They were pleasantly surprised with the experience and the many …

🌺 Benefits Of River Cruising, 🌺

has to offer. They enjoyed a relaxed holiday, taking in many spectacular sites along the way. At the same time, experiencing the many inclusions offered with a river cruise package vacation.

Below, my collaborating guest author offers {ten great benefits} and more, you can expect when selecting this type of cruise vacation.

Advantages Of River Cruising

Themed River Cruises

River cruising has risen dramatically in popularity over recent years. Between 2009 and 2013 river cruising saw an annual passenger increase of 10%. Since then, this form of cruising as risen in popularity dramatically!

❓ Why you ask ❓

River cruising offers a number of advantages and very unique destinations to experience, over other regular cruise holidays. Let’s take a look below. 🙂

Top Ten Great Benefits Of River Cruising

No Hidden Extra Costs

Benefits Of River Cruising #1

River Cruising

With river cruising, it’s very common that the majority of costs are included within the original price of the holiday. As well, many river cruise lines offer at least one excursion per day included in the price.

As well, all meals and drinks at mealtimes are included. This normally includes 🍺 beer and wine.
It’s important to check exact details, as inclusions do vary.

With river cruises, there are usually fewer hidden surprise costs to endure, compared to other cruise holidays.

A Sit Back Relaxed Pace River Cruising

Benefits Of River Cruising #2

The Top Ten Benefits Of River Cruising

Sailing along scenic rivers is a lovely, relaxing way to spend a holiday. Speeds are not fast, so there’s plenty of time to relax and take in the surrounding views. Unlike ocean cruising, there’s always something to see when sailing on a river, offering some incredible views on each side.

So it really doesn’t matter which side of the vessel you’re on!

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Expect Conveniences Of A Contemporary Hotel

Benefits Of River Cruising #3

River Cruise Dining

Restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness facilities, spas, internet access and comfortable staterooms. Yes, all these can be found on the river boats of many cruise lines.

Sizes of rooms are of course smaller than those on an ocean cruise liner, but lines like;Avalon Waterways, use the space effectively, to create a generous comfortable room size.

Up to 80% of the {Suite Ship Staterooms} are known as; Panorama Suites. These come complete with floor-to-ceiling sliding windows which open up to give you a 7 foot opening, with beds facing the view outside.

 Unpack Just Once On Your River Cruise

Benefits Of River Cruising #4

River Cruise -Stateroom

As the boat acts like a floating hotel, there is no need to continually; 🧳 pack, unpack and carry bags from one point to another. Get comfortable in your selected cabin for the entire cruise.

Just one of the great benefits of cruising!

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Enjoy A Relaxed Dress Code

Benefits Of River Cruising #5

The Benefits of River Cruises

Dress code is usually informal, so the heavy evening gowns and formal tuxedos are not a necessity. 
Select cruise ships still have formal dinner nights, where smart dress is requested, if so desired.

The option is yours and of course, there still are formal dress evenings for you to enjoy as well!

Make New Friends On Your Cruise

Benefits Of River Cruising #6

River Cruising Social Gathering

Cruises in general are {integrally social}, and that’s what makes them special.

Passengers spend time at dinner together, often sharing tables with strangers. This is a prime opportunity to engage with your fellow cruisers, if you so desire. Children are also a rarity on river cruises, with the majority of passengers being within the; 50+ age bracket.

Just perfect for us baby boomers and retirees!

This means that many people will find themselves in a similar situation, with similar passions and pastimes. The perfect place to meet like-minded people!



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and why they’re a great way to travel and meet like minded individuals.

Worldwide Exploration

Benefits Of River Cruising #7

Rhine River Cruises

Although Europe is the most popular destination for river cruises, you don’t have to be limited to just the one continent. River cruises are available all over the world from; China to Vietnam, United States and beyond.

There’s a perfect cruise waiting just for you, wherever you would like to travel to!

Experience A New Destination Each Day

Benefits Of River Cruising #8

River Cruise Destinations

Distances between ports on rivers are much shorter than the ports of typical ocean cruises. Therefore, you will often dock at a different unique location each morning or evening, depending on what time your sailing occurs.

This means that there is little opportunity to get bored. Every day, there’s; a new place, a new excursion, even new culture and cuisine if the boat has sailed into another country!

An added benefit of river cruising with smaller ships, is that often you will dock in the heart of a destination. This means that there is often minimum travel time, getting to what you have planned on shore, with more time as well to enjoy your excursion.

 Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture

Benefits of River Cruising #9

River Cruise Luxury

You will want to get the most from each destination you visit on a river cruise.
Specialty Chefs on board prepare regional dishes and offer select regional 🍷 wines and 🍺 beer depending on the day’s destination.

The tours are designed to enable you to see pivotal sights in each destination, to really get a feel for the history and traditions/culture of each city or town.

The excursions are not obligatory and if you prefer, you can explore independently on your own. Often, just sitting back people watching in a little local cafe, can tell you a lot about a place in itself.

Special Themed River Cruises

Benefits of River Cruising #10

Mississippi River Cruising

The demand for themed river cruises is also on the rise. Itineraries built around destinations which are known for their; culinary delights and/or their wine expertise for example, are growing in availability and popularity.

Now more than ever, river cruises are becoming centered around; special themes. Cruise themes such as; golf, health and wellness, music oriented and so on.

If you’ve never considered a river cruise vacation, perhaps it’s time you did!

Final Thoughts Banner

I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well. This article was inspired by Avalon Waterways, specialists in first class river cruising experiences in Europe and Worldwide.

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