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2 Very Rare Bears {Book Review}

2 Very Rare Bears
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2 Very Rare Bears
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The Incredible Story Of 2 Very Rare Bears

A funny thing happened to my wife and I while on vacation in the 🏝 Caribbean recently. We had a chance meeting with …

🧸 2 Very Rare Bears! 🧸

We also had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to these incredible bears guardians and book authors as well.

They began relaying the amazing adventure these to lovable bears made together, coming from China to the United Kingdom. It was such an adventure, that the two authors decided to document them in a wonderful 📖 story book.

2 Very Rare Bears – A Tale The For The Entire Family

Saying Hi To – 1 Very Rare Bear!
Harry The Bear

All kidding aside, my wife and I had a wonderful time getting to know the books authors (Gail and Steve), while on our 🏝 tropical beach vacation.

As luck had it and having a (book review segment) on my travel blog, they happened to have an extra 📚 copy for us to 👀 read.

I love to read and that’s one of main reasons for adding a 📘 book review addition to my blog. As their book does have a 🛳 travel related theme, I was delighted for the opportunity to read and review their publication. ☺

2 Very Rare Bears – A Heartwarming Christmas Tale

2 Very Rare Bears Book Cover

Without giving the whole book away here, this is a lovely story everyone will enjoy reading. From young toddlers listening to their bedtime story, to those actually reading to them, both young and old.

Everyone will enjoy reading and hearing about these 🧸 2 Incredible Come to Life, Very Rare Bears!

Container Freighter

Photo by Siegfried Poepperl: pexels

Yes, they somehow come to life and start their journey from – China to the United Kingdom.

From ending up in a toy department in the UK and becoming separated, follow the adventures of these 🧸 2 magical bears who finally unite with a lovely family in the country.

“A Fabulous Children’s Chapter Book Full Of Exciting & Colourful Illustrations. Suitable For Ages 6 Yrs to 106 Yrs.”

About The Authors

Gail and Steve Authors

Gail and Steve reside in the UK and this book was inspired as a tribute to a young family member’s passing.

Having found one of these magical bears in a charity shop, they soon discovered another and together with family, the story began to develop and the rest is history!

🧸 2 Very Rare Bears has turned into a very successful book the entire family will enjoy. As you will soon discover, and the adventure continues!

2 Very Rare Bears Logo

Below, I’ve listed the Authors official website, where you can access more detailed information and where you can purchase it safely and securely.

The book is also available as an 📖 e-book and 🔊 audio version. It can also be purchased at Chatsworth House, which is one of Britain’s finest stately homes.

🔖 2 Very Rare Bears – Homepage 🔖

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Although our copy of this book was provided in collaboration with its authors, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal experience only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
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