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The Saviour Fish {Book Review}

The Saviour Fish
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The Saviour Fish
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The Saviour Fish – Author Mark Weston

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger and avid reader, I’ve included a 📘 book review segment to my blog. My most recent read is the featured author’s latest publication called …

🐟 The Saviour Fish. 🐟

First off, if you’re not quite familiar with the term Baby Boomers, then be sure to check out my introduction here on my Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage. It gives a fun detailed description on just who we – Millions of Boomers Around the World are. 😎

I received a request in my 📧 email inbox from {John Hunt Publishing}, asking if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this newly released book. I was delighted to have the opportunity and to offer a personal review of this new publication.

About The Author Of – The Saviour Fish

The Saviour Fish Mark Weston Author

Residing from the United Kingdom, Mark Weston is an accomplished author with previous publications including;

The West Africa Travelogue … The Ringtone and The Drum … African Beauty

He is the author of his personal research on global issues including; public health, access to justice, education and demography, of which have been published in leading academic journals worldwide.

His latest publication 🐟 The Saviour Fish, has him living on a very remote island in the Tanzanian half of; Lake Victoria. While living there, he documents and writes about his experiences and a community grappling with … “One of the World’s Great Unknown Environmental Crises.”

Ukerewe Island – Lake Victoria – Africa

Ukerewe Island Map

Lake Victoria is immense in size, covering approximately 23,000 square miles. It is the largest lake by far in all of Africa. This vast lake is approximately 255 miles/410 kilometers long, and 155 miles/250 kilometers wide.

Tanzania-Lake Victoria

It is also the world’s 2nd largest freshwater lake by surface area, following that of; Lake Superior in North America. The lake is well known as the main source of the longest branch of the Nile River, the White Nile.

Lake Victoria Africa Map

“The lake lies within an elevated plateau in the western part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and is subject to territorial administration by Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.”

Ukerewe Island, where this story takes place, is the largest island on Lake Victoria. It covers an area of about 300 square miles or 530 kilometers.

Ukerewe Island Ferry

From the mainland of Mwanza, it takes about 3 to 4 hours via ferry crossing, to reach the island.

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The Saviour Fish – Review

Lake Victoria Africa

Having spent a number of years in the depths of Africa, Mark embarks on a 2 year living experience on Ukerewe Island. He is accompanying his companion, while she is assigned a position working in the field of {Education}, on this very remote island in Lake Victoria.

For two years and being the only white people on the island, he takes you on a heartfelt journey. Living next to and becoming close with his neighbors, witnessing first hand, their day to day struggle to survive on this remote island.

Lake Victoria Pollution

You will discover as I did, this once most biodiverse of lakes in the entire world, has been the site of destruction over the years. From a predator species of fish released into the lake years ago, to; overfishing, pollution and mass deforestation, corruption and government mishandling.

All of this combined, has left this once beautiful pristine lake in utter ruins, and affecting the livelihood of so many as a result.

Lake Victoria Overfishing

Living for two years alongside extremely poor and forgotten families by their government officials for many years, he becomes intimately close with those so deeply affected.

Final Thoughts Banner

Follow along as Mark becomes proficient in the local language and their customs, including witches and witch doctors, still very much a part of islanders life. He paints a picture of the reality of what life is really like for these people and not what your typical tourism websites will portray.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mark’s 2 year memoirs, of his personal in depth experience of living on the remote island of; Ukerewe.

About – John Hunt Publishing

John Hunt Publishing Logo

John Hunt Publishing is an independent publisher, with a global sales team, inviting new authors and manuscript submissions. They provide an automated production system, with an extensive marketing database with over 40,000 contacts.

Partnering with authors in marketing publications, reaching traditional bookstore markets for print books, e-books and much more. Below, I’ve listed their official website directing the page to this publication for your convenience. You can also purchase a copy of this publication, safely and securely.

📚 John Hunt Publishing – The Savior Fish 📚

I’ve also included a link to the Official Tanzania Tourism website below, for your convenience. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Ukerewe Island’s exact location. 🗺

Tanzania Tourist Board Logo

🦒  Tanzania Tourist Board 🦒

Update Banner

My wife and I traveled to Tanzania in September 2024 embarking on a 🐅 Safari adventure, and then continuing on to the Island of Zanzibar. We had an amazing experience, on this 🪣 Bucket List 🪣 experience of a lifetime!

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signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy of The Savior Fish, was provided and in collaboration with John Hunt Publishing, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal views only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
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✨   Did You Know …

“Tanzania Is Situated In East Africa & Includes The Islands Of Zanzibar, Mafia And Pemba.”

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