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Adventure In Zanskar {Book Review}

Adventure in Zanskar
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Adventure in Zanskar
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Adventure In Zanskar By Author Amy Edelstein

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger and avid reader, I’ve included a 📖 book review segment to my blog. My most recent read is the featured author’s latest publication called …

🥾 Adventure In Zanskar. 🥾

I received a request in my 📧 email inbox recently from the author, asking if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her new 📘 book.

I had taken part in a silent revelation & self realization 🙏 meditation course, with the {ISHA Foundation of India}, a few years back.  Isha Foundation is a volunteer-run organization bringing; physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing for everyone.

As well, during our travels in India, we did attend the {ISHA Centre} located in the southern part of the country, near the; City of Coimbatore.

So, I was delighted to have the opportunity to read and to offer a personal review of this inspiring publication from the book’s author – Amy Edelstein.

About The Author Of – Adventure In Zanskar

amy edelstein author

Amy Edelstein is the author of 6 publications, resulting in becoming an 🏆 IPPY {Independent Publisher Book Awards} award recipient, and a 🥇 Number 1 Amazon Bestselling Author distinction over the years.

She established her own meditation practice back in 1978, having decades practicing, studying, researching, writing and teaching a variety of contemplative Methodologies.

In 2014, she became the founder and directs the non-profit – Inner Strength Education.

“Inner Strength brings mindfulness, systems thinking, and social-emotional tools to under-resourced schools, training more than 17,000 teens in Philadelphia public high schools.”

Her recent publication {Adventure In Zanskar}, relives her solo journey in Zanskar, the most northern and remote part of India.

Zanskar – India {Location}

Zanskar Map

Zaskar Range {also spelled Zanskar,} is within a group of mountains in the Himalayas of northern India, and the western Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

They extend southeastward for some 400 miles (640 km) from the Karcha (Suru) River, to the upper Karnali River. The Zanskar Range is a mountain range in the union territory of – Ladakh, that separates Zanskar from Ladakh itself.

Location: Ladakh, ‎India Elevation: 7,756 meters (25,446 ft)

Zanskar Valley India

Ladakh is one of the least densely populated regions in all of India. Its culture and history are closely related to that of; Tibet.

Adventures In Zanskar

Photo by Tashi Namgyal:

Ladakh’s total population is estimated at 300,000 and comprises of; two distinct districts.

There is the main city of Leh, which is predominantly; Buddhist and Kargil, bothh of a Muslim majority.

Zanskar Valley

Photo by Tashi Namgyal:

Zanskar which is most commonly known for its unique – Chadar  or the Frozen River Treks.

Zanskar is also known for its treacherous terrain, making it ideal for outdoor adventure lovers.

Adventure in Zanskar

Popular 🥾 hiking trails include; Padum-Darcha, Lugnak Trail and the  Zanskar-Sham Valley Treks.

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Adventure In Zanskar – A Solo 500 Kilometer Journey

Adventure In Zanskar Valley

Until reading this book, I had no idea or had ever heard of Zanskar. Even after having traveled extensively throughout other parts of India. I was amazed to read about this incredible and for the most part, still remote and unspoiled part of the world.

Amy’s book takes you back to 1983, when she embarked on a solo spiritual, enlightenment journey through the highest valley in the world. This is her personal autobiographical record of her; 500 kilometer trek and experiences along the way.

Women of Zanskar

At such a young age and after taking part in numerous meditative and spiritual awareness studies and retreats, she embarked on this incredible journey.

A harrowing solo trek, facing numerous challenges and heart warming rewards in the process.

Zanskar Elder

Having the opportunity to mix and interact with the people and their customs in this unspoiled region of the world, was a life changing experience for her.

It is so refreshing to read about such friendly and warm people, sticking to their customs and way of life, without being influenced dramatically from the western world.

Final Thoughts Banner

Following along on Amy’s journey, sharing her personal revelations experienced along the way, was such a pleasure to read.

This book is definitely a “Must Read” for those who love adventure, stepping out of the box and who are interested in; 🪔 spirituality, mindfulness and meditative practices.

For more information, I’ve listed the author’s; Amazon website page below. You can read more about Amy Edelstein and view all her publications.

You can also purchase her 📚 books here, safely and securely.

Amazon Best Seller Logo

📚 Author Amy Edelstein – Amazon 📚

Zanskar is blessed with unspoiled natural beauty & changing landscape. Adventure seekers can enjoy numerous outdoor activities including; 🥾 trekking, river rafting, 🚙 jeep safaris and cross country 🏍 motor biking and much more.

I’ve also included a helpful tourism website below, directing you to their page on Zanskar.

tour my india logo

🏔 Zanskar Tourism 🏔 

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Although my book was provided in collaboration with its author, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal experience only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“The Himalayas Has 30 Peaks Reaching Over 24,000 Feet In Elevation.”

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