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The Optimal Dose – Vitamin D3 {Book Review}

The Optimal Dose
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The Optimal Dose
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Restoring Health With The Optimal Dose Of Vitamin D3

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger and avid reader, I’ve added a new 📚 book review segment to my blog. My most recent 📖 read is the featured author’s latest publication called …

📘 The Optimal Dose. 📘

First off, if you’re not quite familiar with the term {Baby Boomers}, then be sure to check out my introduction here on my 📄 Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage. 📄

My post gives a fun detailed description on just who we {Millions of Boomers Around the World} are. 🙂

As an aging baby boomer, aside from exercise and eating well, I’m always interested in learning more about how I can improve my overall health. I’m sure we all wish to live a long and healthy life and are always looking for ways that may just improve our chances of achieving this.

I recently came across a publication written by 🩺 Doctor Somerville, on the; 💊 Benefits of Vitamin D3. I contacted Doctor Somerville online and as a result, was delighted to be given the opportunity to read and to offer a personal review of his book.

About The Author Of The Optimal Dose

The Optimal Dose Author

Doctor Judson Somerville MD, has been a practicing 👨 physician in Texas for many years. For more than 20 years now, he has treated thousands of patients in the field of – Interventional Pain Management.

He is passionate about improving the health and well-being of his patients, especially in a more healthy and natural way.

Because of his unique approach to patient healthcare, he has been featured in numerous television, publications and newspapers around the globe. Some of these include;

The Today Show – People Magazine – MSNBC – World Report – USNews

After conducting extensive research for his own personal health on Vitamin D3, Doctor Somerville realized the significant benefits this hormone had on one’s – overall health and wellbeing.

The Optimal Dose Book Signing

As a result, he has now published this award winning Amazon publication on – 📘 The Optimal Dose of Vitamin D3.

❓ Vitamin D3 – Are You Getting Enough ❓

Vitamin D3 Supplements

My wife and I have been taking Vitamin D3 drops for quite a while now. But after reading this book, it appears we have not been taking near enough, from what Doctor Somerville recommends.

As a result of his extensive research done over the years, we are definitely not taking nearly enough {Vitamin D3}, to combat a multitude of health issues and many that could be avoided in the first place.

Just a few of these issues include;

✔ Obesity;
✔ Diabetes;
✔ Sleep Apnea,
✔ Chronic Fatigue;
✔ Dementia;
✔ Snoring.

❓ Can some of these serious health issues possibly be avoided and reversed with taking an Optimal Dose of Vitamin D3? ❓

As Doctor Somerville and thousands of his patients attest, yes it certainly can!

Final Thoughts Banner

I thoroughly enjoyed reading his book and learning about the many benefits {Vitamin D3} can offer.

It’s an easy reading, enjoyable book that takes you along on his own personal journey. That of restoring his own health and the thousands of patients under his care.

It’s another superb, natural and healthy way of improving one’s own health issues and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Definitely worth the 📖 read!

Below, I’ve included a link to the author’s official blog website for your convenience. His website is filled with much more information, a video presentation and links directing you to his 🛒 Amazon page for book purchase.

The Optimal Dose Book Cover

📚 Dr. Judson Somerville 📚

One other very important thing we do to maintain our overall health & wellness, is a health supplement we’ve been taking for years now. It is an {All Natural Glutathione Supplement}. One that absorbs at a Cellular Level.

Original Glutathione Supplement

If you are interested in learning more about {Glutathione} and its health benefits, be sure to check out my article here on

🌺 Glutathione For Max Health 🌺

and my additional posts on this subject.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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