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Post Last Modified - May 18, 2023 ¦ A Review Of Our Singapore Airlines Business Class Flight On our vacation a few seasons ago, we had the pleasure of flying with and in ✈ Singapore Airlines Business Class seating. This certainly was a special treat for us, enjoying this luxurious type of air travel. As a retired blue collar worker, being able to afford such luxury travel regularly, is simply - out of the question. Having used frequent flyer 💳 credit cards for many years however, can and did make

Post Last Modified - April 27, 2023 ¦ A Sunwing Airlines Flight Review Regarding a Pilot Request On one of our vacations to 🏖 Cancun - Mexico a few seasons back and flying with ✈ Sunwing Airlines, a strange thing happened on our flight home. It was something I had never experienced in all my years of air travel. Here's what occurred on this ✈ flight and a brief look at my - Sunwing Airlines Flight Review. Now I’m no pilot or have any knowledge of flying whatsoever, but what occurred

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