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Cheapest Days & Times To Fly {Travel Experts}

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Cheapest Days & Times To Fly Travel Experts
Post Last Modified – July 07, 2023 ¦

The Cheapest Days & Times To Fly According To Travel Experts

A question that always seems to bring a great deal of controversy is when are …

❓ The Cheapest Days & Times To Fly? ❓

Well, that really depends these days on just what type of vacation and/or ✈ air travel we’re talking about. In all my years of travel, this does vary greatly. From specific types of holidays you may have in mind, domestic and/or international air travel bookings.

Below, I’ve included a 📊 colorful infographic chart that was circulated on the internet from a very reputable travel website. It breaks down the types of travel and suggested dates, that you should be looking at more closely when booking.

This 📈 data collected is from a {data research team}, connected to a major travel booking website known as; 🧭 Kayak. It should be noted, that these are for ✈ Flights Only, leaving from the United States.

As well, check out this cool 📹 video showing a couple of ways to help save money, when searching for and booking your flights.

Sonia’s Vlog Travel Tips For New Grads – YouTube Video


Cheapest Days & Times To Fly

Flights In The United States

Based on their conclusions, there were a few surprising results!

Let’s have a closer look …

Vacation Infographic Chart

When To Book For Domestic Flights

Flights In The United States

Airline Tickets

The chart indicates the best time to book your 🛫 domestic flight in the United States, is anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks prior to departure. This really means that the longer you wait, the 💺 seats begin filling up and as a result, the price goes up as well!

Kind of a no brainer really! 🤨

I really like airlines that offer price comparison 📅 calendars on their websites, for the month and day you select. ✈ Alaska Airlines for example, is great for this, and I have booked several flights with them in the past saving hundreds of 💰 dollars!

As the chart indicates, {Tuesdays and Wednesdays} have been typically the cheapest days to leave, with a Monday as a cheap day to return. In my experience, I think this really varies depending on how fast particular flights are booking and where you are going, or coming from.

Cheapest Days To Fly International

Overseas Flights

Book A Vacation

A good rule of 👍 thumb to consider is that the further you are flying, the earlier you need to book your flight. These longer flights seem to sell out quite quickly, especially during the peak season months for that destination, or during specific holidays.

According to the chart, the best time to book longer flights is at least {8 to 10 months}, prior to leaving.

I know on an international flight we took from 🍁 Vancouver British Columbia 🍁 to Sydney, Australia, I booked just short of one year prior to departure. 

The flight at that time was booking very fast!

When To Book Your Flights To South America

Iquitos Peru

Suggested time to reserve your seats for the cheapest flight out of the United States is about 6 months prior. I think this is largely because of the popularity, and number of destinations airlines fly to in South America.

To be sure, I would contact your preferred airline well in advance for the best possible price.

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One thing I have learned flying over the years, is that; Prices Fluctuate Greatly and Change Almost Daily.

So, if you can reserve your 💺 seat with a {no cancellation fee} or a {price protection guarantee}, do so if you can. Keep watching the fare and see if it drops during that time.

Many vacation package holidays offer this guarantee at a very minimal cost, and in most cases it can be well worth it! On one all inclusive vacation we took a few years back, our travel booking company offered this guarantee, and the price did drop after we booked.

We received about a $200 credit afterwards! 🙂

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April 2022

I just booked our flights ✈ departing from Vancouver, BC to Quito, Ecuador leaving in December. I paid a small extra fee for free cancellation up to 3 hours prior to departure with the airline.

It will be interesting to see how the fare changes over the next 9 months!

July 2023

AeroMexico has daily departures from Vancouver to Mexico City. This was the first leg of our journey, and I did see that closer to our departure date, the flight was fully booked. We were definitely glad we booked our Latam Airlines flights well in advance, going to/from the Galapagos Islands.

Cheapest Days To Book Flights

Flights To Africa

Africa Travel Banner

Traveling to this destination suggests at least 6 months in advance. Personally, I would definitely book earlier than that, as there are many things to take care of well before leaving.

You definitely want to make sure you have all your necessary 💉 travel vaccinations complete prior to travel, and make sure your passports are up to day.

Both, can take quite some time!

Update Banner

July 2023

My wife and I are traveling to Africa in September of 2023 for the first time. We booked our flights well in advance, back in March. We were flexible on days of departure, but both our flights were booking up very fast!

As well, certain Travel Visas may be necessary as well. So leaving things inside of 6 months would not be wise. We had family members take an 🦒 African Safari vacation a few years back and they booked their flights one year in advance, departing from 🍁 Canada.

Cheapest Days & Times To Fly To Central America And The Caribbean

Cozumel Mexico

For select flights leaving to these destinations, booking is just a matter of weeks ahead, from 4 to 6.
Again, I would check and compare with online {flight fare comparison charts} with the airlines well in advance, to see when the cheapest days and times are, if you are flexible.

As they say … If you snooze, you lose!

I always plan well in advance, especially if you want the best and most convenient flights and times for your destination. If you want to select preferred seating, booking early will also improve your chances of getting the seat you want.

Non-stop flights sell out quickly and you may end up even having to pay more for direct flights, (flights making at least one stop en-route) because of waiting too long to book.

The ⏰ time your flight departs, can also play a huge role in the overall ticket price. So if you are flexible in departure times, this can save you hundreds of dollars. 🙂

NCL Cruise Ship Hawaii

The same goes for 🛳 Finding The Best Cruise Deals, 🛳 and booking vacations to popular All Inclusive Vacation Resorts. 

It seems these days, the earlier you book your vacation package, the best deals you’re going to get. Unless of course, you are flexible and have a bag packed to grab a last minute special. All inclusive vacation packages are extremely popular, because of the outstanding {Value}, you receive for your dollar!

For a few more tips from the experts, I’ve included a ⛓ link below to one of my favorite world travel experts; Peter Greenberg. I’ve added a link to his post on – the best time to buy plane tickets.

With his expertise, he offers some very helpful additional information!

Peter Greenberg Worldwide Logo

✈ The Best Time To Buy Your Plane Ticket ✈

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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