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Low Cost Flights {Pros & Cons Of Booking}

Low Cost Flights
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Low Cost Flights
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Beware Of The Pros & Cons Of Booking Low Cost Flights

Allegiant Airlines Review

A few seasons ago, my daughter and her friends returned from a short vacation to 🎰 Las Vegas, after taking one of those …

✈ Low Cost Flights ✈

offered in our part of the world.

After hearing about their unfortunate flight delay with ✈ Allegiant Airlines, it raised a number of questions regarding {Airline Travel Policies} and if it’s really worth booking with a low cost carrier.

Each airline has their own {specific tariff or contract agreement}, made with you when booking.

Air Travel Policies Differ With Each Airline

Airlines Logos

We have been incredibly lucky over the years with air travel, having only been delayed a few times, due to 🌧 weather or other issues.

The majority of our flights taken over the years have been with major carriers, and not with low cost airlines. I’ve always being able to find cheap flights with my favorite carriers, with some thorough searching beforehand.

Also, by subscribing to their own individual 📭 email newsletters. But as we all know, travel does come with unexpected interruptions, and when least expected. The more we are aware of this possibility, the easier they are to deal with, when they actually do happen.

Flight Delays With Low Cost Air Travel

Flight Delays Banner

Flight delays certainly are frustrating, particularly if you are traveling on that long awaited vacation. 

So after my daughters delay at the airport of more than 11 hours, together with the eventual cancellation of her flight afterwards, it got me thinking.

❓ What exactly a person is entitled to when a delay is the cause of the carrier ❓

After some searching and reading a few of the other airlines 🎫 ticket agreements, it definitely depends on which airline you happen to be flying with, and the specific reasons for the delay.

Cheap Flights With Allegiant – Contract of Carriage

Allegiant Airplane

As mentioned above, each airline has what is known as a; 📜 “Contract of Carriage.”  

This contract must be shown on the airlines website. As with any contract that you enter into, it is strongly advised to read it. In this case, double check your chosen airlines … flight delay policies.

It could be well worth your while and save you a great deal of aggravation and stress!

Low Cost Flights – Travel Policies

Let’s take {Allegiant} just as an example, because this is the airline my daughter was delayed a full day and night due to – mechanical failure. 

Below, I have included a copy of their; 📜 “Failure to Operate as Scheduled” portion of their contract agreement with you.

Allegiant Contract of Carriage

Nowhere in this contract that I can see, is there a mention of any compensation for cancelled flights, or any other delay that is, Within the Airlines Control

This meaning; mechanical issues, crew delays or any other delays in which the airline control.

When you choose to fly with a {low cost airline} and with those who also have no partner airlines associated with them, you basically are left out in the 🌨 cold, and at the mercy of that airline.

Air Canada’s Air Travel Policies

Air Canada Logo

Here is an example of what 🍁 Air Canada will do for you in the event of a; Flight Cancellation, that was Within Their Control

As you can see, there is a significant difference when choosing a major airline and especially one with associated; partner airlines. 

Air Canada states that they will offer; meal vouchers, hotel, ground transportation and even an amenity kit if needed. Even with a delay of 2 hours or more under their control, you can obtain a voucher for a 🥘 meal, at an airport restaurant or Air Canada Café service!

Helpful Tips Banner
If you are going to travel a with a low cost budget airline, then I strongly urge you to purchase; Cancellation/Delay Travel Insurance.

Be sure to check with a reputable professional …
👩 Travel Agent, 👩
who can outline exactly what you {will be and will not be} covered for, in any disruption.

U.S. Department of Transportation Logo

The U.S. Department of Transportation state that a number of airlines, especially the low-cost budget airlines, usually will not provide amenities to stranded passengers.

They go on to say, it never hurts to ask the {customer service agent} for that airline, at the airport anyway.

Review Airline Policies Before Travel Especially With Cheap Air Tickets

Air Canada Plane

Update Banner

🍁 New Canada Air Passenger Regulations 🍁

were introduced a few seasons ago by the Federal Government, but still with many loopholes the airlines can and have been using, to avoid compensation.

Be sure to read my detailed post here on this issue. To avoid disappointment, {Expedia} encourages customers to familiarize themselves with the {Terms and Conditions} imposed by the airlines before they book.

In the case of my daughters delayed flight due to; mechanical issues, had she chosen a non-budget airline and paid a few extra dollars for her flight, she certainly would not have had to sit at the airport for over 11 hours.

Then, being told the flight was cancelled until the next day!

She would have had the right to; change her flight, perhaps even the opportunity to get on another, with one of their partner airlines. They would also be entitled to receive; meal vouchers, accommodation and incidentals. 🙁

Old Budget Motel

To add insult to injury, they had to pay for their 🚕 taxi fare from the airport. They were sent to a smoke filled budget motel for a few hours, while waiting for a flight home the next day with that carrier. 

They are still waiting to be reimbursed for their 🚕 taxi fare to and from the airport, and were given no meal vouchers during their delay.

They have tried calling the airlines customer service on numerous occasions, but always receive the following message on the 📞 phone;

“We are currently experiencing high call volume and can’t take any more calls. Please try phoning back later.”

However, we all know that this seems to be the norm these days, with all airlines worldwide and not just budget carriers!

Always review your carrier’s tariff for its policy regarding; delays, cancellations and schedule changes. You can learn more about your flight rights on the 🍁 Canadian Transportation Agency website, as an example.


✨ Transport Canada

The United States and most other major international airlines offer similar compensation for; cancelled or delayed flights.

Final Thoughts Banner

So the moral of the story is, before you book one of those low cost flights, be sure to read the fine print in the airlines {contract of carriage} policies. As the old saying goes … you usually always get what you pay for!

Airline Service Agent

Also if a delay does occur, try to be patient with staff and approach them in a calm and friendly manner. These agents only work for the airline, they don’t actually own it.

Unless of course, you’re a ✈ Westjet Airlines employee in Canada!

In conclusion, I also suggest booking your flights directly with your airline of choice and not a third party. This will offer you much more protection and the airline will be responsible for taking care of you.

Booking with a third party, will not offer priority from the airline for any assistance, if the need arises.

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