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Post Last Modified - April 01, 2023 ¦ Englishman River Falls Provincial Park - Vancouver Island BC The Province of British Columbia, Canada 🍁 is home to over 700 🏞 National, Provincial & Regional Parks, with 🌲 Vancouver Island home to some of the best. 🌊 Englishman River Falls Provincial Park, is among one of the finest in BC and definitely not to be missed when visiting the Vancouver Island. Running alongside 🏞 Englishman River, this park is situated next to a spectacular canyon, with 2 amazing 🌊 waterfalls running

Post Last Modified - March 30, 2023 ¦ Listing Favorite Campgrounds In America And Mexico Having enjoyed family ⛺ camping holidays for many years now, I thought it would be a good time to start a specific post here, Listing Favorite Campgrounds In America I've put together a detailed 📝 list with our personal reviews, of some of our favorite 🏕 Campgrounds and 🚍 RV Parks we have stayed at in {North America and Mexico}, throughout the years. You will also find ⛓ links to my individual posts and 📸

Post Last Modified - March 29, 2023 ¦ The Leduc Lions Campground And RV Park If your camping plans have you traveling in the 🌹 Province of Alberta in 🍁 Canada, then be sure to check out - 🏕 Camping Near Leduc.  Just minutes south of the City of Edmonton, Leduc is a vibrant city with; major shopping, restaurants, beautiful parks and of course, the 🏕 Leduc Lions Campground & RV Park. This is an immaculate combined Campground & RV Park right in the city. Camping Near Leduc Includes The Leduc

Post Last Modified - March 28, 2023 ¦ The Oceanside RV Resort On Vancouver Island BC If your travel plans include {Vancouver Island} in British Columbia, 🍁 Canada and you’re looking for a premier campground, then consider a stay at the beautiful - 🚌 Oceanside RV Resort. Just steps from the shores of the scenic {Saanich Peninsula} on the Pacific Ocean, it doesn’t get much better than a stay at this full facility 🚍 RV Resort. Oceanside RV Resort - Location The Parks location is simply ideal, for those visiting the south

Post Last Modified - March 31, 2023 ¦ Camping World RV Outlet In Tacoma - Washington Canada to Mexico RV Holidays - Day One Free Overnight RV Parking At Camping World For those who followed along on our 🏜 Journey to the Mexico 🏜 a few seasons ago, this was our First Stop on our 1800 mile venture south in our 🚌 Recreational Vehicle. We planned stops on our journey in; Washington State, Oregon, California, Arizona and Mexico. I put these posts, along with our personal 📸 photos and 📹 videos for you

Post Last Modified - March 20, 2023 ¦ Cheap RV Travel Tips - Making RV Travel Affordable We love to travel in our 🚌 Recreational Vehicle as much as we possibly can. Even though traveling by RV is a great way to save money especially with a family, the expenses can however, add up very quickly. Below, I've listed a few {Cheap RV Travel Tips}, that we've picked up along the way over the years, to pass on to you. A few things that might help make your travels

Post Last Modified - March 18, 2023 ¦ Excellent Reasons To Visit Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) In Mexico Whether you head to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for a weekend or for the entire winter, this quiet 🏖 beach resort and 🎣 fishing village located at the north tip of the Sea of Cortez, is a great place to visit!  Easy to get to and just a couple of hours from 🏜 Phoenix, Arizona, this area makes for a perfect beach destination for most everyone, any time of year. A favorite destination

Post Last Modified - March 18, 2023 ¦ Baby Boomer Retirement In Mexico - Travis Scott Luther As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Fitness Blogger, I was recently contacted by Author Travel Scott Luther, to see if I would like to read his latest book on Boomers In Mexico. His novel is called; 📘 The Fun Side Of The Wall - Baby Boomer Retirement In Mexico. If you’re wondering exactly who {Baby Boomers} are, then be sure to check out my blog homepage introduction at 📰 Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage.

Post Last Modified - March 08, 2023 ¦ Helpful RV Safety Driving Tips For  Recreational Vehicle Travel Having spent many years on the road as a professional driver and also as the owner of a 🚌 Recreational Vehicle, I thought it important to share some basic - RV Safety Driving Tips - with you. My entire career was spent on city roads and highways both as a 🚛 semi-truck driver, 🚍 charter bus driver, 👨 truck driving instructor and a full career as a 🏍 motorcycle police officer. I've had the

Post Last Modified - February 21, 2023 ¦ RV Camping Etiquette Tips That Are Good To Know I received my copy of {Motorhome Magazine} in the 📬 mail and the editor’s comments for this issue dealt with - 🏕 RV Camping Etiquette Tips. Well, after 📖 reading this and what others had to say about the topic, it spurred a past camping adventure we had related to this subject. My wife and I have been camping for years now and have enjoyed all forms of camping. From ⛺ tenting at

Post Last Modified - February 19, 2023 ¦ Discover Tulalip Resort RV Parking In Washington State Over many years, we have always enjoyed making our way south from our home in British Columbia, 🍁 Canada in our Recreational Vehicle, in search of sunny skies and warmer weather for a few weeks. One of the main reasons is to attend the annual 🏁 NASCAR Races in 🏜 Phoenix, Arizona. We usually start on our way in the late evening hours, to avoid the lineups at the 🛂 Canada/USA Border Crossing.  Our first stop for

Post Last Modified - February 18, 2023 ¦ A Travel Guide To RV Parks In Puerto Penasco Mexico We had a wonderful time camping at 🚌 Playa Bonita Recreational Vehicle Park on our visit to Puerto Penasco a few seasons ago. Located directly on 🏖 Sandy Beach, it was the perfect choice for our stay. I've put together a brief {Puerto Penasco RV Parks} Travel Guide, for those of you planning a camping vacation to this part of Mexico. This was our furthest stop south, while enjoying our 🍁 Canada to

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