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Post Last Modified - March 26, 2023 ¦ Canada Architecture - Six Notable Architectural Structures Enjoying architectural masterpieces can never be boring, as it is the biggest and the most complex form of artistic expression, and the result of hard work of a great number of people. Together with my guest author, we've put together a short guide to; Six Most Significant Architectural Wonders of 🍁 Canada Canada Architecture CHATEAU FRONTENAC This luxurious hotel in Quebec was built in 1893 and the designer was inspired by the French castles and cathedrals of Renaissance times.

Post Last Modified - March 25, 2023 ¦ Discover A VIA Rail Train Across Canada Experience One of the things I’ve always wanted to do in my home country, is to take a 🚆 VIA Rail Train Across Canada. I can’t think of a better way to see our home and native land, than taking the 🍁 Train Across Canada. A couple of seasons ago, we were able to make this dream journey become a reality! We chose to start our planned {VIA Rail Train Across Canada} travels departing from

Post Last Modified - February 12, 2023 ¦ The Royal Tyrrell Museum Of Palaeontology In Drumheller Come see real exhibits of prehistoric creatures that once roamed the land millions of years ago, at the 🦕 Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum in 🌹 Drumheller, Alberta - 🍁 Canada. This beautiful museum is situated in the {Canadian Badlands,} of the Province of Alberta. A magnificent museum displaying some of the world’s most precious findings of - 🦖 Dinosaurs ever found! Royal Tyrrell Museum is located on the very land where these magnificent creatures

Post Last Modified - February 11, 2023 ¦ The Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure In Alberta Canada If your travel plans are taking you to either the Towns of Jasper or Banff - 🌹 Alberta in the 🏔 Canadian Rockies, then you simply must experience the - 🏞 Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure. Brewster Travel is a tour company that has been around for many years, offering a variety of select tours in this region of the Province, that are definitely worth checking out. The Columbia Icefield Adventure With Brewster Travel It had been

Post Last Modified - December 26, 2022 ¦ Ultimate Vancouver Island Road Trip Itinerary I’ve finally put together a detailed - 🏞 Vancouver Island Road Trip Itinerary, for those of you who may be planning a visit to this beautiful part of the west coast of 🍁 British Columbia, Canada. This post will cover numerous destinations, popular sites & attractions and so much more, that I personally recommend including in your journey. First, check out this superb 🌷 Victoria BC Tourism 📹 video, offering a glimpse of this Beautiful City

Post Last Modified - December 23, 2022 ¦ Best Things To Do In Victoria, BC - From A Local Having spent many years living in 🌷 Victoria, BC and still fortunate to be living on Vancouver Island, I'm going to offer a locals guide, on what you should not miss when visiting the city for the first time. If you happen to be planning a visit and wondering just what to do in Victoria, British Columbia, then read on! Below, are just a few of the - 💐 Best Things To

Post Last Modified - November 27, 2022 ¦ Discover Great Adventure Holidays In Canada This Season Start planning your next travel adventure holidays and get ready to - 🍁 Explore Canada! Canada is a; {4 Season Playground}, with so much to see and do in its many Provinces and Territories. Take your pick, they are all amazing! First, check out this very short 🎥 Canada Tourism Video, to get you inspired to- Travel to Canada. Canada For Glowing Hearts - YouTube Video     From the rugged west coast alongside the Pacific Ocean - 🏞

Post Last Modified - November 25, 2022 ¦ Planning Your Alberta Holidays & The Canadian Rockies Start planning your Alberta Holidays and include - 🏔 The Canadian Rockies today! Taking an Alberta holiday offers a little bit of Country and a little bit of City, enough to keep you and your family entertained for weeks! Are considering a vacation to 🍁 Canada and looking at the 🐎 Province of Alberta as an option, but not sure what there is to see and do? ❓ Then have a closer look! Alberta is where

Post Last Modified - October 26, 2022 ¦ The Amazing Gasoline Alley Museum At Heritage Park If your travel plans include a visit to the City of 🐎 Calgary in the Province of Alberta - 🍁 Canada, then you simply must not miss a visit to the {⛽ Gasoline Alley Museum}, located at Heritage Park Historical Village.  This is a great opportunity to see one of the 🌎 world’s greatest collections of vintage automobiles and memorabilia, you will ever find! An amazing interactive museum for the whole family, both young

Post Last Modified - October 25, 2022 ¦ Great Reasons To Start Planning A Holiday In Canada I've put together a few ideas for those considering a {🍂 Holiday in Canada} that I thought would be useful, should you be planning a vacation to my home and native land.  My travel blog would not be complete without writing an article on 🍁 Canada. Canada is my home and I am proud to showcase this wonderful Nation to the world! I was lucky enough to be raised in beautiful 🌷 Victoria,

Post Last Modified - October 18, 2022 ¦ The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site If your travel plans have you visiting the 🍁 Province of Alberta - Canada, then you simply must make a point of visiting the ⚒ Atlas Coal Mine just outside of the City of Drumheller.  This abandoned coal mine is now a National Historic Site, and something the entire family will enjoy! There’s a great deal more to see then just the World Famous 🦕 Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. This now major attraction,

Post Last Modified - October 09, 2022 ¦ Visit The Historic Last Chance Saloon & Rosedeer Hotel in Wayne Alberta If your travels have you heading to the 🌹 Province of Alberta's - Badland Country, then you simply must make a point of spending some time at the {Last Chance Saloon} in Historic Wayne, Alberta. Take a step back in time when you visit this historic site located in a very quiet, picturesque setting! Located just minutes east of Drumheller, Alberta, where the world renowned 🦕 Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum is situated. Drop

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