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Planning Holidays To The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Beaches
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 Dominican Republic Holidays

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Planning Your Holidays In The Dominican Republic

🏝 Dominican Republic Holidays were one of our all-time favorite family vacation destinations in past years. Below, I’ve included a few tips and suggestions and a little inspiration for visiting and …

🌺 Planning Holidays To The Dominican Republic 🌺

Over the years, our family has had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful 🏝 Caribbean Island on four different occasions.
It’s a tropical destination that keeps you wanting to return over and over again!

Pristine beaches, white powdery sand, crystal clear water, swaying palm trees in a warm Caribbean breeze make this destination …. Perfect!

Combine all the above together and you have the perfect recipe for amazing 🌴 Dominican Republic Holidays. First, check out this short 📹 video to get you thinking about taking a 📹 Tropical Vacation to the Dominican. 📹

Dominican Republic – YouTube Video

Planning A Trip To The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Holidays Banner

The Dominican Republic is one of the three island groups located in the Greater Antilles, and comprising of the many islands of the Caribbean Sea. 

The south part of the island borders the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, while to the north, you will find the warm clear emerald colors of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are four main areas of the island, that tourists from all over the world flock to each year.
We’ve been fortunate enough to visit all four regions over the years on family all inclusive beacg vacations.

In this post, I’ll touch on each.
It will give you an idea of what this beautiful island has to offer,
and where you may prefer to spend your vacation.

Most of the pictures you see below are personal 📸 photos of our travels in past years, to the different parts of the island.

Dominican Republic All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Our Beautiful Resort in Bayahibe – Dominican Republic

Domincan Republic Holidays

With the island being the second largest in the Caribbean next to Cuba, choices are abundant when it comes to where you may like to stay. 

Great Travel Deals

You can take advantage of wonderful travel deals to the Dominican, as we did over the years.
Most beach resorts are all inclusive and very popular as a result.

Dominican Republic exclusive travel packages offer some of the …

🍹 Cheapest All Inclusive Vacations, 🍹

to some of the most beautiful resorts found anywhere in the Caribbean.
They are extremely affordable, very popular, and we certainly took advantage of them
when our kids were young.

Many of the 🏨 Major Hotel Resort Chains from around the world, are also in the Dominican Republic. 

Below, is a look at some of the more popular tourist destinations on the island.

Best Dominican Republic All Inclusive Vacations

Punta Cana

Crystal Clear Waters of the Dominican

Dominican Republic Holidays

Without a doubt and the most popular area for tourists taking their holidays here,
is to the area known as; Punta Cana.
From family friendly all inclusive resorts, to adults only exclusive properties,
the choice is yours in Punta Cana.

This beautiful stretch of land is located on the eastern portion of the island,
bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south.

Dominican Republic Beach

🏖 Punta Cana’s beaches stretch for nearly 30 miles!

You can literally walk for miles along the shoreline.
Bavaro Beach is the most popular and surrounded by magnificent resorts.

Punta Cana Resorts

Casa Marina Beach Resort Dominican Republic

Casa Marina Beach Resort Dominican Republic

At last count, {Google Search} results show that there are at least 50 resorts located in Punta Cana alone. 
So whatever your tastes, desires and budget allow, you’re sure to find just the right one
in this part of the Dominican.

The Dominican is the Caribbean’s undeniable front runner when it comes to all inclusive resorts.
Punta Cana is the premier destination for travelers coming to vacation in the Dominican.

All Inclusive Vacations

All inclusive package vacations to this island are just too hard to pass up.
With; airfare, hotel, meals, drinks, airport transfers and entertainment all included,
you just can’t beat the value!

Our family have always managed to find great deals to the Dominican most any time of the year,
always making for excellent affordable family vacations.

Dominican Republic Trip Planner


La Basilica de Higuey, La Altagracia

La Basilica de Higuey, La Altagracia

The Historic City of Higuey, is located just a few kilometers outside of the resort area of Punta Cana. This is where the ✈ International Airport is located.

Higuey is famous for its well over 500 year old ⛪ Cathedral – La Basilica de Higuey, La Altagracia, where you will find the famous painting of the … ” Virgen de la Altagracia.” 

Higüey was one of the first areas on the island, settled by the Spanish conquistadors back in 1502.

747 Jumbo Jet

The ✈ Punta Cana International Airport is conveniently located just minutes from the fine resorts on the coastline. 

It goes without saying and because of the popularity of the Dominican Republic for vacationers from around the world,
it is also one of the busiest in all of the 🏝 Caribbean Islands.

tripadvisor logo

For more information, I’ve listed Tripadvisor’s website link to their page specifically for Punta Cana. Lots of good stuff to assist in your holiday travel plans!

🌎 Trip Advisor

Tripadvisor has always been one of my favorite travel review websites on the internet. 
I use it to search for helpful tips, travel ideas and reviews, on pretty much everything travel related.

You can read reviews on hotels, restaurants, attractions and so much more!
In fact,I am now a senior contributor on TripAdvisor, offering my own personal reviews on our travels.

TripAdvisor Senior Contributor

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for all my latest reviews on; hotels, tours, attractions, dining and much more.

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Dominican Republic Trip Planner

Puerto Plata

One of the many beautiful beaches found in the Dominican

Dominican Republic Beaches

Puerto Plata –  Great For Golfers

Located on the north part of the island, you will find the City of Puerto Plata, along with the Village of Sosua. 
This is another historic city filled with and oozing with history!

Puerto Plata and Sosua is pretty much where tourism started in the Dominican years ago. 
It is still an area frequented for vacationers, but not near that of Punta Cana any longer. 

Now much older than Punta Cana, it is still favored among many looking to ⛳ {Hit the Links} and do some serious ⛳ golfing while on vacation.

Punta Cana Golf Course

There are a number of wonderful 🏨 golf resorts located in Puerto Plata to choose from.

Numerous championship golf courses can be found in the Dominican, including the outstanding Playa Grande Golf Course which has secured the nickname the – Pebble Beach of the Caribbean.

 Spectacular Sunsets in the Dominican

Dominican Republic Sunset

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Golf – Beaches – Resorts – History In Puerto Plata

The City of Puerto Plata or officially known as San Felipe de Puerto Plata,
has its own major ✈ International Airport, serving tourists from all over the world.

It has a population of about 300,000 and travelers can conveniently to fly directly to this city, located in north end of the island.
Most major carriers do fly here regularly, because of its enormous popularity.

Two major attractions in this city and that we had visited include;

🚋 Aerial Tramway the only aerial tramway to be found in the Caribbean.

Located right in the city you can enjoy a ride up to ‘Pico Isabel de Torres, a 793 meter high mountain.
At the top of the mountain, there’s a beautiful botanical garden and a replica of Christ the Redeemer,
the famous statue seen in Rio de Janeiro.

Fort San Felipe … is an historic landmark of the city. This fort built in 1577, still stands for visitors to explore.
It was originally built to protect citizens from; English & French Pirates,
who routinely arrived and terrorized locals.


Puerto Plata. com logo

Dominican Republic Holidays


Vendor on the Beach in Sosua

Beach Vendor Sosua Beach

Sosua – For A Touch Of The Old Dominican

Many years ago, 1987 for that matter, my wife and I took our first vacation together to the Dominican Republic from Canada. 

At that time, Puerto Plata and the quaint village of {Sosua}, were the places to go on the island.
The resorts in Punta Cana did not exist back then.
The Dominican Republic was just beginning to become a popular tropical vacation destination.

Sosua was commonly referred to as the; 🌴 Acapulco of the Dominican Republic. 

This area really is where tourism first began for the island in the 1980’s. 
We did return to Sosua years later, with our young children for our vacation.

Although not as popular as the newer resorts of Punta Cana years back, for those seeking a quieter more laid back location,
Sosua was still is a very pleasant place to spend a family vacation.

Picturesque Sosua Bay

Beautiful Sosua Bay

Dominican Republic Beaches

Sosua Bay is a lovely protected beach that stretches over one kilometer. 
Soft sand, clear water and protected waters make this area very safe for swimming.

There are some lovely smaller resorts in the area, including a few all inclusive properties. 
These resorts having to compete with Punta Cana offered very good value,
in comparison to the higher end resorts found there.

Dominican Republic Resort Guest Room

Two such resorts that we have had the pleasure of staying at are;

🌴 Sosua by the Sea 🌴

Casa Marina Beach Resort Water Color

🌴 Casa Marina Beach 🌴

We chose the Casa Marina Beach Hotel on our last visit years ago and enjoyed our stay at this property. 
Both were very nice resorts with easy beach front access, clean and comfortable.

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Dominican Republic Resort Bartender

On all our visits over the years at the all inclusive resorts we stayed at, staff were always extremely friendly.
They did their utmost to make your vacation as enjoyable and memorable as possible!

Dominican Republic Resort Staff

Update Banner

Unfortunately, Sosua is now experiencing some very troublesome difficulties in past years.
Sadly, the area has now become a very popular destination for luring child sexual predators into their bars, nightclubs and area hotels.

This is a very serious problem and one that needs to be addressed by the; local authorities and the government.
Until this is solved, I would personally recommend {Not Staying in Sosua} at this time.
You can read and view more at CTV News 🍁 Canada’s story about this at;

CTV News

🚥 CTV News Canada. 🚥

There are many other wonderful tourist destinations throughout the island to spend your vacation,
as I have mentioned above.

Dominican Republic Vacations

Explore Cayo Levantado – Amazing White Sand and Pristine Turquoise Waters

Cayo Levantado Dominican Republic

One enjoyable Day Trip Adventure worth exploring and that our family thoroughly enjoyed,
was an excursion to a small island called 🏖 Cayo Levantado.

The tiny islands dotting the Dominican are absolutely stunning.
A small piece of paradise for tropical vacation lovers! 🙂


Dominican Republic Beaches

A city of over 52,000, is in north eastern part of the Dominican Republic.

This is the main 🛳 cruise ship port for the island. Cayo Levantadoor commonly referred to as … Bacardi Island  is a tiny island located in – Samana Bay.

A very enjoyable day trip, with a lunch stop at a local café, boat ride and pleasant safe swimming in crystal clear waters.

Followed up with BBQ beach buffet on the island.

Tours to Cayo Levantado can be easily booked from any one of the hotels you may be staying at.
For those looking for a quiet get a way without the crowds,
there are a few lovely resorts in Samana as well.

Dominican Kids Sailing Homemade Rafts

Dominican Kids Rafting

A couple of the better known resorts in Samana are;

🌅 Gran Bahia Principe … 🌅 Cayo Levantado … 🌅 Hotel Samana

Just a couple to check out when planning your tropical escape to this part of the island.

Dominican Republic Holidays

La Romana and Bayahibe

Dominican Republic Beach

It was while on one of our previous vacations to the Dominican,
that we discovered this beautiful part of the island bordering the deep blue Caribbean Sea!

Without a doubt, this is my most favorite part of the Island!

Bayahibe is a very small fishing village on the south end of the island and located approximately ten miles from the City of La Romana.

La Romana is the third largest City in the Dominican, with a population well over 250,000.
La Romana is another popular tourist destination, also serviced with an ✈ International airport for travelers. 

Many resorts in La Romana are known to be among the {Finest Found} on the island.

Dominican Republic Lighthouse

Bayahibe is quiet and well away from the hustle and bustle of Punta Cana.

Yet, you can still find some lovely all-inclusive resorts located on the shores of the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Soft sand, crystal clear water, great swimming and relaxation are found in Bayahibe!

We found this beautiful hide a way as a result of a day 🤿 snorkeling excursion,
we had booked while vacationing in Punta Cana.

Discover Beautiful Saona Island

Our 🤿 snorkeling adventure was to the beautiful tropical island called 🏝 Saona.  This truly is a tropical paradise that would be hard to find anywhere else in the Caribbean! 

This is a fantastic day trip adventure for the whole family and especially if you love snorkeling,
white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and solitude!

There are a few resorts located in Bayahibe as well, but not like that of Punta Cana. 
If you’re looking for a more quiet location on the island, this is a superb destination!

A Tiny Tropical Caribbean Island Paradise

 Crystal Clear Waters of Saona

Saona Island Dominican Republic

From the shores of our resort, we enjoyed a high speed boat ride, passing thru a lovely {National Park}, finally ending up on the shores of this majestic tiny island in paradise. 
Spend your leisure time on the island swimming, snorkeling and later enjoy Cuba Libre’s
and a lovely BBQ lunch on the beach.

This is a wonderful excursion the entire family will enjoy!

Visit Catalina Island For Another Piece Of Paradise

Brave Helicopter Pilot as we watch Utterly Amazed!

Dominican Republic Tour Helicopter

As well, one other day excursion from this area is to 🏝 Catalina Island.
This is a similar island to Saona, but in the opposite direction.

If you happen to book one of those …

🛳 All Inclusive Cruise Deals, 🛳

and are sailing to this part of the Caribbean, you could end up enjoying a stop over at Catalina Island and the ⚓ Port of La Romana.

Another lovely little tropical island to escape to on your vacation!

The Dominican Republic has always been one of my absolute favorite tropical vacation destinations!

Great Weather, Beaches,  Food and People in a Tropical Paradise!

I’ve listed a couple helpful website below for you check out, offering more great information on this beautiful island.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for exact location. 🗺

Dominican Republic Banner

🏝 Go Dominican Republic 🏝

There are affordable vacation packages to the Dominican Republic year round.
So why not consider a resort beach vacation or cruise holiday to this beautiful …
🏝 Island in the Caribbean! 🏝


🌺 Dominican Republic Holidays – Update 🌺

AAA Punta Cana Travel Recognition

AAA Punta Cana Travel Recognition

The American Automobile Association recently named Punta Cana a Top International Vacation Destination for both affordable and luxury all-inclusive vacations.  

With many factors including; beautiful beaches, family holiday destinations, wedding locations and much more!

Dominican Republic Recognition by USA Today

Domincian Republic Recognition by USA Today

USA Today also honored the Dominican Republic in numerous categories for top travel destinations in past years.
Some of these accolades included;

✔ Best Destination in the Caribbean;

✔ Best Adventure Destination;

✔ Best in Food Category in the Caribbean;

and many more!

Isn’t it time you visited the Dominican Republic? ❓

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