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The Best Caribbean Island {For Your Vacation}

Caribbean Island Map

Caribbean Island Map

Post Last Modified – May 29, 2024 ¦

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Selecting The Best Caribbean Island For You

Are you looking to escape on a wonderful tropical vacation, but having a tough time selecting
the …

🌺 Best Caribbean Island For Your Vacation 🌺

that’s just right for you and your family?

Believe me, you’re definitely not alone when you consider the vast number of islands there are
to select from in the Caribbean.

❓ Just how many 🏝 Islands in the Caribbean 🏝 are there ❓

Well, in actuality there are more than {7000 islands}, spreading across over 2000 miles.
This region is known as the West Indies.

First, check out this short 📹 video giving
you a sample of one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, which has also
been listed as a; {Top 10 Caribbean Island} for travelers.

Go Dominican Republic – YouTube Video


The Dominican Republic is definitely a very popular tourist favorite destination and has been
for many years, and for obvious reasons.

This beautiful island is ranked as one of the 🏆 Top 10 Caribbean Islands to
visit, by many leading travel magazines, experts and people’s choice for recommended;
Caribbean Holiday Destinations.

Where Is The Caribbean You Ask?

Map of the Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands Map

Just where are the Caribbean Islands located in the world you ask? 🙄  

The spectacular group of Caribbean Islands, are surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters
of the Caribbean Sea.  They are a semi–circular gathering of Islands geographically positioned …

Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico

North of South America

East of Central America and Mexico

In a nutshell, the vast majority of the Caribbean Islands are located southeast of the tip of
the State of Florida in the United States, beginning with the popular island of Cuba just
90 miles to the south.

Also known as the West Indies, the overall area is now more normally spoken to as the Caribbean.
A name that became quite popular after the Second World War.



The word Caribbean is named after {The Caribs}, who were the dominant group of people in the
1500’s in this region.

Access to this amazing chain of islands is easy and convenient, from most anywhere in the
🗺 world.

Because of this, the Islands in the Caribbean are a top vacation choice for; Europeans,
Americans and Canadians seeking a warm tropical 🏖 beach vacation.

Picking Your Best Caribbean Island

Varadero Beach Cuba

Over the years and having always survived on a very tight 💰 budget, we always made
sure to put away some funds each month to use towards an affordable tropical vacation.

We always searched for and selected the very best deals that were being advertised, and offered
for that year we would be traveling.

As well, we have always enjoyed and taken advantage of …

🏖 Cheapest All Inclusive Vacations 🏖

offered at the time over the years, especially when our kids were young.

You simply can’t beat 🏨 All Inclusive Caribbean Resort Vacations for – Value! 👍



All inclusive vacations packages are great bargain, especially for those of you traveling
with children. Check out my recent article on these types of vacations and find out why they
are so terrific!

Because of the great deals offered with these types of holidays, including exciting
🛳 cruise vacations our family has had the pleasure of taking in past years.
During these holidays, we had the opportunity to visit a few of my favorite –
Top 10 Caribbean Islands listed here in this post.

We’ve enjoyed staying at and also discovering some wonderful 🏨 resorts and 🌴 islands! 

A few fantastic islands we’ve had the pleasure of visiting in past years include;

Dominican Republic
St. Maarten
caribbean cruise holidays

One of the best ways of seeing a number of Caribbean Islands at once and the most affordable way
by far, is by taking a fabulous 🚢 Cruise Vacation.

Cruising is without a doubt, the best and most inexpensive way to see a host of 🏝 islands
on a single trip. Taking a cruise vacation, gives you a excellent sample of each island on that particular cruise itinerary.

Cruising is a fantastic way to experience each islands unique culture, its people,
customs and so much more!

Cruise to Your Favorite Caribbean Island

Cruise the Caribbean

Choose from the many outstanding …

⚓ All Inclusive Cruise Deals ⚓

to the Caribbean, with prices that just cannot be beat!

👣 Footnote 👣

🛟 Take An Exciting Caribbean Cruise Vacation 🛟

If you like to book on your own, check out this very reputable online booking website
I use with excellent results …

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Online Exclusives – Find The Perfect Cruise

We have experienced two such cruises with our family members in past years, and they were

Taking a ⚓ Caribbean Cruise Vacation is a great introduction to these beautiful islands in
paradise and very affordable as well. 🙂

Carnival Caribbean Cruise

There is an endless number of beautiful islands to select from, but here’s just a sample of ten islands to check out, 
and what I refer to as …

My Top 10 Caribbean Island Destinations

Let’s Begin! 🙂

The Dominican Republic

Best Caribbean Island # 1

Sosua Beach Dominican Republic

Sosua Beach Dominican Republic

My absolute favorite Caribbean destination thus far, is the beautiful island of the Dominican
Republic. This is the second largest island in the Caribbean and neighbors Cuba just to the north.

The Dominican is a lovely island shared with Haiti, offering a wide selection of beach front
resorts lining the emerald green waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and
the deep blue colors of the Caribbean Sea.

The choice is yours! 😀

Experience world class resorts, stunning white sand beaches, warm inviting water, making for
that perfect tropical vacation destination.  

The Dominican and neighboring tiny islands offer some of the best snorkeling to be found
anywhere in the Caribbean.

Along with friendly people, excellent food, tours and attractions galore, this island is
a perfect destination when searching for a fantastic affordable family vacation!

You can read much more about this wonderful island at …

Dominican Republic Banner

🍹 Dominican Republic 🍹

The Island Of Cuba

Best Caribbean Island # 2

One of the Many Beautiful Beaches in Cuba

Beaches in Cuba

What can you say about Cuba?

Cuba is the biggest and possibly the most well-known of all the Caribbean islands.

Filled with history, mystery and absolute beauty, Cuba is definitely considered as one of the
Top 10 Caribbean islands to visit, and an island to be experienced at some point in your

This already popular tourist destination is experiencing a huge boom in tourism, and is
struggling to keep up with the demand for accommodation!

Classic Car Cienfuego Cuba

This is an enormously huge island that offers a wide selection of destinations to choose
and enjoy your holiday

The island of Cuba is a fantastic beach holiday pick, with an abundant number of all inclusive
resorts to choose from, making this island another great affordable holiday choice for many.

Choose among the many popular beach locations including;

Varadero Beach … Cayo Coco … Holquin … Havana

Your visit to Cuba must include a day or overnight tour to one of the most historic and colorful
cities in the world … Havana!

Learn much more about Cuba at …

gocuba logo

🍹 Go Cuba 🍹

Jamaica – Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Island # 3

Isle of Pines Snorkeling

Next on my list of top islands in the Caribbean is of course Jamaica.  When I think of Jamaica,
the first thing that comes to mind is ….  “No Problem Mon!” 

Warm, friendly and inviting people combined with; beautiful beaches, fabulous resorts, attractions
and activities galore, make Jamaica a family friendly vacation destination choice.

jamaica flag

The many family activities include…

World class scuba diving/snorkeling;

Deep sea fishing;


Horseback riding

and so much more for you for everyone to enjoy on a Jamaican holiday! 😉

For more information go to …

Jamaica Logo

🍹 Visit Jamaica 🍹 

St. Maarten – A Favorite Island In The Caribbean

Best Caribbean Island # 4

St Maarten – Great Beaches, Great Shopping,Great Place!

St Maarten Caribbean

This island is a favorite cruise ship port of call and for many reasons.  St. Maarten is rich
in culture having two distinctly different countries sharing one island.

The French and the Dutch share St. Maarten, giving you a taste of two completely different

Windjammer in St Maarten

On my list of most favorite Caribbean islands, here you will find plenty of duty free shopping, magnificent beaches surrounding the island, along with fine dining, nightlife and much more for
you to explore.

This island is definitely worth visiting, especially for those looking for great
shopping bargains, especially while enjoying your cruise holiday. 😉

Check out this helpful website filled with information about this wonderful island …

St. Martin Tourism Logo

🍹 St. Maarten Tourism 🍹 

The Bahamas 

Best Caribbean Island # 5
Tossing Anchor Bahamas

Scattered around this family favorite nation, there are a total of 700 islands. The Bahamas are
another very popular cruise ship ⚓ Port of Call and tourist holiday destination.

The islands in the Bahamas have everything you would expect in a tropical vacation and much more.
This is a very easily accessible destination choice, with all the conveniences expected in America.

Choose from …

Luxury resorts;

Amazing beaches;

Fabulous golf courses;

Hotel casinos;

Deep sea fishing;


Snorkeling/Scuba diving;

And the list goes on and on! 🙂

The Bahamas like most other islands, boast having the best beaches in the Caribbean with soft
white sand and crystal clear waters.

One very distinct attraction and definitely a must do venture, is taking the family on one
of the many boat tours that have you frolicking among the magnificent Manta Rays.

Yes – That’s a Manta Ray Behind Me!

Bahamas Caribbean

This was a real thrill and one that our family enjoyed immensely!

Here is a handy Bahamas tourist website I have added for your convenience …

Bahamas Tourism Logo

🍹 The Bahamas 🍹

Beautiful Roatan – Honduras

Best Caribbean Island #6

  Lovely Isla Roatan, Honduras

Island of Roatan Honduras

The quaint island of Roatan is another top pick for many people looking for a more relaxed and
peaceful island vacation. It is also another popular ⚓ Port of Call included in many cruise itineraries as well.

This is how our family discovered this quaint beautiful island in the Honduras.

This is a perfect island to escape the hustle and bustle of
everyday life. Choose from peaceful and modest seaside lodgings to more formal upscale luxury
resorts on this island.

Just hop a cab and your friendly island driver will help you find
your little piece of heaven.
If you enjoy water sports and especially scuba diving, then Roatan is a must!

Visit to a Local Store for Refreshments  Local Caribbean Store

With its many diving attractions, reefs, sea walls and shipwrecks, this island in the Caribbean
is waiting for you to discover its undersea treasures!

Visit this Roatan Honduras tourist website for more complete details …

Tourism Roatan Logo

🍹 Tourism Roatan 🍹

Barbados – Lovely Caribbean Island

Best Caribbean Island #7
Barbados Beach
Photo by Asad @ pexels

Many people state that Barbados is the best Caribbean island of them all, and I have
yet to find many that disagree with this statement.  

Barbados is and has been for many years, one of the most popular of all the islands to visit.
With a strong British heritage, its natural beauty and luxury settings make this a Caribbean

Hugely popular among sailors and the wealthy, here you will find lovely marinas and some of the
most luxurious resorts to be found anywhere in this part of the world!

Best Caribbean Island for Family

Discover amazing fine coral sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and resorts scattered around
the island.  Filled with history, activities galore, superb restaurants, night life and much
more for your vacation.

Learn more at …

go Barbados logo

🍹 Discover Dream Enjoy Barbados 🍹

The Turks & Caicos

Best Caribbean Island # 8

Best Caribbean Island

This island is definitely at the top of my Bucket List and is rapidly becoming more and more
popular with tourists every year. 

This once hidden gem of an island is growing quickly and becoming a top favorite!

Turks & Caicos is positioned further to the north, making for quick and easy access. 

Critics boast this island paradise has perhaps one of the best beaches in the world that you
will ever discover! 🙂

Caribbean Beach

The beach these travel critics are referring to is called Grace Bay. This is just one of
the many magnificent white sand beaches with crystal clear waters to be found on the main island
of Turks & Caicos.

Looking for a little more luxury?

Turks & Caicos offers the finest in luxury accommodations, restaurants, spas and more if that
is what you are looking for. It also offers a wide range of resorts and hotels for the more budget minded, making this island suitable for most everyone!

Turks & Caicos Beaches

With its spectacular beaches and magnificent coral reefs, this island is perfect for beach lovers
and water enthusiasts.

A perfect family tropical island holiday destination and one that I cannot wait to visit!

Get more facts and information at …

Turks & Caicos Tourism Logo

🍹 Turks & Caicos Islands 🍹


Best Caribbean Island #9

A Lovely Caribbean Sunset

Caribbean Sunset

Located further to the south, Antiqua is listed as one of the premier islands to visit in all
of the Caribbean.

Teeming with history, full of culture, British heritage and beauty, it is sure to be a favorite
once you have experienced the island as well.

There are more beaches and coves surrounding the island for one to explore than days in the year!

Just another beauty nestled in Caribbean chain offering activities for all ages keeping the most
restless satisfied. Discover unspoiled waters and beaches for those in search of peace and solitude.

No wonder Antiqua has been included in the best Caribbean island list of favorites for decades.

Learn more and find out why at …

Antigua & Barbuda Toursim Logo

🍹 Antiqua & Barbuda Tourism 🍹

Last But Not Least!

Rounding off my best Caribbean choices and my number ten pick is …

St Croix U.S. Virgins – Best Snorkeling

Best Caribbean Island # 10

Snorkeling in the Caribbean

A beautiful hide-a-way among the group of U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix rounds off my
Top 10 list.

This is the largest of the U.S. Virgins in the Caribbean and like all the other islands,
is unique and special in its own way. Also filled with a host of family activities to enjoy 
and amazing ⛵ water sports!



There’s snorkeling with beautiful turtles to world class 🤿 scuba diving, this island
has it all. 

Choose to stay busy, or just relax on the islands perfect white 🏖 sandy beaches. Just
another great choice when searching for your best tropical vacation spot in the Caribbean.

Below I have added a helpful website link to access more information on St Croix and its
sister islands …

USVI Tourism Logo

🍹 US Virgin Islands 🍹


Final Thoughts Banner

So there you have it!

I have just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to islands in the Caribbean.
It’s really up to you to decide what’s best for you. Destinations in the Caribbean are endless
and once you’ve experienced one of these islands, they will  keep you wanting to return year
after year!

Cruise Ship Vacations

By taking advantage of those great cruise deals and wonderful all inclusive resort holidays,
makes getting to the Caribbean easy and affordable too!

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the island’s
exact location. 🗺

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Online Exclusives – Find The Perfect Caribbean Cruise!

🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified &/Or That I’ve
Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

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are copyright protected.
🚫 Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“It Is Estimated That Over 75% Of The Total Caribbean Population Live On Just 2 Of The Islands –
Cuba And The Dominican Republic Including Haiti.”

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