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5 Important Tips {For Healthy Travel}

Tips For Healthy Travel

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5 Helpful Tips For Healthy Travel

In this post, I’m going to review just …

🌺 Five Important Tips For Healthy Travel 🌺

especially for those of you who may be traveling to a new foreign destination. I actually received these tips from my 👨 Family Doctor, who also travels extensively with his family.  

These tips are definitely worth sharing with you to help make your travels; safe, healthy and happy! 😎

I made an appointment with my family doctor, as part of preparing for a vacation abroad a few seasons back. I was getting a series of 💉 travel shots for our vacation abroad, receiving the last immunization for {Hep A & B}.

Our doctor also loves to travel regularly with his family and briefly mentioned what he thought were; 5 of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling. First, check out this short 3 minute 📹 video, on what one doctor has to say about sustaining family health when traveling.

He also touches on the …

💊 Importance Of Probiotics For Healthy Travel. 💊

This is one supplement we always take both, before and during our travels.

A Guide To Holiday Health – YouTube Video

Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

❓ Have you heard stories from people over the years who have gone away on a trip and were injured, or became ill from something that could have easily been prevented? ❓

❓ Have you ever found yourself in that position while on vacation in the past? ❓ I certainly have and I know, it could have been prevented quite easily!

In fact, most illnesses and injuries that occur while on holidays, can actually be avoided.

Let’s take a look at these 5 Important Travel Health Tips.

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Tips For Healthy Travel # 1

Don’t Get Hit
Healthy Holidays

Without a doubt, this is the most important tip to remember, according to my family doctor. Remarkably, the number one cause of injury or death for those on vacation is due to; Being Struck. 🤕

Believe it or not, this is the leading cause of injury or death for people on vacation. Serious injury and/or death as a result of getting – hit!

In most cases, it is a result of being involved in a motor vehicle collision of some nature, or getting struck by a 🚘 vehicle, while simply 🚶 walking and not paying attention. This can be absolutely heart-breaking to hear, particularly during family holidays!

Beware of Renting Scooters
Scooters in Mui Ne

Surprisingly, this is the 1 Number One 1 cause of injury or death for vacationers. Do think twice about renting 🛵 scooters, especially if you have limited and/or no experience riding a motorcycle.

I personally experienced an individual on a 🛵 rental scooter, who barely escaped being struck and killed by a large truck while riding in Mexico. If not for the quick action of the 🚚 truck driver, the person renting the scooter surely would have been killed!

This person pulled out into traffic without even looking, and appeared to be clearly operating the 🛵 scooter without any prior experience or guidance. In most cases, it is because of a lack of experience riding a; 🛵 2 wheeled motorcycle.

As well, contributing factors include; riding in unfamiliar territory and sadly in many cases, riding while under the influence of 🍺 alcohol.

I would not recommend renting 🛵 scooters in highly congested traffic areas you are unfamiliar with, unless you have the proper training and experience beforehand.

Update Banner

On a brighter note, my son and I enjoyed a wonderful …

🛵 Scooter Tour In Saigon,

while traveling throughout Vietnam. We rode with experienced riders as passengers and had a great time!  

As well, but in a much quieter area of Vietnam, we did rent 🛵 scooters for a couple of days, having prior experience and with little to no traffic on the roads to worry about.

Beware sign

Our daughter and her boyfriend also enjoyed a wonderful vacation to Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand. They did rent 🛵 scooters and unfortunately on one ride, they hit some gravel and dumped the scooter, causing damage.

Her boyfriend did injure his ankle and received minor scrapes and abrasions, but thankfully not seriously. 🤕 They did however, have to 💰 pay for damage to the scooter, and for which they were greatly overcharged for!

Tips For Healthy Travel # 2

Don’t Get Bit

mosquito clip art

It’s so important these days to take the necessary precautions, to help prevent getting bit by 🦟 bugs and insects. This is especially important, if traveling to 🌴 tropical destinations where nasty 🐍 snakes, 🕷 spiders and 🦟 mosquitoes are present.

For most of us who enjoy those great …

🍹 All Inclusive Vacations, 🍹

to beautiful tropical beach resorts in the; Caribbean, Mexico or any other tropical paradise, do take steps to prevent insect 🦟 bites!


On one occasion while traveling, I foolishly walked into heavy brush without thinking and received a nasty 🕷 spider bite. It made me very ill for a couple of days, and required a visit to the local doctor.

Illnesses contracted from mosquito bites are becoming increasingly more prevalent.

Such diseases include;

✔  West Nile Virus;

✔  Dengue Fever;

✔  Malaria;

✔  Yellow Fever.

Be sure to carry plenty of {bug repellent} with you and ensure you have the necessary travel immunizations recommended for the country you are visiting.

Tips For Healthy Travel # 3

Don’t Step On It

Man barefoot on city street

A no brainer here, but one often avoided or neglected by many tourists. Please do not 🚶 walk around in bare feet, especially when strolling on streets or sidewalks!

My doctor informed me that you can contract a {multitude of diseases and injuries} for that matter, by walking around barefoot. Be sure to wear something on your feet, other than on the; beach, grass or other safe grounds.

Tips For Healthy Travel
Photo by RODNAE Productions:

Wear some sort of footwear all the time!

Your risk for contracting diseases and injuries multiply ten-fold, when walking in bare feet. In fact my doctor stated that this is at the {top of the list,} for contracting;

✔ Hepatitis

✔ Tetanus

There are many other bad diseases that can be contracted by walking bare foot as well on unsanitary grounds. Yuk! 😬

Tips For Healthy Travel # 4

Don’t Get Lit ( drunk, inebriated, sloshed and tipsy )

Healthy Family Holidays

More simply put, try not to over indulge in 🍺 alcoholic beverages!

Unfortunately, this is one other very common cause for; injuries, arrests and even death for those away on vacation. Many people and especially those enjoying all those inclusive type holidays, do tend to over indulge, especially when it comes to 🍺 drinking alcohol.

All Inclusive Resort Cocktails

This especially so, at those; all inclusive resort vacations, that include unlimited consumption of alcohol in their vacation packages. Be sure to check out my article here on over indulging on …

🍔 All Inclusive Self Destructive Vacations. 🍔

Sure it’s loads of fun to let loose and enjoy oneself while away, but only at the right time and above all … in the right place. 

It’s quite normal to let your guard down, especially after drinking too much 🍹 alcohol. Unfortunately, this is when we become most vulnerable and especially to those 🕵 undesirable people, who may be hanging around observing us.

Here are three of the more common complications that arise, after consuming too much alcohol when we are away on holidays. Certainly, this is no different whether you are away from home or not!

🚗 (DUI) arrest for driving under the influence

👮 Being involved in a fight or altercation

🕵 Becoming the victim of a Robbery.

Try to exercise a little common sense when it comes to drinking alcohol, especially when traveling in unfamiliar and foreign countries.


Bottled Water for Healthy Travel

While we’re on the subject of drinking, always use caution where drinking water is concerned. It really doesn’t matter where you travel to, your body will not be used to the local water and its bacteria content. 

If the water is not properly treated, it can make you very ill! 🤢

Try to use bottled water if you can, or water that you absolutely trust is purified. You can even become quite ill, by simply brushing your teeth using non-purified 🚱 tap water that you’re not accustomed to. 

As well, 🧊 ice cubes served in your 🍹 drinks, can also make you really sick if untreated. So always be cautious of the water you’re drinking, to help maintain good health while away. 😎

Tips For Healthy Travel # 5

Don’t Eat (S # @ T)

Street Food Vendor Cart

Last but not least on the list of healthy travel suggestions, is to be cautious of what you eat when away from home. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in the back of your mind when eating;

☞ Be sure what you are eating is thoroughly cooked. It is recommended to stay away from any raw foods. As well, be wary of anything that has been cooked, and may have been standing out in the open for an unknown length of time.

☞ Stay away from raw vegetables, that have not been washed;

☞ Try to only eat raw fruit that can be peeled such as; bananas, oranges and so on;

☞ Be especially careful eating 🦐 seafood, particularly shellfish that may have been caught in polluted waters. Hepatitis and other food-borne diseases can be caught, as a result.

Bedridden With Food Poisoning

I have known many healthy family members and friends that have come down with mild to severe illnesses, just from eating contaminated food while away on vacation.

A few of my friends became extremely ill from eating 🦐 contaminated shell fish that was served in self-serve buffets, or had been purchased from; street food vendors. 😥


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I am always cautious and careful not to overindulge when eating any kind of shellfish, especially from all inclusive buffets at; 🏨 resorts in hot, 🏝 tropical destinations.

Everything in moderation!

I discovered a helpful website that explains a couple of reasons for 🦐 shell fish contamination. Definitely worth a 📖 read.

🍍 Discovery Fit & Health 🍍

A great quote for everyone to keep in the back of their mind when traveling is to …

Boil It … Cook It … Peel It … Or Forget It!


Final Thoughts Banner

By taking a few extra precautions while away, you and your family can definitely help prevent unnecessary illness and stay healthy on your holidays.


COVID-19 TRAVEL update
I am sure we are all aware of the practices in effect for preventing this dreaded Covid pandemic. As a quick reminder and especially if you traveling by; ✈ air, 🚉 rail or 🚍 public bus;

☞   Wash your hands frequently, especially before eating;

☞   Carry hand sanitizer and use often;

☞   Avoid touching any surfaces used by others;

Above all, be safe and stay safe always!

Let’s all work together and be rid of this horrible virus circulating the globe once and for all.

Original Glutathione Supplement

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🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified &/Or That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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