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Tipping On Inclusive Holidays {A Closer Look}


Tipping On Inclusive Holidays
Post Last Modified – April 07, 2023 ¦

Choosing To Tip Staff At All Inclusive Resorts

For many years, especially when our kids were young, we always chose all – inclusive resort vacations. You just can’t beat the value for your dollar on these types of travel packages, including cruises. 

So the big question many ask is …

❓ “Do I Need To Tip At These Resorts? ”❓

The answer simply put is – {Yes and No}. It depends on what type of resort you are staying at and your chosen travel destination.

Staff And Gratuities At All Inclusive Properties


If you’ve experienced 🏨 all-inclusive resorts like we have over the years, then depending on the ⭐ star rating of the resort and the destination you are going, the reactions of staff to {tipping etiquette} varies greatly! 

We’ve stayed at resorts in the past where for example, if you don’t tip the bartenders, they will simply ignore you or serve you very weak 🍹 drinks.

At other resorts we’ve stayed at over the years, staff have not expected anything in return for their – exceptional service.

Tipping Resort Staff

Cruise Ship Staff

So, should you tip? ❓

My answer is; yes and no, depending on the service you receive and the manner in which you are treated. 

I always budget for tips, when traveling anywhere in the world.  The majority of people in the service industry rely on tips for their livelihood. 

This even more so, for those individuals who are living and have families in poorer countries of the world. In many cases, this is also where you are most likely to take your 🏝 vacation and where many 🏝 all-inclusive resorts are located.

Below, is a print out of a page at our hotel’s {in room guide,} at one of the latest 🏨 all-inclusive resorts we stayed at.

The page in the guide clearly shows; “All Tips Are Already Included.” 


This notice is good to know, especially for those who aren’t quite sure what to do regarding – tipping.

But as I mentioned, if the service you receive is excellent, your resort staff will greatly appreciate a small gratuity every now and then.

In many cases and from our years of traveling on 🍹 All Inclusive Vacations 🍹, it may just get you even better service, the next time that staff member sees you! 🤓

At most all-inclusive resorts, your food, beverages, room and airport transfers are usually all included in your package.
What is not generally included at most common all-inclusive resorts are; gratuities given to the staff.

Mexico and the Caribbean Islands are prime examples and countries that offer numerous; all inclusive resort vacations.

Tipping Etiquette On All Inclusive Vacations

cruise tips

Like embarking on those fabulous 🛳 All Inclusive Cruise Deals 🛳 where for the most part, your meals, entertainment and room service are all included with your cruise.

However, gratuities are one of the things that are {Not} usually included in your package price. 

Cruise lines have made it much easier for you to take care of gratuities, by having a specific amount for the duration of the cruise, charged to directly to your 💳 credit card.

For me, it’s peace of mind knowing that gratuities are taken care of and something I always budget for. 

The amount charged is negligible, for what you receive from all staff members on board and for the exceptional service you are getting in return.


This is their livelihood, and your generosity is the money they desperately need in many cases, to help support their families back home.

If they do a good job, are kind, courteous and professional, they have earned a tip in my opinion.

One travel expert recently mentioned:

“Generous tippers at resorts may find more mints on their pillows, so to speak, so don’t be afraid to open your wallet (and your heart) to those who keep you comfortable during your stay.”

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Many times, major cruise lines will offer outstanding incentives to book your 🛳cruise vacation with them. Just one incentive that surfaces regularly is – Free Gratuities! 🙂

That can be a huge saving for you, as well, knowing that staff are still receiving a gratuity paid to them for the hard work.

The Short Answer To Tipping On Inclusive Holidays

Tipping On Holidays  

Tips are included at most resorts, and you are certainly not obligated to tip resort staff.  

At; Sandals, Beaches and Couples Resorts for example, they have a strict “No Tipping” policy in place.

❓ For Other All-Inclusive Resorts? ❓

Tipping is a personal choice. You are not required to tip and no one should ever make you feel like a gratuity is – expected.

For me personally, I will always leave a tip when I receive friendly service and gratitude from a staff member when they do receive a small gesture of appreciation.

If I do tip a staff member and receive not even a smile in return, that will be the last they receive from me. A gratuity is not something a staff member should expect to receive.

I know how hard staff work at these resorts and for many, very long hours with just 1 day off a week to spend with family. If I leave just a little for them, it makes it all worthwhile.

It’s great to see other guests that partake in this practice as well. 🙂

The Bottom Line On Tipping On Inclusive Holidays

Iberostar Bella Costa Bartender

Tipping is definitely a {personal choice} at resorts or elsewhere, with no restrictions in place.

If you tip your waiter after receiving good service at a restaurant, or tip your hairdresser or any other person in a service related employ, why wouldn’t you tip a staff member at an all-inclusive resort, or on a cruise ship?❓

Especially for those individuals that have gone above and beyond what is expected of them.

I always suggest to always {budget for tips} in your travel plans, wherever you may go. You decide, whether a gratuity is necessary or not at your destination.

It has always made me feel good when traveling, to offer a small gratuity to those who work so hard to make your vacation as enjoyable and memorable as can be.

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My wife and I returned from a lovely vacation to 🏖 Varadero, Cuba 🏖 a couple of seasons ago. We enjoyed a lovely stay at an all inclusive resort, and always made sure to tip the resort staff for their hard work.

They never expected a tip and were always very grateful for receiving a small gratuity from us.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“It Is Not Customary To Leave A Gratuity In Japan. It May Be Considered An Insult For Some Individuals.”

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