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Country Currencies {World Infographic Chart}

Mexico Currency

Mexico Currency
Post Last Modified – May 01, 2023 ¦

A List of Country Currencies Of The World

I really enjoy some of the new Infographic charts that are created and shared on the internet, especially ones that are travel related.

This compiled list of 💶 Country Currencies was recently sent to me that I found really cool, and thought it was definitely worth passing on to you.

I find many of the infographics very helpful, offering great travel information and tips.

From; travel destinations, particular airlines, local customs and currencies for example, I think they are excellent resources.

I always enjoying sharing them for you to check out as well! 😎 This currency 📈 chart immediately caught my 👀 eye and worthy of sharing.

Dominican Republic Map

Pick your country on the 🗺 infographic maps, and it will show what the currency is used. We recently traveled to Thailand and I had to search the internet, for the type of currency used in that country.

Now I can just bring it up on this handy chart, and so can you!

The first chart shows the currency for North and South America and various 🏝 Islands in the Caribbean. Were you aware of the different types of Pesos used throughout the world?

Country Currencies – Colorful Infographic

Currency Used in The Americas

Country Currencies

List Of Currencies By Country

The next chart outlines Western Europe, which can get very confusing!

A few years back, our family enjoyed a lovely Norwegian Cruise Lines 🛳 Western Mediterranean Cruise, which involved stops in a number of European countries.

We visited the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy on our cruise. It made for an interesting time finding out what country used the Euro and those that did not.

This chart makes it easy!

It also outlines some very interesting trivia and facts, on some of the currency used in various parts of Europe.

Western Europe Currencies

Western Europe Currency Chart

Asia and Australia Currencies

Asia and Australia Currencies

Asia and Australia Currency Chart

Finishing off, the last chart outlines the different currencies used in parts of Asia and Australia. On this chart and one destination that has become very popular in the last couple of years is the Maldives.

I would love to visit the spectacular 🏖 beaches in the Maldives one day, and had no idea what currency is used.

Did you know it is the Maldivian Rufiyaa?

Maldives Paper Currency

The present conversion rate is approximately .65 cents USD to 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Thanks to teletext holidays for putting this infographic chart together and sharing it with the world. I hope that these charts can be of use to you, when planning your next exciting holiday adventure abroad.

We’re off on our adventure of a lifetime to Tanzania – Africa, in September 2023. The currency used is the;
{Tanzanian Schilling}, with the conversion rate at approximately .43 cents USD to 1 Tanzanian Schilling.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“The Pound Sterling Is The World’s Oldest Known Currency That Is Still Being Used Today.”

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