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Sosua Beach-Dominican Republic {Travel Advisory Update}

Sosua Beach Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Sunset
Post Last Modified – July 03, 2024 ¦

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Sosua Beach – Village Of Sosua

Our first vacation abroad that my wife and I took together many years ago, was to …

🌺 Sosua Beach In The Dominican Republic 🌺

The village of Sosua is located in the northern section of this beautiful Caribbean Island,
and only four miles from the major city of; 🌴 Puerto Plata.

Sosua Bay Beach In The Domincan Republic

Beautiful Sosua Beach in the Dominican Republic

Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den - Sosua Beach

As mentioned, Sosua Beach was the first destination my wife and I traveled to in the Caribbean,
back in 1987. 

This area and the island at that time, was still mostly unknown to most travelers. But today, and
with the huge expansion of the now very popular resort destination of 🏖 Punta Cana, it is
now considered a world renowned 🏖 tropical vacation destination.

Unfortunately, Sosua is definitely not as popular today as it used to be,
and has become an area frequented by child sexual predators.
You can learn more about this disturbing problem that has been and unfortunately,
still taking place in Sosua, below.



Back in 2019, I watched an episode of W5 here in Canada, a similar investigative reporting television program to that of;
⏰ 60 Minutes ⏰ in the United States.
It outlined a very disturbing investigation into the child sex industry in Sosua.

It appears this area in the Dominican Republic, has become the number one destination for child sex offenders in the world.

We traveled to this part of the Domincan Republic many years ago, well before the renowned beach
resort destination {Punta Cana} was established.

At that time, it was beautiful!

As you can see in the 📸 photo I captured at that time {shown above}, Sosua Bay and its
main beach on Sosua Bay, was amazing.
My wife and I have such fond memories of taking our first vacation together there years ago.

It was such a shame to hear about this disturbing problem in this beautiful part of the Dominican.
I do hope the government and police are continuing to work diligently, to put a stop to this most
unfortunate problem that is taking place on the island.

Great Travel Deals

This is just a small region of the Dominican, as there are so many other beautiful areas to visit.
In fact and over the years, we have had the pleasure of enjoying;
4 amazing affordable tropical vacations with our kids and other family members, to this beautiful island.

There are some outstanding all inclusive resorts for you and your family to enjoy on other parts of the island.
All, offering excellent full package deals to take advantage of, as we have done over the years.

Holidays To Dominican Republic

I’ve listed the 🏝 Official Dominican Republic Tourism link below to their website.
It’s filled with excellent information and everything you need to know to start planning your
tropical vacation!

Dominican Republic Beach

🌅 Dominican Republic Tourism

Dominican Republic Banner

✈   Dominican Republic

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✨   Did You Know …

“The Dominican Republic Is The 2nd Largest Island In The Caribbean.”

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