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Private Cuban Landscape Tours {Bay of Pigs}

Cuban Landscape Tours

Cuban Landscape Tours
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The Bay of Pigs Tour – For History and Adventure

While on our wonderful vacation to 🏝 Varadero-Cuba a few seasons ago, we enjoyed two amazing Full Day Tours with …

🌺 Private Cuban Landscape Tours 🌺

Cuba is full of history and one of the pivotal locations in its history, is on the Caribbean side of the Island at; Playa Giron.

A Private Classic Car Tour To The Bay of Pigs

Cuban Revolution Sign

I love history and also have a passion for 🤿 scuba diving and snorkeling. Visiting {The Bay of Pigs} was definitely a tour I was not going to miss on our travels to Cuba.

Taking a 🚗 private tour has so many benefits, compared to that of your typical large 🚍 bus tour and surprisingly, doesn’t cost that much more either. 🙂

This tour offered the opportunity to visit this historic site, do some snorkeling and swimming in the bay. As well, take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the cenote, located steps away from the bay.

A Look At Our Day From Varadero To Playa Giron

Cuba Classic Car

Pick up time at our 🏨 resort hotel was as scheduled at 8 am. Our driver and tour guide with Private Cuban Landscape Tours, arrived in a beautifully restored 🚘 American Classic Car. What a treat to step back in time and enjoy a private ride and tour, in such an American Classic! 🙂

Our pick up time was perfect, as we were able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at our resort hotel, before beginning our 2 plus hour drive to the other side of the island.

Railroad Tracks Cuba

The journey to {The Bay of Pigs} by 🚗 car is about 123 kilometers, taking at least 2 ½ hours with a brief snack and 🚻 washroom break along the way.

This full day tour includes;

✔ Drive to the opposite side of the Island to the Zapata Peninsula, the largest wetlands of the Caribbean.

✔ View the beautiful countryside as you make your way across the island, passing by small towns and viewing the locals go about their daily lives.

Cuba Country Fruit Stand

✔ Visit also a 🐊 crocodile-breeding farm (small admission fee), which is considered one of the largest in America. Learn more about these reptiles and an opportunity to get up close and personal with them.

✔ Drive through the historic town of Playa Giron, and spend time swimming and snorkeling at the Bay of Pigs. Scuba diving at this site can also be arranged prior to embarking on your tour.

✔ Lunch (not included) at a lovely home based family restaurant.

Horse and Buggy Cuba

Of Special Note

This is your tour and can be tailored to suit you and your wishes. 🗺 Make stops where and when you want along the way.

This is the beauty of paying the little extra for a private guided tour!

Historic Coal Train Cuba

For example, along the way while passing through a small town, I spotted a small 🚂 historic train museum and asked our driver to stop for 📸 pictures.

Old Coal Train Cuba

Not a problem, your tour guide and driver are there to make your day as; special and memorable as possible.

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Brief History of the Bay of Pigs

Museo de la Intervencion

Playa Giron

Playa Giron was named after a not so popular 🏴  French Pirate, who arrived here in Cuba back in the 1600’s. The locals disapproved of him and subsequently ended his life here.

This main town situated along the Bay of Pigs, on the eastern end of the bay.

In 1961, the entire world was focused on this point on the map, as it became the battlefield for exiled Cuban troops and the army, of the newly created revolutionary government. In just over 72 hours, the national army regained the territory and this fact has become a symbol of resistance and autonomy for the country.

This was one of the main places where the invading troops disembarked for the; Bay of Pigs battle. The United States along with the CIA, attempted a raid in 1961 via Giron, but failed. The invasion lasted just three days and lead to Cuba overcoming the planned attack.

This Victory for Cuba is still remembered and especially in – Giron. The {Museo de la Intervencion} portrays this victory in the town center.

Bay of Pigs

Bay of Pigs Cuba

This is definitely a very popular destination for tourists visiting Cuba. Even upon our arrival in the morning, 🚌 buses and 🚕 taxis were beginning to arrive.

Cuban Landscape Tour Guide and Driver

The Caribbean Sea was a gorgeous deep blue color, crystal clear and outrageously warm. Outstanding for swimming, 🤿 snorkeling and diving!

Snorkeling Bay of Pigs

Across the road on the other side of the bay, there’s dense forest much of which is a protected national park. Here, you will find a small; Cenote pool. The near 🌅 fresh water pool was great for a cool dip to wash off the salt water, after swimming in the sea!

Cenote Swimming Cuba

Authentic Cuban Home Style Lunch

Restaurant La Finquita Cuba

After taking as much time as we liked at the bay, it was then time to head on back to Varadero, after a great morning snorkeling and swimming.

Just a short distance from the {Bay of Pigs}, we stopped at a lovely family run home based business, for an authentic Cuban lunch and a refreshing 🍺 Ice Cold Cerveza!

Classic Cuban Automobiles

I just couldn’t get over seeing the many beautifully restored 🚗 American Classic Cars in Cuba.  They were seen everywhere and some were to die for!

It is certainly worth paying just a little bit more for a tailored private tour. In most cases, it will surprise you just how little extra a private tour costs compared to that of a typical 🚌 large bus tour.

If you are planning a trip to Varadero or Havana, then do check out 🌴 Cuban Landscape Tours. They offer a variety of tours, both day and multiple day, that can be arranged to suit your wants and your schedule.

Be sure to check out my post and 📸 photos on our …

📸 Havana City Tour, 📸

also taken with 📸 Cuban Landscape Tours.

About Cuban Landscape Tours

Historic Building Cuba

Final Thoughts Banner

Cuban Landscape Tours is a; family owned and operated business, focusing on customer satisfaction and tailoring tours to your needs. Their team consisting of family members and close friends, has more than 15 years working in the travel industry.

Their vehicles (Classic American Cars) meet strict regular safety inspections in Cuba. The business is affiliated to “Taxi Cuba” having the credentials, to do local and inter-provincial travel. All vehicles and drivers are insured, as required by Cuban Law.

NCL Cruise Ship Jade

For those arriving by 🛳 Cruise Ship, no problem, your guide and driver will arrange to meet you right at the Pier.

Update Banner

Cuban Landscape Tours Logo


Unfortunately at this time, it appears this business is no longer operating. However, be sure to check the many other private classic car tour companies operating in Cuba. Taking a private classic car tour is definitely worthwhile! logo

I’ve listed the Official Cuba Tourist Board of Canada link below, to their website for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information to assist in your travel planning to this beautiful island in the Caribbean.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Cuba’s exact location. 🗺

✈ – tourism

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All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
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✨   Did You Know …

“The Official Name For The Caribbean Island Of Cuba Is – The Republic Of Cuba.”

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