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Scuba Diving In Varadero Cuba {Review}

Scuba Diving In Varadero Cuba
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Scuba Diving In Varadero Cuba Review

Post Last Modified – May 17, 2024 ¦

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Outstanding Scuba Diving In Varadero Cuba

One of the things I still love to do when taking a tropical vacation, is to spend a day 🤿 scuba diving. I’ve had the pleasure over the years of diving in many parts of the world, including …

🌺 Scuba Diving In Varadero Cuba 🌺

Our Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Tour


Dive Shop Varadero Cuba


My wife is not a scuba diver, but does enjoy 🤿 snorkeling and coming along, while I’m out on the water on a diving excursion. Many of the dive shops in and around Varadero offer excellent dive packages, where non divers can also join in on the fun.

Usually, it’s for a very minimal extra charge, but definitely worth it!

I selected a popular dive package in this area, with 🐠 Atlantis Varadero Dive Shop. What they offered, looked perfect for the two of us. Their package included;

✔ A 2 tank reef and wreck dive by boat;

✔ Snorkeling for non divers;

✔ Buffet lunch at 🏝 Cayo Blanco Island;

✔ Dolphin Experience;

✔ Transfers to and from our hotel.

As I only dive when traveling now and because I’m not as young as I used to be, I enjoy diving at comfortable depths to 100 feet maximum. This dive was perfect and the wreck we were going to be diving on was at about 80 feet maximum.

Prices at the time of our visit a few seasons ago:
Buceo Plus – Certified Divers; 99.00 cuc
Snorkeling Plus/ Companion; 79.00 cuc

Prices most certainly have changed over the years and the Cuba Convertible Peso {CUC} is no longer used.

A Look At Our Scuba Diving And Tour Excursion

Fishing Boat in Varadero



Hotel Pick Up And Drop Off

With all the different tours taken while in Varadero, our scheduled pick up times at our 🏨 hotel, were as planned. This was no exception and our 🚌 driver was right on time!

It was just a few minutes ride to the small marina, where our 🛥 boat would be departing from.

After arriving at the marina, required forms were completed and dive gear and wetsuits were gathered for departure.

To the dismay of other divers, we did have to wait for at least {30 to 45 more minutes} out in the hot sun, for our boat to arrive at the dock. However, this gave me a chance to meet and have a picture taken with the manager of the dive shop, who I made our booking with.


Two Excellent Boat Dives


Varadero Boat Pier


After our delay, we were then on our way to our first dive location, which was at least 30 minutes away. It was nice to feel the 🌊 ocean breeze after waiting in the ☀ hot sun, relax and enjoy the view on our way out.

It also gave us a chance to meet our fellow divers, who had also joined this tour.

The two dives were excellent!  

Water was crystal clear, warm and lots to see. Diving on the wreck was great. It was an; old steel tug boat and now acting as an artificial reef. There was abundant of 🐠 marine life in and around the submerged vessel.


Scuba Diving Cuba


These were two wonderful dives, that were just perfect for beginner or intermediate divers. Even experienced divers like myself, that prefer not to deep dive any longer, will certainly enjoy these dives.  

Unfortunately, my wife really didn’t get an opportunity to snorkel at these locations, because of the depth we were at for both our dives. As well, the water unfortunately, was quite choppy as well at the time.


Scuba Diving in Varadero


This was a little disappointing, as we were told there would be great 🤿 snorkeling for her at both dive sites.

Helpful Tips Banner

If you are booking a; dive/snorkel package, make sure you’re going to a dive location where snorkeling is easily accessible and shallow enough for others in your group to enjoy.

Lunch At Cayo Blanco

Cayo Blanco Island Cuba


After our two dives, it was then off to the 🏝 Island of Cayo Blanco for our buffet lunch.

Located about thirty minutes by boat from the Varadero area peninsula, this island is a very popular and extremely touristy destination.


Catamaran Tour Boat Cuba


This is where the ⛵ catamaran tour excursions from Varadero end up, making the island extremely busy with tourists.

We only had a short time for lunch, so we didn’t really have a chance to explore the island for what it’s known for; pristine white sand 🏖 beach and crystal clear waters!

As for the buffet? Well, not quite what we expected. 🙁

It’s an open buffet for all the tours arriving to the island, not a lunch exclusive to us. The food was disappointing to say the least. Hot dishes were cold, canned vegetables, limp salad and so on. I’m sure you get the jist. There was an open bar with 🍺 cold beer, so that was a bonus! 🙂

Huge loud music 🔊 speakers were on the beach outside the buffet area. If you’re looking for peace and quiet on a small island paradise, don’t bother. This is more of a party type atmosphere, with lousy food. The open all-inclusive bar seemed to be the main attraction here.

👣 Footnote 👣

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TrustedHousesitters - The Freedom To Travel

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The Dolphin Experience


Dolphin Experience Cuba


After lunch and just across from the island, was the 🐬 dolphin experience. There’s an enclosed dolphin pen, where you get an opportunity to get up and close with the dolphins.

The trainers also put on a show for everyone to watch.


Friendly Pelican in Cuba


The brief show put on by the dolphin trainers and feeding was quite entertaining. Although captive, it appeared the dolphins were well looked after in their enclosure.

It was a nice way to finish off our dive package excursion.


Scuba Diving in Cuba


✔ Pick up at our hotel was as scheduled;

✔ Dive equipment supplied was in good shape. We did bring our own masks, snorkels and fins with us;

✔ The dive sites chosen for our dives were excellent. The dives were not deep, the marine life and the wreck we dove on, were great;

✔ The dive boat was an older deep sea fishing vessel, not a dive boat. Comfortable, but crowded with divers, crew and equipment;

✔ Staff were friendly and supplied a cooler with cold water;

✔ Dolphin experience was entertaining.


👎 After arriving at the dock and fitted with wetsuit and equipment, we were kept waiting for up to an hour, standing around for departure in the hot sun;

👎 Dive master did not go over any safety procedures with us, prior to entering the water on our two dives. There were no instructions as to where we were diving, or what we were going to see.

This could have made novice divers a little uncomfortable, not knowing what to expect or not having a safety briefing;

👎 The vessel was not equipped with a proper ladder for divers, making it extremely difficult climbing back up into the boat after each dive;

👎 The dive sites selected were not appropriate for snorkeling, as was previously mentioned to us.

The water was too deep for my wife to enjoy any time in the water, for her to snorkel and see any marine life or reefs.

👎 Lunch on the island was very poor, but the beer was cold! 🙂

👎 After arriving back to the dock, we had to wait at least another 30 minutes, for our shuttle bus to take us back to the hotel.


Final Thoughts Banner

For me, the dives were very enjoyable and the equipment supplied was in good condition. It was a fun outing on the water for the two of us, but things certainly could be improved overall for a professional dive shop in Varadero.

This is our personal experience and feedback on our day spent on this dive tour. I would definitely recommend checking out other reviews on TripAdvisor for example, or any other review sites, before booking your dives.

I’ve listed the official 🏝 Cuba Tourist Board’s link below to their website, for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information to assist in your travel planning to this beautiful island in the Caribbean.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the island’s exact location. 🗺


gocuba logo

🏝 Cuba Tourist Board 🏝

👣 Footnote 👣

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It has been a few seasons since our dive excursion, so if you have any updated information to pass on or recommendation, please do send me an 📧 email {Contact Me} and I will be sure to add it to this post. 🧐 ✨   Did You Know …

“The Daiquiri Cocktail Was Invented In The Historic La Floridita Bar In Old Havana, Cuba.”

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