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Cheap Holidays To Cuba {Exploring}

Old Cars of Cuba
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Cheap Holidays to Cuba

Post Last Modified – April 28, 2024 ¦

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You Can Enjoy Cheap Holidays To Cuba

Our family has been fortunate enough to have traveled to Cuba for an affordable all inclusive beach vacation, 3 times now in past years. One of the main reasons is the beautiful beaches, and that the incredible all inclusive package deals offered from 🍁 Canada.
All making for wonderful …

🌺 Cheap Holidays to Cuba 🌺

There are some fantastic deals to 🏝 Cuba, that come along most anytime of the year. You just have to know where to look and how to find them.

Excellent package holidays to Cuba do surface quite regularly, just waiting for you and your family to take advantage of. First, check out this short 📹 YouTube video on one of my favorite travel destinations in Cuba … Holguin. 

Something to get you thinking about planning that wonderful Tropical Caribbean vacation! 🙂

Holguin Cuba TripCentral YouTube Video

When I think of Cuba the first things that come to mind are …

   Tropical Island Destination;
   ✔ Hot sun, soft sand, beautiful beaches;
   ✔ People;
   ✔ Cigars;
   ✔ Fidel Castro.

A Brief Look At The Island Of Cuba

Cheap Holidays Cuba Banner

With the largest population of all the 🌴 Caribbean Islands with over 11 million people, the 🏝 island covers a whopping 745 miles in length.

Christopher Columbus landed and claimed this beautiful island in 1492 for the Kingdom of Spain.

The current Cuban government, previously led by Fidel Castro, is considered in the natural world as “authoritarian”. Socialism has controlled the country for over 50 years and certainly has taken their toll on the economy and much more.

Tourism is very important for Cuba and recent lifts on United States restrictions are now easing, making the country accessible to Americans.

Planning Cheap Holidays In Cuba

Cheap Holidays To Cuba – Havana

Old Cuba Holiday Poster

The City of Havana of is the largest in the Caribbean and your vacation should include a tour of this historic and vibrant city. It’s very easy to get to the city from the famous beach resort area of 🏖 Varadero.

Old Havana in the city’s historic heart, was named an official {UNESCO World Heritage} site. The cities architecture, sites and people will surely amaze you.

Havana is like taking a step back in time, complete with 1940’s area North American classic cars roaming the streets!

Havana is a “Must See” when vacationing in Cuba. Tours are easily booked from any resort you may be staying at while in Cuba.

 All Inclusive Resorts In Cuba

Cheap Holidays To Cuba

Cuba holidays are continuously advertised as some of the … 

🌅 Cheapest All Inclusive Vacations 🌅

packages we all look for. 

There are numerous excellent 🍹 all inclusive resorts around Cuba to choose from. A variety of accommodations that should fit well into your holiday budget plans.

Old Havana Plaza

Our family enjoyed a terrific vacation at a ⭐ 3 star resort in Holquin, Cuba just a few years ago. The one thing that stood out among the rest of the Caribbean Islands we have visited in the past, is how friendly the Cuban people are.

As well, how safe you feel at all times traveling within the country.

Cheap All Inclusive Vacations To Cuba

Holquin Cuba Sunset

For the majority of families traveling to Cuba for a 1 or 2 week vacation, all inclusive family vacations are the top choice for most.

The reasons being are:

    ✨ Value
    ✨ Convenience
    ✨ Worry Free
    ✨ Safety

Great Travel Deals

In my experience traveling, the month of January has always been excellent, for great prices during peak season months. Many people travel thru the 🎄 Christmas holidays and especially those with children. Once school is back in session in January, prices seem to drop nicely for this month.

Our family enjoyed all inclusive family vacations for many years because of this. This country is no exception, and there are many excellent {all inclusive package holidays} in Cuba to select from.

online travel agent

Just contact your local travel agency or go online and choose a reputable travel booking company, that specialize in all inclusive vacations.

There are many …

👩 Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent, 👩

including finding you the best deals out there.

The best thing is, generally it doesn’t cost you anything when you book your vacation with them. Your local professional travel consultant, can find you the best possible deals out there!

Cheap Holidays To Cuba

👣 Footnote 👣

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Favorite Beach Destinations In Cuba

Cheap Vacations to Cuba

Holguin Cuba Coastline

The most popular Cuba beaches and most frequented by visitors are:

 🌴 Varadero Beach

 🌴 Cayo Largo Beach

 🌴 Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo Beach

 🌴 Cayo Santa Maria beach

 🌴 Guardalavaca Beach

 🌴 Santa Lucia Beach

All these areas are unique in their own way and perfect for your family holiday in Cuba. It’s just a matter of personal choice where you would like to visit. 

The most popular among North American’s is Varadero. My wife and I enjoyed a third trip to Cuba and 🏖 Varadero Beach last season and it was as beautiful as ever.

Varadero Beach Tops The List

Planning Cheap Holidays In Cuba

Old Varadero Cuba Poster

Varadero is located on the North West corner of the island, fronting the beautiful and warm Atlantic Ocean. 

A resort town with a population of over 20,000 people, it is a tourist favorite and easily accessible with flights to ✈ Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport.


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Critics have said that the quality of Varadero’s beaches are among the best to be found anywhere in the world. We have enjoyed 2 beach vacations to Varadero and I agree completely.

The beach is amazing!

Varadero Beachfront Cuba

The beach stretches for over 13 miles with many world class 🤿 dive locations off shore. The area boasts beautiful {Cuba Package Holidays} resorts to choose from, with a vast selection to suit all budgets.

Holquin – Best Pick Destination

The Best Cuba Vacation Packages

Guardalavaca beach in Holguin Cuba

When our family selected an all inclusive vacations Cuba holiday package, we decided on Holquin. Located further south from Varadero, but still on the north end of the island. Holquin is a busy city with a population of over 300,000.

✈ Frank Pais International Airport  is conveniently located, as that of Varadero for vacationers.

Stunning Beaches

Holguin Cuba Beach

Located a short distance from the city is a lovely stretch of beach, complete with coral reefs located right offshore. 

A snorkeler’s delight! 🤿

It’s called; Guardalavaca Beach and is known for excellent swimming in crystal clear waters and beautiful soft sand on shore. Explore its amazing coral reefs, which are easily accessible for most anyone right offshore.

What more could you ask for! 😀

There are just a handful of resorts in the area to choose from, for your all inclusive resort vacation. This is why I personally selected Holquin for this vacation. The area being much smaller than Varadero, quieter and the beautiful coral reefs just offshore, for superb snorkeling.

We were not disappointed!


It tends to be 🌬 windy and cooler in January at times, which we did in fact experience for several days.  Although it was sunny and clear skies the entire time, the wind did prevent us from enjoying water sports on many occasions.

One can never predict the weather, but I was forewarned by friends and they were right. So you may want to consider visiting this part of the island at a different time.

I have included just a taste of two of the wonderful beach resort areas in Cuba for you to think about.

Take A Cuba Cigar Factory Tour

Cuba Cigars

I am sure when most of us think of Cuba, we think of those Cuban Cigars that everyone rants and raves about worldwide.  It really is a unique experience for the whole family to include a trip to a Cigar Factory.

It’s amazing to watch people sitting for hours on end, hand rolling fine Cigars for the world to enjoy.

No machines, no robots, no high tech factories one would expect in the natural world.  Just happy people of all ages, sitting at their little desks rolling tobacco with fine precision, into world re-known hand crafted Cuban Cigars.

Cigars can be purchased on site and at very reasonable prices one would never expect. A Cigar Factory Tour is a must see when vacationing anywhere in Cuba!


Beware of those Fake Cigar Vendors while in Cuba.  Be sure to check out my detailed post on …

🚬 Cuban Cigar Scams 🚬

and be sure you are purchasing authentic Cuban Cigars!

Beautiful Scenery Found Everywhere in Cuba

Cuba Oceanfront Scenery

A Few Facts About Cuba

Cars of Cuba


Cuba uses the Cuban peso

Cuban Peso

There is a departure tax and must be paid when leaving in 💵 cash only. Be sure to check with your travel agent what the tax is at that time and put aside the amount required, if not already included in your vacation package.

Tourist Card
The tourist card allows its holder to stay in Cuba for 90 days from the date of entry into the country, and is valid for 1 entry into Cuba. Children, regardless of their age, also require a tourist card.

Tourist cards should be available with your airline at the airport. When booking your all inclusive vacations to Cuba, double check with your travel agency just to be sure!


travel documents

🛂 Required for every tourist of any age when entering Cuba

Best Time to Visit

March, April October and November are the months with the nicest weather and less rain;

The high season in Cuba is July / August;

Peak Season is December / January/ February (Canadians);

Hurricane season is from June 1 till November 30.

Typical Cars of Cuba

Can You Name the Make and Model of this Car?

Old Cars of Cuba

For more information, I’ve included a link to one of the Cuba Tourist Board’s website I’ve below for your convenience. It’s filled with lots of helpful information to assist in your travel planning.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the island’s exact location. 🗺

gocuba logo

🏝  Go Cuba

American Citizens – Searching For Cheap Holidays To Cuba

American’s are now allowed to enter Cuba, but with strict restrictions in place. Contact your local travel agency for more information. You can also visit the website below for more detailed entry information.

U.S. Department of State Logo

🚥 U.S. Dept. of State


The article below states that more Americans are traveling to Cuba then ever before. In 2012, 98,000 U.S. Citizens visited Cuba. This does not include the more than 350,000 Cuban Americans that return home.

Americans in Cuba

Yes – You Really Can Afford Cuba

Cuba is an experience unlike any other. Culture, history, beautiful beaches and friendly people, add up to a wonderful vacation experience. So check with your local travel agency or get online and get started planning your – Cheap Holidays To Cuba!

On our last visit a couple of seasons ago, we stayed at the wonderful …

🏖 Iberostar Bella Costa 🏖

all inclusive resort. It was an amazing stay and a very affordable resort as well, located right on the beach in Varadero.

Update Banner

Update – Great News For Canadians

COVID-19 TRAVEL update

The Cuba Ministry of Tourism announced, new covid measures are now in effect. These new measures will be for ALL Canadian passengers arriving to Cuba (including Cuban citizens and foreigner residents of Cuba.)

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is Not required for Cuba, for visitors coming from 🍁 Canada. Travelers must still have valid health insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

All travelers must complete an {online customs and health declaration} form a maximum of 48 hours before departure to Cuba. For more detailed up to date travel information, I’ve listed the Official Cuba Tourism website below for your convenience.

✨ Go Cuba Varadero – What To Expect ✨

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🏝 Discover The Island of Cuba! 🏝

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✨   Did You Know …

“There Are Over 70,000 Qualified Doctors In Cuba.”

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