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New Canada Air Passenger Regulations {Update}

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New Canada Air Passenger Regulations

Post Last Modified – May 02, 2023 ¦


New Canada Air Passenger Regulations – Delayed & Cancelled Flights

New Canada Air Passenger Regulations

New federal rules were introduced in 🍁 Canada back in December of 2020, allowing compensation for delayed and cancelled flights. This was a first step in the right direction with the government introducing – New Canada Air Passenger Regulations.

Below, check out this {Canadian Global News} – 📹 YouTube video interview with – Canadian Transportation Minister Marc Garneau, on Canada’s New Air Passenger “Bill of Rights.”

Canada’s Air Passenger “Bill of Rights” – Global News Youtube Video



Compensation To Be Awarded For Flight Delays

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The {Government of Canada} is taking steps in the right direction, with the new rules implemented.

However, travel experts warn that although these new rules are welcomed, there exists a lot of {loopholes}, for airlines to get around this.

For instance, not every flight will be covered and it will also be up to passengers themselves to apply to the airlines, for compensation.

Hopefully this will be reversed, with the airlines automatically having to compensate passengers for their delayed or cancelled flights.

Below, the graph shows what you can expect to receive based on {hours of delay}, for both large and small airlines. Certainly better than nothing!

These new air passengers regulations are to cover all airlines either coming to, from or flying within 🍁 Canada.

Bumped From A Flight And Lost Baggage Compensation

Delayed Damaged Or Lost Baggage

Compensation for being bumped from your booked flight and/or the airlines losing your 🧳 baggage, came into effect in the summer of 2019.

The new regulations provide passengers up to 💰 $2,400 for being {bumped}, from their reserved flight.

I can’t think of anything more devastating than being bumped from your flight!

Especially so, if you were just on your way to that long awaited 🏝 vacation.

Knock on wood, this has never happened to us thus far.

We have known others that have had their travels dramatically affected from this {inexcusable behavior}, that airlines have gotten away with for years!

Compensation for lost or damaged 🧳 baggage can be as high as – $2,100.

Compensation For Flight Delays

Compensation For Flight Delays

With these new regulations, airlines will be responsible for re-booking or refunding passengers when flights are delayed. This includes searching for and using a competing airline.

As well during the delay, the airline is required to provide 🥪 food, 🥃 drink and 🏨 accommodations to affected passengers, depending on the time of delay. 

For those traveling with children aged 14 and under, they must now allow the child to sit near an accompanying adult, at no extra charge.

Numerous Loopholes Still Plaguing New Regulations

WestJet Airlines

Travel experts believe there still needs to be some hardline enforceable rules taken with the airlines regarding compensation to passengers.

🍁Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) spokesperson Ian Jack said the new Canadian compensation rules are not perfect.


“There are loopholes in there that airlines could take advantage of,” he said. 🍁 “There’s a clear financial incentive on the face of it for a carrier to classify a problem as being weather related, or mechanically related, because then they can save themselves potentially thousands of dollars for one flight.”

Concerns With New Regulations

Travel Experts Logo

Industry experts worry that airlines may simply use the excuse of weather and/or new mechanical issues to avoid having to compensate passengers, when there really isn’t a problem for either to fly.

Update Banner
Update September 2022


I’m sure those of who love to travel, have been aware of the chaos that has plagued airports around the world. To make matters worse, ✈ Toronto Pearson Airport has been listed as the worst this summer in the world with; Flight Delays, Cancellations, Lost Luggage and more! I received this in my 📧 email inbox, outlining how airlines are managing to get around these new regulations quite easily.


“Air Canada is denying compensation to passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled due to staffing shortages, something all businesses are dealing with these days. Air Canada is claiming that the disruptions are a “safety issue”—a potential violation of federal regulations, according to the Canadian Transportation Agency.”


New regulations Effective September 08, 2022

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Starting September 08, if a flight is delayed {3 hours or more}, or {is cancelled} and the reasons are outside the airline’s control and if the airline is not able to provide the passenger with a confirmed reservation on the next available flight, by that airline or a partner within 48 hours of the initial departure time; the passenger has a choice of choosing a {refund or alternate travel arrangements} at no cost.

Alternate arrangements include {large airlines} to; rebook the passenger on the next available flight of any airline, including its competitors.

“Passengers are free to change their decision and choose a refund at any time before being provided a confirmed reservation on an alternate flight,” the Canadian Transportation Agency writes in its updated regulations.

If a passenger chooses a refund, the airline is; required to refund the unused portion of their ticket. This also includes any unused add-ons such as; the cost of additional checked luggage for example.

On a positive note and with these new rules, airlines are required to document the reasons for each flight delay and cancellation.

They also must report their reasons for flight disruptions to ✈ Transport Canada.

File A Formal Air Travel Complaint


According to the new regulations, passengers must receive compensation from the airlines within {48 hours}, of being denied boarding.

If you have difficulty in dealing with the airlines themselves, the next step is to file a formal complaint to the Canadian Transportation Agency – Air Passenger Protection.

I have listed their official website link below for your convenience. Their website offers much more in depth coverage on – Knowing Your Rights, Filing A Complaint and Tips For Travelers.

Canadian Transportation Agency

🚥   Air Passenger Protection

Let’s hope these new rules will assist passengers down the road in receiving just compensation for flight delays, cancellations and especially for being bumped from a 💺 reserved seat just prior to their flight.  


Final Thoughts Banner

Remember, it’s still up to you to know your rights and eligibility for compensation.

Unfortunately at this time, still with these New Canada Air Passenger Regulations, you have to submit a formal complaint to the airline and/or to the Canadian Transportation Agency.

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Update April 2023


The Canadian Federal Government is once again re-writing the rules around air passenger rights. This coming as a result of the chaos that occurred last season with all the flight disruptions, cancellations, lost baggage and so much more affecting airline passengers.


Canadian air passenger rights changes put burden of proof on airlines, not travellers.


You can read more about the upcoming changes to deal with the present “loopholes” in the link below.


City News – Canadian Air Passenger Rights ✈


Keeping our fingers crossed for some positive changes for air travelers down the road! 🤞

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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