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How To Prevent Illness While On Vacation

Prevent Illness While On Vacation

Post Last Modified – July 21, 2023 ¦

5 Specific Ways To Prevent Illness While On Vacation

We all look forward to our vacation when we do get them. It’s good to get a way from it all and de-stress.

If you are going to travel and if especially by ✈ air, did you know 20 percent of plane passengers reported respiratory symptoms within a week of flying in one study? It’s especially important to take certain precautions, to help you; Stay Healthy.

Below, are just five ways to cut down your chances of getting 🤧 sick and/or help …

🌺 Prevent Illness While On Vacation. 🌺

First, take a look at this very short 📹 video from 🏥 Sunnybrook Hospital, on ways to avoid illness when traveling.

Tips To Avoid Illness While Travelling – YouTube Video

How To Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Sick 

Jumbo Jet

We all need a break from our daily routine, even if your vacation means just staying at home and relaxing. You’re able to give your brain a break, and allow yourself to; Reset and Recover.

Perhaps you’re embarking on that long awaited vacation.  That’s even better!

Getting out of your familiar surroundings and exposing yourself to; new places, experiences, new food and culture. We all want to make sure, we do enjoy our time away and without getting sick.

Rest & Get Plenty Of Sleep

Prevent Illness While On Vacation #1

Motion Sickness

But what stinks about traveling? ❓ Getting sick!🤢 It happens, especially when people you’re exposed to unfamiliar places and people. This is when we can be most vulnerable and pick up unwanted germs.

It’s important to get enough rest and plenty of sleep, before and during your travels. This will help keep you immune system strong, to help fight illness.

Air Travel Illness Cartoon

Unfortunately, getting sick does happen for many of us, while we’re away on vacation. Or, even after you return home. There are a few steps that you can take in order to lessen the risk of getting ill.

For example, do a simple check on any health recommendations and/or requirements, that may be necessary for the destination you’re planning to visit.

Be sure to check out my latest post here on getting …

💉 Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad. 💉
Many countries you may be visiting, require certain vaccinations in order to enter, in order to stay healthy.

Of course, we’re all aware of the devastating global pandemic, and where covid vaccinations were required for travel to many countries worldwide. It’s important to check on the local requirements, that may still be in place to enter a certain country.

Stay Hydrated – Drink Plenty Of Water

Prevent Illness While On Vacation #2


drinking water

Health officials suggest, definitely staying away from 🚱 tap water and drinking only bottled or purified water only.

Remember, even ice can even make you sick as well, unless you absolutely know it’s purified. Your body is not used to the different forms of bacteria in unfamiliar water, and it will make you sick!

Get Up To Date On Travel Vaccines

Prevent Illness While On Vacation #3


As previously mentioned, getting those extra vaccinations that are advised and required for certain areas, is important. Together with simple things such as; getting plenty of sleep and eating well, can keep you healthy and your immune system strong.

What else is on the agenda for a healthy vacation? ❓ Check out the infographic below for a few more helpful tips.

Wash Your Hands Often

Prevent Illness While On Vacation #4

Prevent Illness While On Vacation

Without a doubt and probably the most important thing for you to do, is to wash your hands often. Keeping your hands clean and away from your mouth and eyes, will definitely help greatly in preventing illness.

This is definitely high on the list of things to do, in order to help prevent illness. Be mindful of what you touch in public places. Door handles, tables and so on. They all carry huge amounts of unhealthy germs.

Stay Active During Your Travels

Prevent Illness While On Vacation #5

Staying active is also a great way to avoid getting sick, both at home and when away traveling.

🚶 Exercise keeps your immune system strong and will increase your energy level as well. Any form of exercise done each day, will definitely help keep the 👩 doctor away!

How To Stay Healthy On Vacation – Micrographic

How to Cut Down Your Chances of Getting Sick During or After a Vacation
  1. Get Up To Date On Travel Vaccines
  2. Rest & Get Plenty Of Sleep
  3. Stay Hydrated
  4. Keep Your Hands Clean
  5. Stay Active


Final Thoughts Banner


Update 2023 COVID-19 TRAVEL update

I am sure we are all aware of the practices that were and still may be, in effect for preventing this dreaded pandemic. As a quick reminder and especially if you are traveling by 🛫 air, 🚆 rail or 🚍 bus;

☞   Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating;   ☞   Carry hand sanitizer and use regularly;   ☞   Avoid touching any surfaces used by others;   ☞   Consider still wearing a face mask within heavily congested indoor public places;

Above all … Be safe and Stay Safe Always!


Below, I’ve also included a link to {Cedars Sinai} blog post on; 8 Expert Tips to Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel. Just a few extra helpful tops on staying healthy when away traveling.

Cedars-Sinai is a nonprofit academic healthcare organization.

Cedars Sinai Logo

📖 Cedars Sinai Blog – Expert Tips To Avoid Getting Sick 📖

Original Glutathione Supplement

One other very important thing we do to maintain our overall health & wellness, is by taking a daily Probiotic before and during travel. As well, we take a health supplement for a number of years now. It is an {All Natural Glutathione Supplement}. One that absorbs at a Cellular Level.

If you are interested in learning more about {Glutathione} and its health benefits, be sure to check out my article here on

🌺 Glutathione For Max Health 🌺
and my additional posts on this subject.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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  ✨   Did You Know …

“Scientific Research Has Proven Travel Vacations Reduce Stress, Keep Your Body Healthy & Boost Brain Health.”

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