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Planning A Diet {Healthy For Traveling}

Healthy Travel Diet
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Diet Healthy Plan For Traveling
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Keeping To A Strict Diet – Healthy For Traveling

In this post, I’m going to offer a few simple tips on why you should always try to stick to a …

🌺 Diet Healthy Plan, 🌺

when traveling.

This is especially important if you ✈ travel abroad to a foreign destination. I know a big part of that long awaited vacation, is to let loose and forget about trying to eat right and stay healthy.

That’s great, but as we get older, as I can attest to, things change over the years. For us baby boomers and retirees, it’s especially important to stay on a healthy track, and not get too carried away when traveling.

For us at this age, even more so and we should particularly pay closer attention to what we eat and drink while away. Here’s a quick, but very informative YouTube 📹 video, on making sure to pack some healthy snacks when traveling away from home.

Something we always do and make sure we have added it to our 📝 travel packing list!

Smart Tips YouTube Video – Healthy Foods To Travel With

Some simple tips and great advice from 🍑 Nutrition & Fitness Expert (JJ Virgin), at Smart Tips.

Tips For Keeping A Healthy Diet During Travel

Diet Healthy Plan For Traveling – Water

Diet Healthy For Traveling

Sure you can go out and have a great time, indulge and forget about your stress and worries while away. It’s important though, to take a few moments from the day and be sure to 🚶 exercise and eat some 🍌 healthy food as well.

When we’re away on vacation, we always try to make sure to eat balanced meals, along with plenty of fluids (water). My wife and I always include some form of 🎾 exercise each day we’re away, as well.

Eating and exercise can really help, especially when you’re traveling abroad.  Your system has to adjust to often times, some drastic changes that you may experience while away.
For example;

✈ Jet Lag from those long haul flights;

⏰ Drastic Time Change resulting in sleep disruption;

🥣 Unfamiliar Foods Introduced to your system.

drinking water

I always encourage people to drink plenty of {purified water} throughout the day. Keeping hydrated is vitally important for keeping the system flushed, and also can help reduce the symptoms of jet lag tremendously!

🚰 Drinking lots of water can also help reduce the chances of getting sick, and may also help prevent annoying ailments such as;

✔ Travelers Diarrhea;
✔ Constipation;
✔ Jet Lag;
✔ Lack of energy.

Just to name a few of those annoying travel illnesses many people experience when traveling to different destinations around the world. 🗺

A Balanced Diet Healthy For Vacations

Diet Healthy Plan For Traveling – Balanced Diet Helps Prevent Illness

Diet Healthy For Travel

Staying healthy and trying to eat a balanced and healthy diet, will certainly increase your chances of having an illness free, safe and enjoyable vacation.

Non Drinkable Water Sign

Be on guard at all times when drinking water in restaurants or any other places for that matter.

I always ask if the water is purified and if it’s not or unsure, 🚱 I stay away from it. Without a doubt, drinking strange water is the; Number One Cause of contracting those nasty gastrointestinal issues, some of which I’ve listed above.

Mojito Cocktail Drink

Also, if you like 🧊 ice in your drinks, make sure you know where that ice has come from! 😕

Ice Cubes Need To Be Purified Too!

As difficult as it may be, try to eat one healthy meal a day, along with some fruits and vegetables. 

It really is not that difficult, when you just take a moment and think about what you are about to order from the restaurant menu, or grab from the buffet.

Try to include a 🥗 healthy salad, nutritional soup and so on in your meals. Instead of ordering every meal that is loaded with fat, calories and has very little nutritional value to boot!

Ordering healthy items from the menu just takes a little more will power, but your body will thank you for it!

Healthy Travel

👣 Footnote 👣

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Ingredient To A Healthy Vacation

Diet Healthy Plan For Traveling – Fitness

Cruise Ship in Victoria British Columbia

We all love a carefree vacation. After all, isn’t that what holiday time is all about? 🙂

Certainly, but did you know that the average weight gain per person on a typical seven night 🛳 cruise vacation is … 8 pounds!

Yep and you know why? ❓ 

Because those average people did nothing but eat and eat, with little or no exercise at all during that time. I know from experience, one of the biggest highlights and enjoyment of ⚓ cruise holidays or those amazing all inclusive vacations, is the fantastic dining! 😯

I’ve certainly overindulged many times on our previous cruise and resort vacations with my family. But at the same time, I always made sure I worked off those extra calories consumed each day.

Cruise Vacation Fun

Part of the fun of cruising and all inclusive resort vacations, is also getting involved in the endless amount of activities provided.

There are excellent fitness studios with exercise classes, 🚶 walking/jogging tracks, fun and games and so much more, to keep you entertained and healthy at the same time. I love to eat plenty while away, but I make sure I burn those excess calories before or after indulging.

It’s even doubly important as we get older because, it’s twice as hard to burn that fat away, when we’re not quite as 🏋 active as we used to be!

It really is not that hard, and your body will love you for it! All it takes is a little will power and effort on your part.

All Inclusive Cruise Vacations

If it is a cruise or one of those all inclusive resort vacations you are embarking on, be sure to maintain a healthy diet plan, while enjoying your holidays at the same time.

👣 Footnote 👣

⚓ Take An Exciting Cruise Vacation! ⚓

If you choose to book on your own, one very reputable long standing online booking website I like and have used in the past, with excellent results is …

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Online Exclusives – Find the Perfect Cruise

MedicineNet Logo

🪔 MedicineNet 🪔 is a great website to check out for more information.

It’s packed with numerous and informative articles on travel health and much more.

Final Thoughts Banner

So go have a great vacation with your family, but don’t forget to eat a healthy meal during the day and get your exercise too. 

You’ll be glad you did!

Original Glutathione Supplement

One other very important thing we do to maintain our overall health & wellness, is by taking a daily Probiotic and another health supplement we’ve been taking for years now. It is an {All Natural Glutathione Supplement}. One that absorbs at a Cellular Level.

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🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified &/Or That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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“Science Has Proven That Taking A Vacation Can Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease.”

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