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Surviving Long Haul Flights {In Economy Class}

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Surviving Long Haul Flights
Post Last Modified – May 08, 2023 ¦

Surviving Those Long Haul Flights In Economy Class

For the majority of us who embark on air travel these days, we have to endure the ever increasingly uncomfortable option of 💺 economy class. 

So after a few long distance flights in the last few of years, I’ve put together a few tips along with this colorful infographic on ✈ Surviving Long Haul Flights.

With these tips, it just might make your next {🛫 long distance flight}, just a little more bearable!

A few seasons back, I took the longest non-stop flight ever and survived the flight in {economy class}, surprisingly well. The flight was 13 1/2 hours in length from 🍁 Vancouver, BC to 💮 New Delhi, India.

It was a long one for sure! 😩

Tips On Surviving Your Next Long Haul Flight In Economy

Turkish Airlines Airplane

What To Do Before You Travel

Surviving Long Haul Flights Tip #1

First and foremost when flying economy class, is trying to secure a 💺 seat that you are going to be reasonably happy with.

If we’re flying economy class and which is usually most of the time, I definitely will pay that 💰 extra fee for; advanced 💺 seat selection.

I always prefer an 💺 aisle seat and I like to be as close to the front of the aircraft as possible. This is a matter of personal preference, and should be one that suits you best.

I like to get up and out of my seat a lot, throughout the entire flight!

I need to 🧍 stretch, use the 🚻 toilet and just get out of that seat when ever I want to. Unless of course, the seatbelt sign is on due to 🛫 turbulence.

I don’t want to have to ask those seated next to me, to move each time I want to get up. This especially on long haul flights, where they may be 💤 sleeping more often than not.

Reclining Airplane Seats

I also like the open space and not that cramped feeling of being in a middle or window seat.

This is my preference only, but unless you don’t mind a 🐖 middle seat, then it’s always a good idea to take advantage of advance seat selection.

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💺 Reclining Economy Seats 💺.

This is one 🥵 hot topic, that still continues to stir a lot of controversy and debate.

Pet Peeve

This is just one of my {travel pet peeves}, that deals with 🛬 air travel.

I hate having that seat in front of me that’s in full recline mode when flying in economy, especially if there’s a 📺 television screen attached to that seat for me to watch.

What To Bring On Board

Surviving Long Haul Flights Tip #2

Large Airplane Cabin

The infographic below suggests certain items that you may want to consider bringing on the plane with you, particularly on longer flights. Just a few that can definitely come in handy and things we always take with us..

For example; a water bottle, something to read, toiletries, eye mask and so on. Our small carryon’s are full of 🍪 goodies for those extra long flights. 

Healthy Snacks … Water Bottle … Neck Pillow … Toiletry Bag … Book … Earplugs


You get the idea! 🙂

A Guide To Surviving Those Long Haul Flights


What I’ve used on our last long haul flights and now can’t do without on any flight over 5 hours, is a; travel neck pillow. I used to wonder what the big deal was about them, until I actually used one on our flight a few seasons back from; Canada to Vietnam.

You can actually relax your neck and be quite comfortable and for the first time that I can recall, I fell 😴 asleep on an airplane.

Now, I never leave home without it!


I also carry Ear Plugs all the time, on long flights. They’re great for escaping noisy passengers and crying babies. They can also help in trying to get to sleep.

They do work wonders!

The other item we always carry on all flights are; water bottles.   It’s so important to keep {well hydrated} with water, particularly on long flights. We always make sure to fill them after going thru security at the airport.

I don’t want to keep asking the flight attendant, to bring me a small glass of water every hour.

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Food & Beverages On Long Haul Flights

Surviving Long Haul Flights Tip #3

For those of us who fly frequently and in {Economy Class}, we all know how dreadful and expensive most meals have become on airplanes. 🤨

It’s always a better choice for meals if you do want to purchase something onboard, to opt for a vegetarian or a more healthy meal choice. This is also a good option to choose when your meals are included on certain flights, which is the case on most long haul journeys.

Note: You do have to make this selection in advance, when booking your flight.

healthy snacks

Eating a stuffy greasy meal, will only make you feel lousy and restless on that long flight. It’s also unhealthy to boot!

We always pack {light snacks} in our carry on when flying and for the most part (with a few exceptions), healthy snacks.  Granola bars, healthy cookies, mixed nuts and so forth.

Fruit may or may not be taken from you at 🛂 security, depending on where you are and traveling to. We have gotten away with 🍌 bananas and 🍎 apples on previous flights.

Just make sure to eat them before arriving at your destination and passing through 🛂 customs and immigration.

☕ Coffee, tea and soda beverages are not recommended.  Fine if you don’t plan on grabbing some shut eye anytime on the flight. But if you do, that caffeine will definitely not help when trying to fall asleep.

Herbal tea or hot water is always a good choice!

Toiletries & Medication

Surviving Long Haul Flights Tip #4


I have a small pouch in my carry on, where I keep things that I may need on a flight. 

I always pack a; toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, ibuprofen for aches and pains, tums for the tummy.
On long flights, I’ve lately been trying melatonin for sleep and jet lag symptoms.


I’m not one for taking medication, but on our last long flight I did try melatonin as many have suggested. It did seem to help for sleep on the aircraft. 

Surprisingly, my wife and I didn’t experience any jet lag whatsoever as well.

For those of us who wear 👓 prescription eye wear, always pack an extra pair in your carry on with you. Do Not put them in your checked 🧳 luggage, for obvious reasons. 

You may need the pair on the plane and there’s less chance of you losing your carryon bag that’s with you, then in your checked 🧳 luggage.

Final Thoughts Banner

There you have it, just a few tips to help make your {long haul flight} more bearable, for those of us that are stuck in that dreaded economy class section.

One can only dream of flying first class! 🙂


Thanks to Netflights and sources for putting this colorful infographic chart together, on a guide to getting through your first – long haul flight.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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