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HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial {Review}

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial
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HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial
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HMCS Sackville – Canada’s Naval Memorial

On our visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia – 🍁 Canada a short while ago, I was delighted to see the …

⚓ HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial ⚓

docked in the heart of; Halifax Harbour.

The Sackville is the only surviving {Canadian Navy Corvette} built back in 1941, to serve in WWII. I am proud to say that my father served part of his service in the Navy during the war and onboard a Corvette, before being transferred to a Destroyer.

I couldn’t wait to board this beautifully restored ship!

Corvettes Escorting Convoys In Wartime

HMCS Sackville Sign

During the Second World War, Corvettes played a vital role in protecting merchant supply ships en-route to Britain. These ships were in grave danger from German enemy U-Boat attacks, and many were lost as a result.

HMCS Sackville

Corvettes were small, sleek and fast, which made them perfect for playing the vital role as ocean going escorts, for merchant ship convoys. Over 100 of these ships were built in Canada to support the war effort in the Atlantic.

In fact, the Corvette my father served on was torpedoed shortly after he was transferred onto a destroyer, for the remainder of his service.

HMCS Sackville Bow

The H.M.C.S. Sackville is the only remaining {Corvette Class Ship} still in existence to this day, thanks to a proud group of naval volunteers.

HMCS Sackville Main Deck

HMCS Sackville – Below Deck

HMCS Sackville Corvette

As you can see by the 📸 photographs we took on our tour, the restoration of this Vintage Vessel, is amazing. Such detail into preserving and the many artifacts added, make this – Naval Museum, extra special.

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Museum

Such a wonderful tribute to those who served so bravely to protect us during those difficult years.

HMCS Sackville Museum

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Canada’s Naval Memorial

HMCS Sackville Bridge

After completing a remarkable 40 years of service with the 🍁 Canadian Navy, in 1982 the Sackville was officially retired. Instead of becoming scrapped, it was turned over to a dedicated group of naval volunteers for restoration.

Today, completely restored to its original configuration, it is proudly displayed in Halifax Harbour, for the public to view in the summer months.

It has its own unique port, interpretation center and is manned by actual serving naval personnel as well. These men and women are happy to answer any questions you may have while touring the vessel.

In 1985, The Government of Canada declared the ⚓ H.M.C.S. Sackville as – 🍁 Canada’s Naval Memorial.

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Corvette Specifications

HMCS Sackville Gunnery

For those ship and history buffs , I’ve included the ships specifications below. These were taken from the pamphlet that is available at the interpretations center as a keepsake.

Displacement: 1,170 tons fully loaded

Dimensions: 205 feet in length, with a 33 feet Beam

Complement: 80 officers and seamen

Endurance: 4,000 miles at 12 knots

Armament: MK 1X 4-inch breech loaded gun, MK V111 2 pounder pom pom, 2 20mm Oerlikons, 4 depth charge throwers, 2 depth charge stern rails, MK 3 hedgehog

Radar: Type 271 and Type 291 (or SW2C)

Asdic: Type 127D

Final Thoughts Banner

For more detailed information on this Naval Memorial, I’ve listed their official website below for your convenience. If you are visiting the City of Halifax in the summer months, do stop by and step onboard this beautifully restored Naval Vessel.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for ship’s exact location. 🗺

HMCS Sackville Emblem

🍁 H.M.C.S. Sackville Naval Memorial 🍁

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“The Royal Canadian Navy Served With The British Royal Navy In World War I and II.” 

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