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USS Battleship Missouri Tour {Pearl Harbor}

USS Missouri BB-63

USS Battleship Missouri Tour
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The USS Battleship Missouri Tour At Pearl Harbour Hawaii

For those of you traveling to 🏝 Oahu, Hawaii and love history, then you simply must take the …

⚓ USS Battleship Missouri Tour ⚓

in Pearl Harbor. The Missouri, along with the Pearl Harbor Memorial, are certainly worth the visit and are major attractions on the 🏝 Island of Oahu.

Many years ago, when visiting the city of Mobile in the State of Alabama, we had the opportunity to tour the ⚓ USS Alabama BB-60 at; Battleship Memorial Park. On our vacation in 🏝  Hawaii a few seasons ago, I couldn’t wait to visit the ⚓ Missouri, along with the Memorial.

My father was a WWII veteran, having served in the 🍁 Canadian Navy and like so many others, took part in the Normandy invasion.

Touring historic ships from that era, has always been a favorite of mine. In fact, on our last vacation to the east coast of Canada, I was so pleased to visit the; HMCS Sackville Ship Museum.

My father actually served on the Corvette Class Ship, during his service in the Atlantic. Be sure to check out my post and personal 📸 photos here on the …

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial. ⚓

Tours – Battleship Missouri Memorial

USS Missouri Memorial

When you think back to when this enormous battleship was built, the size is simply amazing. 900 feet in length and weighing over 50,000 tons, it’s no wonder it received the nickname of; “Mighty Mo.”

During the Second World War, the ship had an average crew size of 2700, including officers and enlisted personnel. That’s a large size town in itself!

The USS Missouri was launched on January 29, 1944 and is the last battleship ever built.

USS Battleship Missouri

Stepping on board this colossal ship and having a guided tour, really does take you back in time. Especially on this historically significant battleship.

A well informed and friendly tour guide host, will lead you thru the halls of the ship literally taking you back in time, covering its impressive 50 year history.

When you walk beside its massive; 16 inch, 50 caliber guns, the power and size will leave you – awe struck!

Battleship USS Missouri

With a projectile weighing close to 2700 pounds and a range of up to 22 miles, it’s hard to imagine such power – 70 years ago!

Missouri Firing 50 Caliber Guns

Missouri Firing Cannons

USS Battleship Missouri Tour Includes A Look Inside The Missouri

Below, is just a small sample of the many rooms and areas of the ship you will experience and see on this tour. 

There’s so much to see and everything is displayed beautifully. On my visit, complete top deck restorations were to begin, to preserve this historic battleship for years to come.

USS Battleship Missouri Bridge

USS Battleship Missouri Bridge

USS Missouri Protected Bridge and Helm

USS Missouri Protected Bridge

USS Missouri BB – 63 Lives In History

Of course the most memorable and historical moment on board this ship, was the official surrender of the Japanese on September 02, 1945.

General Douglas MacArthur present and accepting the surrender from the Japanese to officially end WWII.

USS Missouri Surrender Deck Plaque

USS Missouri Surrender Deck Plaque

For a complete history of the ⚓ USS Missouri, I have added the official Wikipedia website page below for your convenience. Definitely worth the read!

Backward Flag Displayed On Board Missouri

31 Star Symbolic US Flag

On July 14, 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry of the ⚓  U.S. Navy stepped onto the shores of Tokyo Bay with the American flag proudly displayed. He requested a treaty to end nearly two hundred years of Japanese isolation.

This visit amounted to the introduction of Japan to the civilized world and power, resulting in war.

During the surrender almost 90 years after Perry’s visit, the 31-star flag was present for symbolic display, during the surrender of Japan on deck of the Missouri.

Above, is a replica of {Perry’s US Flag} displayed onboard today.

A Look Below Deck On The USS Battleship Missouri Tour BB – 63

Battleship Missouri Library

Battleship Missouri Library

Missouri’s Main Mess Hall or Cafeteria

Battleship Missouri Mess Hall

Battleship Missouri Officers Quarters

Battleship Missouri Officers Quarters

Ships Dental Clinic for Crew

Battleship Missouri Dental Clinic

Tours – Battleship Missouri Memorial At Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Monument

USS Missouri and Pearl Harbor Memorial

The 📸 photo above shows the {Pearl Harbor Memorial} which is just in front of the Missouri. This is the Memorial that rests on top of the hull of the sunken battleship ⚓ USS Arizona on that fateful day December 07, 1941.

1102 Sailors and Marines lost their lives on the ⚓ Arizona on that fateful day. The Memorial is a tribute to all those brave service members who perished.

USS Battleship Missouri Tour Schedule

Tours run daily during the daytime and if you plan on visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial, advance ticket purchases are highly recommended. Lines can be very long!

There are a variety of different tour packages available, depending on your time and desires.

From a; 35 minute guided tour, 75 to 90 more complex tour, to a combination package which may include the ⚓ USS Bowfin Submarine Museum, the Pearl Harbor Memorial and Museum, as well as the ✈ Pacific Aviation Museum. 

All attractions are definitely worth the visit together, or individually.

Final Thoughts Banner

There’s so much to see and do in 🌴  Oahu, Hawaii, making it a perfect holiday destination!

For more detailed information, tickets and pricing, I have added the official ✈ Battleship Missouri Memorial website link for your convenience.

Battleship Missouri Logo

🚢 Battleship Missouri Memorial 🚢

I hope you enjoyed this post and my personal 📸 photos taken while on my tour. I dedicate this post to all the {Veterans of the Armed Services} both present and past, who have dedicated their lives to protect their country in which they live or lived.

I’ve also listed the 🏝 Official Hawaii Tourism link below, to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything these beautiful {Hawaiian Islands} have to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for exact location. 🗺

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