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Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules {Good To Know}

Carnival Valor Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules

Post Last Modified – April 21, 2024 ¦

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Strict Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules And Policies

If you’re planning to take a 🛳 Cruise Vacation, you should be aware of strict …

🍹 Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules 🍹

that are in place with your chosen cruise line, before boarding.

When booking your cruise, it’s very important to know just what the cruise lines policies are regarding 🍷 bringing alcoholic beverages on board.

Be sure to check beforehand, what you {may or may not}, be allowed to bring on board ship. On cruises that our family have taken in the past, we quickly discovered that each individual cruise line although similar, have their very own; strict policies regarding alcohol.

In saying that, it’s always good to review 📰 the rules regarding alcohol for the cruise line you have selected to sail with.

Do not wait until you are on board and unexpectedly discover that you may have your liquor confiscated from you upon embarkation.

Strict Rules About Bringing Alcohol On Board Ship

Carnival Valor Cruise Ship

It’s very important to be aware of what you may or may not bring on board ship, and this includes more than just liquor. 🛠

Today, your 🧳 luggage is usually scanned in most cases and the liquor in your bags and any other prohibited item if discovered, is subject to being seized until the cruise is over.

Cruise lines do have these strict policies in place for a number of reasons!

Of course, cruise lines want you to purchase your drinks on board for obvious reasons. But also, they are taking the necessary steps to avoid any alcohol misuse or abuse.

There primary goal is to keep you and  your family safe at all times during your cruise vacation!

Carnival Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules

Check out 🛳 Carnival Cruise Lines  alcohol policies in their FAQ section, as an example. It will give you a general idea on what is acceptable and what is not when on embark on your cruise.

 Important Facts – Good To Know

Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules

cruise line security staff

Here are a few facts for you to consider when planning your next cruise;

✔ The legal drinking age on most cruises is 21 years of age, for consumption of all alcoholic beverages;

✔ Carrying liquor on board ship is strictly prohibited, with the exception in most cases of a bottle of wine per passenger. (check individual cruise lines liquor policies) Fees will be added should you wish to take your wine from your cabin;

✔ All liquor purchased while in ports and as duty free, will be held until you disembark.

Pretty straight forward and if you try to 🕵 smuggle some liquor on board ship, be prepared to have it taken away!:(

Do Not Smuggle Liquor On Board Ship!

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 Cruise Lines Strict Alcohol Policies

Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules

Fake Covers for Liquor

Fake Covers for Liquor

People come up with all kinds of ideas in ways to hide their liquor from security staff.

They do in fact get away with it quite often.  As a few examples, people have;

🕵 Hidden vodka in water bottles;

🕵 Purchased fake covers for containers and filled them with alcohol;

🕵 Poured liquor into baby bottles.

You name it, people will try anything to get it on board if they can!

Just remember, if you want to save embarrassment and additional screening, then I suggest you consume your liquor while on shore and purchase your alcoholic beverages on board.

Embarrassed Person, Guess Who?

Embarrased Person

After all, isn’t it a part of the enjoyment of a cruise holiday anyway? ❓

Treat yourself and enjoy that 🍹 tropical drink served directly to your cabin if you so choose on your Caribbean cruise for example, or sit out on deck while capturing that beautiful tropical sunset! 🍹

Enjoying Beverages On Our Cruise Holiday!

Cruise Holiday Drinks

On our voyages, there were always {daily specials}, which most often included a souvenir glass as well.  We found in most cases, these drink specials were reasonably priced and affordable for most to enjoy.

Update Banner

Things are always changing in the cruise industry on a regular basis.

Many  Cruise Lines Have Now Introduced 🍷 “All  You  Can Drink Packages.”

The majority of cruise lines are now offering passengers {drink packages}, for the entire duration of their cruise!

On our last amazing …

⚓ Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise, ⚓

as soon as we stepped on board, we were escorted into the main foyer of the ship.

There were tables set up with staff promoting this type of package and others for sale. If you purchased the drink package, you were given a souvenir 🎁 gift of some sort, as an added incentive. 🙂

Helpful Tips Banner

I was aware of these new drink additions prior to departing on our cruise. I decided to do the math beforehand, just to see what kind of deal you actually received.

In my opinion, if you plan on spending a great deal of time on board ship, staying up into the late hours partying and doing a heavy amount of drinking, then this option may be worth the extra cost.

All Inclusive Resort Cocktails

But if you’re like my wife and I and enjoy an evening cocktail before dinner and/or the odd drink around the pool, then I don’t believe this package is worth spending your money on.

Again, it’s personal preference and your choice, but it is nice to have this option available to you if you choose. There are also {non-alcoholic drink packages} available that are definitely worth considering, especially for those cruising with their children.

Cruise Critic wrote a great article on a guide to these all you can drink packages and what most of the major cruise lines offer and charge for the service. An informative article and definitely worth checking out. I have included the website link below for your convenience.

🍹 All You Can Drink Packages

Budget for Alcoholic Beverages On Board Ship

Treat Yourself to a Tropical Beverage On Board!

Tropical Drinks

My suggestion and what we have always done, is include your added beverages into your …

💰 Travel Budget. 💰

So go ahead, enjoy that special cocktail on board ship, after all, you are on vacation!  

There are always great incentives offered by each cruise line and reputable cruise booking agencies, to entice you to book your vacation with them.

Update 2024

Great Travel Deals

I’ve recently received 📧 email newsletters from a number of the major cruise lines. Now that cruises have resumed once again, many cruise lines are offering superb package incentives to book a cruise with them. A few include;

✔ Paid Gratuities;

✔ Free Drink Packages;

✔ Free Wi-fi 

✔ Shore Excursions and more! 

Helpful Tips Banner

If accepting a {Free Drink Package} when booking your cruise, be sure to read your selected cruise lines beverage gratuity add on! You can expect to pay 18 to 20% additional bar fees. On a typical 1 week cruise for example, you free drink package can end up being very costly!

So do your shopping and seek out the best deals around for your next cruise. There are some terrific deals to be had out there right now!

Norwegian Cruise Lines – Banning Non-Alcoholic Beverages

It appears people are still not getting the message on what they can and cannot bring on board ship, as far as alcohol goes. Now in an effort to curb those passengers trying to sneak their alcohol onto the ship, who are simply ruining it for the rest of us travelers.

It looks like passengers may not even be able to bring their; non-alcoholic beverages on board as a result. I’m sure if this rule is implemented, all the other major cruise lines will certainly follow suit.

Read their reasoning behind this decision below;

Norwegian Cruise Line Bans Carry On Water and Soda

Norwegian Cruise Line Bans Carry On Water and Soda


This was posted a number of years ago. Not sure if it has been implemented at all.

If you have any updated information to offer, please do {Contact Me} and I will be sure to add any new updates to this post.

There are a few exceptions for allowing water to be carried on board. Norwegian Cruise Line for example, claims the policy will make for faster passenger boarding and less time screening packages.

These are just a few things to know about the industry’s Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules and Policies. Good stuff to know just before taking your ⚓ cruise vacation.

NCL Cruise Ship Jade

It’s always best to check your individual cruise line yourself, or have your …

👩 Professional Travel Agent 👩

who may be doing the booking for you, check on your behalf.

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