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Retirement Cruise Vacation {Cruises For Seniors}

retirement cruise
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Retirement Cruise Vacation

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Planning A Retirement Cruise Vacation For Seniors

Call it what you wish, but taking a …

🌺 Retirement Cruise Vacation 🌺

is a terrific idea.
It doesn’t matter what your age is when you retire, taking a 🛳 cruise vacation any time of the years, is always great!

❓ Have you been seriously thinking of taking a holiday cruise, but really not sure if it’s right for you ❓

Cruising today is designed for everyone of all ages. 🛳 Cruise ships are specifically designed to accommodate most everyone’s desires and especially their budget.

All Inclusive Cruise Vacations

There are some absolutely fabulous {All Inclusive Cruise Deals} and incentives just waiting for you!

There are some amazing cruises available around the world throughout the year. If you’re retired and flexible in your departure dates, today more than ever, outstanding deals are surfacing each and every day.

There are more cruises today to select from than ever before! 🙂

Plan Your Special Retirement Cruise Vacation

retirement cruise

These days, there’s simply no need to worry about not fitting in, on any particular cruise and/or, if you should take a cruise specifically designed for retirees only.

We have been on a number of different cruises in past years with our entire family. Both with our children and with senior family members at the same time.

Everyone is made to feel comfortable, and on board activities are now designed for people of all ages. So don’t miss out on that special cruise to that long awaited favorite destination, just because of your age!


❓ Don’t Think Cruises To The Caribbean or Mexico Are For Seniors ❓ 

Well think again!

Go anywhere your heart desires and feel completely comfortable at all times. 
Our family have enjoyed a number of special cruises together over the years.

We’ve found all the major cruise lines ready to accommodate passengers of any age, on any cruise, to any destination in the 🗺 world.
The demand has never been greater for cruising and for very good reason.

There’s always a cruise to a certain destination that’s sure to fit within your budget just waiting for you! 🙂

Hundreds Of Retirement Cruise Vacation Itineraries

NCL Cruise Ship Victoria BC

Selecting cruises for seniors really depends on ones own personal tastes and desires. For example;

* Are you looking for specific cruises designed for seniors only?

* Take a special cruise vacation formed through an organization or club you may belong to?

* Book a cruise for solo seniors and retirees?

Well, there’s just about anything and everything for organized group cruise vacations and more available today.

Now that our kids our grown and we’re empty nesters, my idea of a cruise vacation today does not include a boat full of young screaming 🧒 kids!

Sorry, but been there and done that! 🙂

So, we make sure to plan our travels when most children are in school.
Also, we watch when there’s no major school breaks such as; 🎄 Christmas, Spring Break and so on.
It’s really that easy these days with the hundreds of cruises to choose from, to be selective.

Selecting Repositioning Cruises For Your Retirement

Cruise Ship in Port – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Retirement Cruise Holidays

I captured the above photo on one of our past family cruises a few years ago. 
We were returning to the dock after an excursion, making our way back to our
🛳 Celebrity Cruise Lines ship; Zenith in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This is where some of the best cruise deals can be found and certainly the most affordable as well.
A great choice for that special retirement cruise vacation and for seniors alike!

Be sure to check out my post here on … 

⚓ Repositioning Cruise Specials. ⚓

These cruises generally run in the Spring and Fall and rest assured, the majority of the passengers on board will be adults only. 
Most children and their families will have finished their holidays and the kids will be back in 🏫 school.

Certainly the time of year and destination will play a big part, when selecting your cruise.
As well, it just may be when the majority of passengers on board will be of retirement age.

Repositioning cruises are among the best deals in the industry you will find.
Ships are repositioning and want those cabins filled when sailing to their new destination.

gr8 deal sign

I received this 📧 email that was just too good to ignore and not pass on to you. 
It was about elderly people cruising full time, instead of opting for a rest home. 
The email made some evaluations which I thought were worth mentioning, or for just some good fun 📖 reading. 🙂

As a matter of fact, there are cruise ships now offering live aboard accommodations around the world, for those interested.

A Retirement Cruise Versus A Retirement Home

Retirement Home Living

There were some very good comparisons made to the cost of staying in a rest home, to that of taking a cruise on a full time basis.
First, if you happen to have anywhere from 💰 $4 to $18 million spare change,
you can purchase a condo on a cruise ship and cruise the 🌎 world!

Have a quick look at …

🌎 Luxury Cruising 🌎

at its best and get a taste of what most of us just; 💭 dream about!



Generic (468x60)

Online Exclusives – Find The Perfect Cruise!

Now back to the story! 😉

The 📧 email mentioned that an elderly woman was on her fourth; back to back cruise, and was been questioned by another passenger. 
She replied; 🙂

“It’s Cheaper Than A Nursing Home!”

She went on to say that the average cost for an assisted living subsidized nursing home is about $200 per day for her in the United States. (This was a few years ago now since written).

retirement residence

She also mentioned that she receives a long term discount and a senior discount for cruising with her favorite cruise line, coming to a total of $135 per day. A savings of sixty five dollars, compared to the cost of a retirement home. 
She happily replied;

“$65 a day extra to spend on her retirement cruising.”

She receives and uses this extra money on her voyage for things like;

✔   Gratuities at $ 10;

✔   Served meals and room service if preferred;

✔   Laundry service for preferred customers;

✔   Live theater presentations, swimming pools, workout room and more;

✔   Free toothpaste, razors, soap and shampoo;

✔   An extra $ 5 for tips and they will treat you like a queen;

✔   Meet new people every few weeks;

✔   TV broken, light bulbs need changing, need a new mattress?  No problem, staff will fix everything in a jiffy and apologize for the inconvenience;

✔   Rooms cleaned everyday with clean sheets and towels;

✔  Travel the world as a bonus thrown in!

Retirement Cruise Holidays

Going on a perpetual cruise sounds pretty inviting, but just a little too good to be true if you ask me! 😉

If you are a single senior, the average price for room rental at a luxurious independent living senior’s residence is around $3000 – $5000 per month.
This includes your daily meals, laundry service and a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Unless you’re cruising with another senior sharing a cabin, it would be pretty difficult to cruise full time for under this amount.

Cruise Holidays Clipart

The article also failed to mention some important things one must consider and take into account, as extra expenses that are associated with cruising. 
For example;

⚓ Tipping {can get very expensive!}

⚓ On board liquor expenses – there are strict guidelines and policies in regards to bringing alcohol on board.
Check out my previous article on Strict …

🍹 Cruise Ship Alcohol Rules. 🍹

⚓ Taxis and/or Shuttle bus service to and from the ship;

⚓ Airfare;

⚓ Post Cruise Hotel stays;

⚓ Medical expenses on board ship.

This is just to name a few of the extra living expenses that I could think of, that you may or may not encounter when choosing to cruise full time. 
So make sure you take into consideration all the associated costs, before you go cruising full time.
Just a little food for thought! 🙂

Consider Back To Back Cruises

Cruise Ship Vacations

There are many people that do take some great; back to back cruise holidays. For some, as many as four or more at a time!

The cruise lines do offer considerable discounts, when booking multiple cruises. It’s quite common now to actually see cruises displayed for booking, that are in fact; back to back.

A reputable {cruise vacation specialist}, can easily put together these types of cruise packages for you. Back to back cruises are a great and a very affordable way to spend a month or two away on vacation.

Taking a retirement cruise or two or three or four, can be a wonderful and very affordable experience.
One of my all time favorite travel quotes is;

” Don’t Think About What They Say … Go See! “

Cruise Holiday Banner

If you are reading this, then you have internet access. So a great way to get started is visiting all the major cruise lines websites and reputable online cruise booking platforms such as … Cruise Direct.

This is an excellent way to view; destination ideas, pricing, schedules and much much more.

Professional Travel Agent

If you’re not comfortable booking online, then it’s also a great idea to use a professional travel agent, to help find that perfect cruise for you. There are numerous …

👩 Benefits of Booking With a Travel Agent,

as explained in my additional post here.

Especially professional consultants who specialize in cruise vacations, is a great choice.
Something I would highly recommend for first time cruisers.
These people can assist and offer valuable information, on helping you select and book that perfect cruise holiday.

Working with a travel agent generally doesn’t cost you anything, when you make your bookings with them. They work on a commission basis with; cruise lines, accommodation, tours and so on.
They also are aware of all the present and upcoming best cruise deals that surface daily.

You can’t beat that! 🙂

I also like to subscribe to my favorite travel booking sites email; 📭 Newsletters. 📭
They keep me up to date on what’s new in travel and I can see what new specials are out.


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One other very important thing we do to maintain our overall health & wellness and especially when traveling, is a health supplement we’ve been taking for years now.
It is an {All Natural Glutathione Supplement}.
One that absorbs at a Cellular Level.

If you are interested in learning more about {Glutathione} and its health benefits, be sure to check out my post here on …

🌺 Glutathione For Max Health 🌺

and my additional posts on this subject.

👣 Footnote 👣

🛟 Take That Exciting Retirement Cruise Vacation 🛟

If you like to book on your own, check out this very reputable online booking website
I like and use with excellent results …

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Online Exclusives – Find The Perfect Cruise

🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified &/Or That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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