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Cheap Travel Insurance Policies {Beware}

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Cheap Travel Insurance

Post Last Modified – November 10, 2023 ¦

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Comparing Cheap Travel Insurance Policies & Protection

You definitely want to make certain that you and your family are; completely covered, in the event of any travel disruption. Unless you know exactly what’s included in your travel insurance package, purchasing those …

🌺 Cheap Travel Insurance Policies, 🌺

is not always your best option. First, check out this excellent 📹 short video on the reality of traveling; without travel insurance. This is no joke and can happen if you or a family member, are ever caught unprotected in a foreign country.

It is when we least expect it that something does happen!

This short 📹 video is definitely worth the look. It’s produced by the 🍁 British Columbia Auto Association and pretty much sums up why travel insurance is – So Important!

BCAA Travel Insurance Tips – YouTube Video

Purchasing Travel Insurance

Cheap Travel Insurance

First of all, purchasing travel insurance is without a doubt, the Most Important Thing you can do for you and your family. 

As we all know, 🤕 accidents happen and they happen quickly!

There are a number of things to consider when looking at travel insurance. You want to be sure that you choose the insurance coverage that suits your travel plans best. Your vacation planning should always include the {appropriate travel insurance}, for the destination and activities included in your holiday.

For example, there are countless incidents that could cause you to; cancel your trip, return home early, or force you to seek 🏥 emergency medical treatment while away. Let’s have a look at a few obvious reasons that could cause {trip disruptions} and some important things to take note of.

cheapest family travel insurance


You or a member of your family requires emergency ⚕ medical and/or 🏥 hospital treatment prior to or while away on vacation.

This is without a doubt, the most important reason for purchasing travel insurance.  Travel medical insurance is vital and should always be included in your travel budget for the entire family!

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Compare That Cheap Travel Insurance Coverage

travel medical cartoon

It’s very important that you know what you are purchasing, what is covered, and what is not.

📖 Be Informed and Read The Fine Print!

If you are choosing to purchase insurance online or with any insurance agency for that matter, be sure to Question the Coverage ❓ and again, read and/or have the policy explained to you in full detail. You want to absolutely be sure you and every member of your family is Completely Covered, in the event of a mishap where coverage is required. 

This is where a {qualified travel insurance agent}, can assist you in making the right decisions for you and your family. If not and as an example, a simple fall resulting in a {broken hip}, could cost you dearly in a foreign country!

Cheap Travel Insurance Policies Note:

Family Travel Insurance

Here is a prime example that happened on one of our trips into the United States from Canada. 

While traveling in our 🚌 Recreational Vehicle down south, my wife came down with an unexpected minor illness, that required medical attention. After 2 visits to the doctor, lab tests and prescription medication, the bill came to almost 💵 $1000 in U.S. funds. If not for our travel medical insurance, this would have taken quite a bite out of our travel expenses.

This was just a minor illness and I cannot imagine what the cost would be, for something much more serious in nature!

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Low Cost Travel Insurance

credit card travel insurance

Today, many people like ourselves, have travel and medical coverage supplied with their chosen 💳 credit cards. This is normally for those under 65 years of age and for a limited time period. It can be a great option, but you Must Be Aware of what exactly is included and what is exempt.

If you have trouble understanding or reading the coverage, which is the case most times for many of us, get a bank representative where your card is issued from, to explain the policy to you. I know our card has many exclusions, that one may just take for granted. 

For example;

✔Do you know what the total amount of coverage in dollars is?

✔How many members of your family are included?

✔ How many travel days are included in the policy?

✔What the coverage is for any pre-existing conditions?

✔What previous medical conditions are not covered?

✔What sports and activities are allowed?

So as you can see, the travel insurance provided by your credit card company, may not be really what you think. Again, you must read the fine print in the policy, or have it explained to you in detail.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Policies

all inclusive holidays

Trip cancellation or trip interruption is another reason you may want to consider when purchasing travel insurance. For example, let’s say you have previously paid a great deal of money up front, for one of those terrific …  

🛳 All Inclusive Vacations 🛳

At the last moment, you may have to cancel that trip for one reason or another. Without this insurance, everything you have paid to that point is lost and for a typical family, it could mean thousands of dollars paid for; airfare, hotel accommodation, deposits and so forth. All gone!

With the proper {trip cancellation insurance} in place, when you purchased your vacation package in most cases, you would be fully reimbursed for what you paid.

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With The Right Insurance Policy You Are Covered

travel suitcase

The same goes for … Trip Interruption Insurance.

Let’s say you have a connecting flight and it’s cancelled while you are in transit, for a reason that the airline would not be responsible for.  Now what? 🙁

You and your family are forced to stay overnight, get a hotel, pay for extra meals, transportation and so on. With trip interruption insurance you are taken care of, with limits of course. Many travel credit cards with annual fees, do offer this coverage and more.

Lost Travel Baggage

The same goes for your 🧳 baggage. 

Have you ever been the victim of …

🧳 Lost Travel Luggage? 🧳

If so, then you know how disrupting that can be for travel of any kind. Having Loss of baggage insurance included, will take care of replacing those items you need right away.

Government health plans may not cover all emergency medical expenses once you leave your home. In most cases and generally, coverage is extremely limited once you leave the country.

Professional Travel Agent

You can purchase your travel insurance easily from any local insurance office, or online with any one of the major insurance providers. They all offer competitive rates and excellent family all inclusive insurance packages, to suit your travel needs.

You can also choose individual; medical, trip interruption, trip cancellation and/or loss of baggage insurance.

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So if you are planning that 🛳 dream cruise or taking a family vacation, be sure to include the best travel insurance possible for you and your family. Do your homework, before selecting any of those; Cheap Travel Insurance Policies.

Insurance companies are very competitive with one another and I have discovered that the best insurance suppliers, most often are the cheapest providers any way! 🙂

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Final Thoughts Banner

Need a few more tips on Travel Insurance? ❓ Check out this {Travel Experts} post, on {Travel Coverage Tips}, in the ⛓ link below.

Rick Steves' Europe Logo

🚂 Rick Steves’ Travel Insurance Tips 🚂


Travel Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Cheap Travel Insurance Policies – Update
COVID-19 TRAVEL update

Many concerns have been raised regarding your travel insurance coverage relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s vital that you understand and review the small print on your travel insurance, well before travel. Many airlines, vacation packages, cruises and so on, have introduced Covid-19 travel protection. This is great, but as one travel insurance expert recently stated;

“You still have to be clear on exactly what that coverage includes.”

For example, your local government may have a travel advisory in place for your chosen destination warning against all but essential travel. This could very well exclude your coverage!

My wife and I traveled to Cuba for a vacation last winter. We were able to purchase a separate policy that would cover us, should one of us test positive before returning home. All for a very small extra fee and peace of mind.

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Update Banner

Update November 2024

Hotel RIU Jambo Beachfront

My wife and I just returned from an amazing vacation in Tanzania, Africa. While on the island of Zanzibar, I cut my toe badly on a piece of coral rock on the beach. 🙁 It was so severe, that I actually fainted from the pain. Luckily, there was a 24/7 clinic with a doctor at the resort we were staying.

The end result, was a very expensive medical bill as there were other concerns as a result of my fainting. On our return home and making a claim to our insurance provider, one month has passed since making the claim. I called and they still have not even reviewed or know if my claim has arrived in the office.

They representative on the phone with this very large nationwide insurance company and definitely were not Cheap Travel Insurance Policies, advised me that they are back logged with claims and …

Until claims are logged in and looked at by an examiner, they are unable to see even if my claim has arrived to their office in the mail.

She then told me to try calling back in 2 weeks. I was shocked by this response and definitely will {Not} be purchasing our insurance from this nationwide company in the future. This is just another thing to consider when purchasing your travel insurance.

I would call directly and speak to a representative before and when purchasing any insurance. Always question how long it will take for a claim to be processed and have the policy you wish to purchase made clear to you.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“Travel Insurance Can Be Purchased At A Discount For Annual Policies To Help Save You Money.”

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