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American Classic Cars In Cuba {Photographs}

American Classic Cars In Cuba
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American Classic Cars In Cuba
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The Beautiful American Classic Cars In Cuba

We’ve been fortunate enough to have vacationed on this 🏝 Caribbean Island a few times now over the years. One thing I always enjoy seeing are the incredible …

🚘 American Classic Cars In Cuba 🚘

It’s like taking a step back in time, as you see the classic automobiles driving by!

Below are just a few πŸ“Έ photographs, we managed to grab on our visits to Havana, Varadero and in other parts of the country.

American Classic Private Car Tours

Classic Car Tour In Cuba

One thing we really enjoyed a few seasons back, were a couple of private tours riding in one of these classics.

Both were full day guided tours taking us to; Havana as well as, Trinidad and The Bay of Pigs.

Classic Car Ride In Cuba

Be sure to check out my posts and πŸ“Έ photos of these 2 tours in the links at the bottom of this post.

American Classic Auto Varadero

Well worth it, if you’re looking for a more personal tour and wanting to take a ride in one of these beauties!

Restored American Classic Cars In Cuba

Classic Car In Cuba

Some of these cars have been painstakingly restored, making them look amazing!

American Classic Autos Havana

Most of these classics do not have the original engines, but have been swapped with smaller diesel engines.

American Classic Cars In Havana Cuba

Obviously, for affordability and reliability purposes, especially the cars that are used as taxis and for private tours.

Original American Classic Cars In Cuba

American Classic Station wagon Cuba

Besides the many restored autos, there’s still tons of original untouched classics roaming the streets.

Vintage Car Cuba

Even though they’re not all dolled up like the restored ones, they still catch your eye in amazement!

American Classic Car In Havana

For classic car buffs, watching all these autos drive by will make your job drop in envy!

American Classic Auto Cuba

One of things we always enjoy here on the west coast of 🍁 Canada, is our annual; Classic Car & Hot Rod Show & Shine parades.

Classis Autos In Cuba

It’s so neat to watch these beautiful classic cars and hot rods parade on by each year!

Old Classic Car Varadero Cuba

Be sure to check out my …

πŸš— ClassicΒ Car Shows On Vancouver Island πŸš—

post and personal πŸ“Έ photos taken one season.

Just a glimpse of some of these rare automobiles, we’re fortunate enough to see at home!

American Classic Taxi Cuba

Update Banner

Shortly after publishing this post, I received an 📧 email from a Classic Car owner in Cuba. He enjoyed viewing my post and wanted to share his beauty with me.

I was delighted to receive a 📸 photo and brief history of is American Classic and to share it with you as well!

American Classics In Cuba

“Dodge Custom 1948, full-size, four-door sedan, holding seven passengers. The first Cuban owner sold it in the early 60’s, the buyers garaged it for 20 years, after which it was bought by a priest in Camaguey.

The original engine was replaced for international tourism standards and air conditioning added. Most of the original parts, including the interior trim, seats, and chrome exterior beading around the windows, are intact.”

Final Thoughts Banner

There you have it, just a quick glimpse for you Classic Car fans out there, of what you can expect to see when visiting the beautiful 🏝 Island of Cuba in the Caribbean!

VW Bug

I’ve add the link to the Cuba Tourist Board of Canada Tourism website. A great page to check out if you’re planning a vacation to the Island.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Cuba’s exact location. 🗺

gocuba logo

🏝 gocuba – Cuba Tourist Board 🏝

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“⚾ Baseball Is The Most Popular Sport Enjoyed In Cuba.”

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