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All Inclusive Self Destructive Vacations {Beware}

Yoga on Beach

Overweight and Smoking Man
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Why We Ignore Our Health On All Inclusive Self Destructive Vacations

My wife and I returned from a fantastic all-inclusive vacation to the {🏖 Yucatan Peninsula} in Mexico. It had been years since we stayed at an all inclusive resort and sadly we discovered while here,
that for many these can be …

🌺 All Inclusive Self Destructive Vacations 🌺

It was during our entire stay, I couldn’t help but notice all the other people. Not only at our hotel, but at all the other resorts along our gorgeous stretch of beach. Many to my disbelief, were simply lying in their lounge chairs all day long, not moving a muscle!

I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of these people were sadly, over weight.

All Inclusive Self Destructive Vacations – Constant Over Indulging 

All Inclusive Self Destructive Vacations

These types of vacations are fabulous, and they simply cannot be beat for the 💵 Value for your dollar. We traveled to beautiful 🌅 Akumal, just south of Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at one of the many lovely 🏨 All Inclusive Resort Hotels.

It was a fantastic 2 weeks, with perfect weather and amazing 🏖 beaches to enjoy!

Whether a resort 🏝 beach type holiday like we did, or taking one of those wonderful …

🛳 All-Inclusive Cruise Vacations, 🛳

the dining options, drinks, activities and entertainment are amazing!

But why do so many people taking these vacations, choose to ignore their health and over indulge? ❓ Don’t get me wrong, we love to enjoy ourselves and over eat and drink as well, especially during these types of holidays.

Healthy Travel Diet

At the same time, my wife and I always make sure we try to include 🥗 healthy options in our meals, during our stays at these types of resorts.

We also try to get enough 🚶 exercise during the day, to burn off those extra calories consumed. Even at these types of resorts, we still try to maintain our overall health at the same time.

This especially now, that we’ve reached an age in our lives, where it’s even more important. We definitely want to remain as healthy as we can, to continue ✈ traveling for many years to come.

👣 Footnote 👣

🛟 Take An Exciting All Inclusive Cruise Vacation 🛟

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Take A Brisk Walk On The Beach

Beach Walking in Mexico

For those of us in our senior years, it’s even more vital for us to 🎾 exercise daily and take command of what we consume in our bodies, each and every day.

Just a simple 2 week all-inclusive vacation on a 🛳 cruise or at one of these 🏨 resorts, with continued over indulging with food and drink, can have dire health consequences for you down the road.

⚓   Did You Know …

“The Average Person Gains 5 to 10 Pounds On A Typical 7 Day Cruise Vacation, Depending On Several Different Factors.”

Now I am certainly no health expert, but I read and see enough to know, that we must 🏊 exercise daily and eat good 🍑 nutritious meals, to help combat the effects of aging and illness.

Never give up on yourself, so you can enjoy the same holiday again and again for years to come!

Get Up And Move Around

Overweight Lady on Beach

For those of us who are capable, try to get up and get moving for at least an hour a day, during your holiday.

I’ve overcome a great number of injuries over the years including; surgery to remove a disc in my lower back, leg surgery on two occasions for a fractured femur, a separated shoulder, deep muscle tears and I now live with a severely arthritic neck.

My banged up body doesn’t stop me from getting 🚲 daily exercise. I do everything I can, to prevent things from getting worse as I age.

My wife and I want to continue to travel and enjoy as many activities as we can, for many years to come.
On this last trip, I had a wonderful morning 🤿 scuba diving, on one of this part of Mexico’s beautiful reefs.

It was a great 2 tank dive with …

🤿 Mexidivers 🤿
in Tulum.

I still continue to enjoy diving in my 60’s!


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As long as I continue to exercise and eat right, I should be able to enjoy dives like this for a few years still. We also love 🤿 snorkeling on our tropical beach vacations.

Take Only What You Can Eat 

Overweight Man on Beach
I do love those all-inclusive buffets on these types of holidays, like most everyone else. The choices are endless at these resorts and on cruise ships.

We couldn’t help but notice many people loading their plates full of food, eat bits and pieces and then have the rest thrown away. 😒 Some we noticed, would then head back to the buffet and go reload another plate of food.

My word!!

Imagine what the dining staff are thinking, when they are making so little and work so hard every day, just to feed their families. It’s almost embarrassing at times watching these individuals. Please try to use some common sense in selecting your food choices and the amounts you take for yourself.

Just because it’s all-inclusive, doesn’t mean it includes wasting food at every meal.

Consider a Health and Wellness Resort

Yoga on Beach

🙏 Health and Wellness Vacations are becoming more and more popular each year. One reason is because there are millions of baby boomers out there retiring, and are serious about their overall health.

This sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy a resort vacation and ❤ stay healthy at the same time!

A few of our family members enjoyed a superb 🤸 Yoga retreat holiday in 🍁 British Columbia, Canada and they can’t wait to return. I would certainly like to add a health & wellness retreat type of holiday, to our travel plans in the near future. 🙂

When selecting an inclusive health and wellness resort, you are investing in your future. The fee you pay to take this type of holiday will pay big dividends in the long run, helping you to lead a longer and healthier life.

Final Thoughts Banner

So there you have it!

Just my thoughts on encouraging everyone to think about their health, when indulging in those fantastic all inclusive vacations. You do have a choice and can make a huge difference in your overall quality of life!

Beach Heavy Weight

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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