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Yejele Beach Bar In Mare {Travel Photos}

Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den

Yejele Beach Bar

Post Last Modified – February 25, 2023 ¦

Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den – Yejele Beach Bar In Mare

travel photography

A presentation of our personal 📸 photographs taken during our travel adventures around the world!🌎

This time we head to the beautiful 🏝 South Pacific Island of – Mare in New Caledonia. Captured this photograph of the very cool and quaint – 🍹 Yejele Beach Bar.

We spent time on this beautiful beach, while on our amazing 🛳 Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise a few seasons ago.

We chose a beach day, while in ⚓ Port on the – 🏝 Island of Mare.

A Quaint Beach Bar in New Caledonia

Bartender at Yejela Beach

Yejele Beach Bar

Mare is the second largest island in the archipelago of – New Caledonia and is a; Territory of France. A small friendly island with French locals, it is a 🌅 beach lovers paradise!

The island is only 26 miles long and half that wide. So it’s a very laid back, tropical beach destination that was one of my favorite stops on our incredible 🚢 cruise vacation!

Yejele Beach Is Postcard Picture Perfect

Yejele Beach Sign

A stunning white powder sand beach, with crystal clear blue waters, that will leave you breathless. 

For beach lovers like myself, it was fabulous!

Note: The 📸 picture of the beach at the top of this post was taken at – Yejele.

The beach is just over one kilometer in length, so there is plenty of room to spread out and find your little piece of heaven.

In all our travels over the years, taking this 2 week 🏝 South Pacific cruise departing from the scenic harbor in Sydney, Australia, was one of the most enjoyable vacations we have ever taken! 

Final Thoughts Banner

If you love cruising and beautiful beaches, then a {South Pacific} cruise is just your ticket.

I can’t wait to return for another! 🙂

Below, I have added a 🌺 Mare Tourism website for convenience, to learn more about the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific.

New Caledonia Website Banner

✨    Visit New Caledonia


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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“The Island Of Motu Tapu Near Bora Bora, Is Known To Be The Most Photographed Isle In The Entire South Pacific.”

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